ゲッターロボ必殺技コレクション Getter Robo All Special Moves

ゲッターロボ必殺技コレクション Getter Robo All Special Moves

Change Robot Getter Robo Its first appearance is the first episode of GETTER ROBO that was broadcast on April 4, 1974. “Get Machines, roll out!”
Dr.Saotome created the robots utilize Getter Rays for the space development as Getter Project. “The Eagle, launching!”
Although two types of the robots for practice and for battle were built before Dinosaur Empire attacked, “The Jaguar, launching!” “The Bear, launching!”
The reason for creating this battle Getter Robo had never been explained in the story. The Getter Rays that pour down to the earth is a kind of cosmic rays. It is converted to Getter Ray Energy and the robot work with it as an energy. It is more powerful than nuclear energy, but has no effect on the human body. It is also pollution-free and infinite energy. However, there is a weak point that the Getter Rays change to a harmful one for the human body if it is influenced by the radioactivity.(EP31) “The Mechasaurus’s next target should probably be in the Yokohama area.”
Synthetic Steel G is a special alloy Dr. Saotome created with the Getter Ray Energy. “Go hurry over there!” “Roger!”
It is tens of times stronger than steel and can change its shape freely. So this is the secret of the combining. Get Machines can fly, combine, and separate automatically.(EP29) “Rocket Bomb, fire!”
Missiles that are able to be shot by all Get Machines even in the sea.(EP13&EP35) Only in episode 29 he shouted “Rocket Bomb”, but in all other episodes it was called “Missile”. The Bear can fire the same missiles as other machines from the muzzles of its nose.(EP20) The number of bullets is unknown. it had never run out. Only The Jaguar and The Bear shot two types of Anchors. Get Machines often jets from this hole when taking off, landing, and stopping in the sea or in the sky. Because of Mechasaurus Bella’s magnetic storm, they couldn’t communicate by the radio. Then they executed a strategy to send a combining signal with Lamps. Of course the enemy also understood. The strategy ended up in failure due to disturbances such as destroying their lamps. After all, Musashi sent the signal with the sound of a trumpet Joho gave. “I did it!” Ryo and Hayato used Smoke as a camouflage in the battle of Mechasaurus Shiba. Following The Bear which was shot down, they escaped into the lake. Mechasaurus Geru disrupts him, but Hayato will jump to The Jaguar by his super power. The new wepon Dr. Saotome attached to the Get Machines in episode 27. Machine Guns do great jobs in fighting enemies attack from all sides or disrupt the Get Machines from combining. The energy of the Get Machines will be consumed quickly if they combine immediately after launch.(EP7) However, thanks to this improvement, they can conserve the Getter Ray Energy and fight longer. “The city is contaminated by uranium.” “Spray out the Neutralizer immediately.” “Yes, sir!”
The Dinosaur Empire carried out Uranium Plan to kill people on the ground by sprinkling the uranium liquids. Getter team didn’t notice that the Neutralizer was a poisonous gas for the dinosaur. Small Beam only The Eagle fired. Quick Firing Missiles only Hayato used. You don’t know if other machines can do these two attacks. Hayato fired about 24 missiles and shot down 19 Dinosaur jets only in this episode 33. “If you can’t combine in 10 seconds, Getter Ray Heater is going to be useless.” “In 10 seconds!”
The Dinosaur Empire began Freezing Plan that Mechasaurus carried the cold air over the capital and developed it rapidly. “Roger! We’ll combine in 10 seconds. Hayato, Musashi, let’s do it!”
Dr. Saotome attached Getter Ray Heater to prepare for the frozen machines. They combined as they launched because it was difficult to fly by the Get Machines. Maneuvers the Get Machines showed in episode 41. The Get Machine’s cockpit seat is Control Capsule which is kept its state floating horizontally by the discharges of surrounding electromagnets. At the time of combining, the Control Capsule rotates and always looks forward. “Now!”
Getter team succeeded in shortening combining time through trainings. In episode 27, they mastered Get Attack that the Get Machines do consecutive scramble combinings and attack an enemy. Ryo and Hayato fired Parachute Bullets to rescue The Bear which was damaged by Mechasaurus Guda. Michiru Saotome who controled Comand Machine also used it. “Separating Cloud Capsule, fire!”
New wepons Dr. Saotome created against Mechasaurus Dagu. They used them to pick up the Mechasaurus camouflaged by cumulonimbus. Anti Super Condr special attack. They defeated the new Dinosaur Jets using the speed that exceeded the Get Machines. “Start the docking!”
A Three-Stage Getter Rocket Dr. Saotome created against Mechasaurus Dai. “Good! Musashi-kun!”
Get Machines form a docking formation along a course (20 degrees) where enemy bombers return to the Dai. The rocket has five times power by the combining and will be shot into the mouth of the Dai. “I am so sorry.” “Calm down, Musashi. One more time!”
They must do all these and leave just before entering the range of the Dai’s barrage (radius of 2000 m). “Getter Rocket, Fire!” However, Musashi’s gonna fail twice in the battle and the Get Machines will be shot down. Musashi is going to be forced to make a final decision. “The enemy is so heavy.” “It looks first batter is Musashi.” “Well, ”
Getter Robo is designed to match the pilot’s physique, character, and ability to make full use of its performance. “- let’s combine to Getter 3!”
Therefore, Dr. Saotome absolutely didn’t allow the pilots to get into other Get Machines.(EP10) Get Machines can power up 9 times by combining.(EP4) In addition, Getter Robo can withstand stronger water pressure than when the Get Machine.(EP13) But, when even one Get Machine is in autopilot, Getter Robo loses the power balance and its power is reduced by half.(EP4) “Bastard! “You’ve stolen Getter 3’s tank!”
They mainly change into Getter 3 when they fight the heavy enemies, the powerful enemies, and the enemies in the sea. “I’m gonna let you know the power of the original one!”
The pilot controls the robot while looking the television monitor till episode 30. “Yeah, I did it!”
Getter Smash hit an enemy only in episode 14. It’s completely unknown the defference between this and normal punches. Masashi, a captain of Asama Gakuen judo club, rushed to an enemy head on with a judo spirit. Parachutes designed by Joho and Musashi who wanted to fly in the sky, were equipped on The Bear secretly. “Did you see that, Ryo? I can do everything you can! Damn you…”
They modified The Bear because Dr. Saotome didn’t allow him to get on The Eagle. In this episode 10, it’s clearified that Getter 3 can’t fly, “Musashi-kun, get out of there!” “Musashi, change!”
but the Getter 3 ran to the sky and withdrew into the Saotome Institute in episode 28. “Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! I was waiting for this moment!”
Getter 3 also flew by the jets of The Jaguar part in episode 39 and 51. “It feels so good!”
After this, Dr. Saotome made Musashi sit in zazen as a punishment for disobeying his order. “Don’t run!” Mechasaurus Ziga is escaping without fighting against the Getter 3 at all though they came all the way. “Damn it!” Angry Musashi chases the enemy, but it will escape eventually. “Launch!” “We did it! It’s working!” “Musashi-kun, good luck!”
New equipments were created to battle against Mechasaurus Gora. “Ryo, release the Inductive Electromagnetic Wave.”
Getter Robo can change to other forms without physical defects even when its limbs are broken. “I hope we can lure the Mechasaurus into the sea… Roger!”
Because 1 and 2 were broken down, remodeled Getter 3 dragged the enemy in the air into advantageous underseas. It was also attached a rocket to its chest since it couldn’t fly up with just one. Daisetsuzan Oroshi is a judo throw Musashi mastered in Daisetsuzan of Hokkaido. There are various throwings. Getter 3 often spins an enemy round and round, then throws it away. It is Mechasaurus Gada (approximately 1260 tons) which appeared in episode 44 is the heaviest enemy thrown. Musashi showed Daisetsuzan Oroshi himself in episode 1 and 13. Getter 3 threw Mechasaurus Ribo onto a Dinosaur Empire’s submarine and destroyed it altogether in episorde 6. “I did it.” “Let’s fight!” Its inside is this→
The Bump Rocket Pachinko which Monji Ogarashi created to defeat Mechasaurus Bum. Monji tried to bump the Mechasaurus to revenge for ruined his house, but Musashi caught it. The fans of the Mechasaurus were shorted by pylons. And then Getter 3 destroyed it. “I did it!” Similar to Daisetsuzan Oroshi in episode 2, the throwing an enemy the back. Musashi said “There is only way to do Buchikamashi plan! ” in episode 12. So it looks just tackling head-on anyway. Getter 3 fires powerful missiles from the sides of its head. The special move most used by the Getter 3. After firing, the missiles are set on its head as they grow from the shoulder. Getter 3 fired approximately 12 missiles in episode 15. You don’t know how many missiles the Getter 3 can fire. Getter 3 always faces forward when it fires, but its head can turn left and right.(EP12) Although Dr. Saotome said “Change the most heaviest Getter 3 to fight!” in episode 26, “This is the end!”
It’s narrated that the weight of all Getter 1, 2, and 3 is 250 tons in the oficial video, GETTER ROBO MEMORIAL. “Musashi, it’s my turn!”
The television monitor in the Getter Robo was jammed by the electronic wave of Mechasaurus Dagu in episode 30. Getter 1’s head was destroyed and they lost because pilots couldn’t see outside at all. Therefore, Dr. Saotome improved the Control Capsule to move it from the chest to the head. “It’s here. It’s here. Good, good.”
A pilot can control through the Getter Ray Reinforced Glass Window which has hardness more than diamond. “Joho, get out of there! Here i go!”
They mainly combine into Getter 2 when they fight the fast enemies, the enemies in the ground, and in the magma. The high-speed move at speeds above Mach. “I got the Mechasaurus.”
Getter 2 moved at over the speed of sound while it was falling in episode 42. Therefore, this is the fastest movement of the Getter Robo, but it was used only three times. “You should give up.”
A big jump with the jets of both legs. it can work underseas. (EP13) Getter 2 uses the jets at digging, flying, and landing. “Getter Back Jump!”
A technique to avoid the propeller cutter of Mechasaurus Gil and get on it. “Take this!”
Hayato who is the best at the fosbury flop of the three.(EP14) The attack that Getter 2 blows an enemy with a tornado created by its drill spinning at maximum speed. Getter 2 had not used it after episode 31. It was used against Mechasaurus Goru. But the defference between Drill Storm and Getter Hurricane is unknown. Getter Vision that create afterimages of itself to confuse an opponent by moving at high-speeds as high as Mach 3. Getter 2 can move 100 meters instantly in the blink of eyes. This is first used special move of the Getter 2. However, it damaged the Mechasaurus only in episode 27. Getter 2 failed to attack in episode 2 and 49. “You bastard.”
Getter 2 did it and withdrew in episode 5. “Damn it.” Getter Storm to counter the wind of 100 meters per second velocity by Mechasaurus Bumu. Getter 2 destroyed its fans, but the enemy run away. Getter Kick used by Getter 2 in the battle of Mechasaurus Godo. “Now!”
Dr. Saotome created the new wepon against Mechasaurus Uru. Ball Bomb was put into its mouth because it had a strong body. Getter 3 failed to throw in its mouth, so Getter 2 kicked it. “I can take it!” Drill Arm that Getter 2 strikes an enemy with spinning drill of its left arm. It is the special move most used by the Getter 2. Great Mazinger can dig only 30 meters, but the Getter 2 can do 50 kilometers. Drill Arm is the only weapon Getter Robo can damage enemies in the ground. Its right hand, Getter Arm is used by grabbing or smashing an ememy. Getter 2 tore off the head of Mechasaurus Giro with the Getter Arm in episode 8. Getter 2 made a breakthrough many times although the kill count of the Getter 2 is the least of the three. “Magnetic Cover Device, switch-on!”
It was attached to break in Machine Land was the base of the Dinosaur Empire. It made the Getter 2 to withstand 4000 degreeds of centigrade magma for 1 hour. “Getter Ray Gun, fire!”
Dr. Saome created a new wepon to destroy Mechasaurus Yamo. “We did it! Serve you right!”
Getter 2 defeated it before Magnetic Cover Device was broken at close combat. “Heat-Resistant Cover Device, switch-on!”
Getter 2 used it to enter another Machine Land. It has a time limit, but its specific performance is unknown. “Now then, I’ll pay you back!” Drill Punch that the drill spins quickly and launches at an opponent. “This is the end!”
It has approximately three times the power of the Drill Arm. But it only damaged enemies twice. The drill returns to the Getter 2 itself like Rocket Punch.(EP27&EP38) “Hayato, it’s Getter 1’s turn!”
The force is caused by the seperation of the Get Machines. They escaped 9 times dagerous situations by the force. Getter 1 is the most used formations of the three. They mainly combine into it when they fight against enemies in the sky or space and when it’s finishing enemies. An antigravity mant makes the Getter 1 flying the sky, space, and underseas. Getter 1 can go to the space from the ground and come back to the earth once.(EP33&EP45) Ryo, a captain of the Asama Gakuen soccer club made his ability to kick. Getter 1 often kicked from above enemies. Mechasaurus Saki was finished by the Getter Kick at its head. A new wepon Dr. Saotome created to open Mechasaurus Uru’s mouth. Automatic Jack has two point seven times the power of its jaws. However, Ryo is going to pry open its mouth with his bare hands because it’ll be broken. The special move that Getter 1 takes a Getter Tomahawk made of Synthetic Steel G from a button of its shoulder and cuts everything with it. It has the more destructive power than Mazinger Blade which is sharper than it. Getter 1 took 6 tomahawks at least in episode 17. So you have no idea how many tomahawks it has. It’s the most used special move of the Getter Robo and destroyed a lot of Diosaur Jets in episode 20. “Killer move! Getter Tomahawk Dual Wielding!” Getter Tomahawk Dual Wielding was used in the fight against Mechasaurus Nada. There was only three times Getter 1 wielded two Getter Tomahawks at a time. Double Kick against Mechasaurus Dodo and Mechasaurus Bado. Getter 1 took Getter Somersault Kick at Mechasaurus Guma sneaking up on it. Getter Jump used by the Getter 1 to get out from the landslide. The special move Getter 1 throws a Getter Tomahawk like a boomerang and it will cut distant enemy. He also shouted “Getter Tomahawk!” many times when it threw. Sometimes thrown tomahawk doesn’t come back, but it’s no problem because Getter 1 has many tomahawks. Getter 1 can throw it even underseas like Gerat Boomerang.(EP13) The special move of throwing two Getter Tomahawks. Getter 1 used two times near the final episode. When saved Getter Rays are released at once, The power will be more than hydrogen bomb!!! Ryo is going to blast the mountain with the Getter Rays! “Ryo! Do it now, or it’s going to be late!” “Getter Ray, fire!”
Getter team was attacked by Mechasaurus Baru when they were taking the device to the Getter Ray Second Plant. They run into the village, but it was bomb by the Mechasaurus. Furthermore, the dam and the plant were broken down and it caused the flood. “It’s over!” Getter Robo changed the flow of the flood by the device to save the village and gave up the hope of the plant. It was succeeded in blasting the mountain and saving the village. The landslide washed away the device. “I’ll set the Neutralization Beam Generator Device against the radioactive rays on the chest.”
The device was equipped because the Mechasaurus had a radioactive wepon. “Good” “Fire-Extinguishing Liquid, fire!”
Getter 1 fired it from Getter Beam Cannon. “Ryo-kun! Help me!”
Getter Ray Roentgen Deivce could project the inside of the earth to find out where the Dinosaur Empire was. “Take this!”
It was designed to pass through the ingredients of magma and react only heterogeneity. Mechasaurus Zol tried to destory the device, but failed. Getter Beam that Getter 1 fires the destructive beam of the Getter Rays from its stomach. It is the most used special move when the Getter Robo is finishing enemies off. Getter Beam shot down 14 Dinosaur Jets. The phsycal attacks of chops, punches,and kicks broke 25. It was used in the sea in episode 13 although Dr. Saotome said “Getter 1 can’t fire anything underseas” in episode 2. It can coninue to be fire 2 or 3 times like Photon Beam of Mazinger Z.(EP17&EP39) Getter 1 also defeated 12 enemies by the combination of Getter Beam and Tomahawk Boomerang . “Musashi, look out!”
Special Attack was showed in the Movie. The Bear and Sky Demon Beast Grangen clashed accidentally. Musashi died like doing Special Attack. He really clashed Mechasaurus himself because he mistook Michiru would get married with someone. He was all right though. “Musashi-saan!” “Musashi-senpaaai!” Musashi controlling Comand Machine impacted Mechasaurus Dai in episode 51. He crashed the inside of the Dai because it was damaged and couldn’t fire Small High-tech Missile into the Dai’s mouth. “Musashi. why did you die….Why!” “Musashi-kun, you won’t die in vain.”
All of the Dinosaurs were extirpated by the explosion of the Dai. The war ended. “Saotome Institute will continue developing the Getter Rays and contribute to the world peace.”
Getter Robo was burnt in first episode of GETTER ROBO G An attack in exchange for Musashi’s life stroke the Dinosaur Empire. Peace comes back. That’s what everyone thinks. However! Hyakki Empire, the great emperor Burai.
“We begin to carry out a plan to make human our slaves and conquer all of the world from today!” After the Dinosaur Empire ruined, Hyakki Empire appears suddenly. There are war clouds again on the future of the Saotome Institute. Good luck! Getter Robo! Hatches appear in the cockpits by the combining. Pilots can pass all over its body through the Connection Passage. In that case, They repair, wake the fainted pilot up, or consider the strategy to break the deadlock. They can get down from various spots of the Getter Robo. But, they didn’t do when Getter 3. When The Eagle’s cockpit hatch was attacked by the enemy’s spire, it broke through The Bear’s cockpit in episode 28. Getter 2 flew many times from in episode 11 and did the longest in episode 42. Getter 3 also flew in the short time in the story, but you don’t know how long the Getter 3 can fly. The pilots can see the behind Get Machines and Getter Robo through the television monitor like the Pilders of Mazinger Z. It’s on the monitor by silver needles on both side of the Getter 1’s head as radars. Two pilots see the outside through the television monitor even after the convertion in episode 30. There was no scene the Control Capsule moving in the combining into the Getter 3, but Musashi made visual control. Judging from the shape of a glass window, it’s the Getter 3’s right or left eye. There are all sources. Official videos, children’s magazines, children’s books, and mooks.

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  • 字幕はシアターモードに設定し、一時停止しながらご覧下さい。以下は重要な解説なので絶対読んで下さい。ニコニコ動画→sm34921279






    潜水深度は『オール図解版 超大型スーパーロボット大図鑑』や『小学一年生』'74年7月号では1万m、『小学三年生』'74年3月号では2万m。




    返信コメントでは補足情報。武器の威力と説明文の引用元も載せているので、読みたい人は広げて読んで下さい。マジンガーZ INFINITY旧声優&旧SEバージョンも再投稿したので観てね。https://youtu.be/sL5uRDu4rRE

  • ゲッターロボはマジンガーシリーズと違い、途中で新兵器を追加されることがあってもほとんどその回限りの使い捨て。3タイプに変形するため1つのタイプで使える武器が少ないのが、当時視聴していて物足りなく感じました。特にゲッター3はミサイルと大雪山おろしだけだったのが不満だったけど、スパロボでは一転して非常に使えるメカになりました。何しろ攻撃力が高い上にエネルギーの消費が少ないので、局面によってはゲッター1より使える。

  • 当時、頭を失ったヒーローロボットは珍しかったので印象に残っています。これ以来はガンダムの最終回まで無かったと思います。

  • 久しぶりに、マジンガーに続きついにゲッターロボの必殺技ランキングですねぇ。

  • 今度はゲッタードラゴン、ライガー、ポセイドンにグレンダイザーもYouTubeにして欲しい?

  • ゲッターの最終型ゲッターエンペラーがこれらの多彩な技を使う所を見てみたい。


  • 武蔵のキャラクターが良すぎて、ちょっと涙がでます。死なないで欲しかったです。

  • 合体すると「原型を留めていない」のが、ヘッターロボ最大の謎である。

  • 恐竜ジェット機 撃墜数
    リョウ 101
    ハヤト 41
    ムサシ 18


  • I have watched every episode of this show on a website and I wish someone could do an english language soundtrack for this show like they did years ago for Getter Robo G. I feel this show would be better for today's children to watch over in America than what the American production companies are putting out. I wish someone would do an english audio for this show and put it and Getter Robo G on DVD in America because I would love to see this whole story in the language I speak because the only words on the show I can understand is where they make the 3 jets merge together. This is a better cartoon to watch than what is being produced now.

  • 4:34 ゲッター3に合体するのにイーグル号が空を向いたまま降下
    4:36 カットが変わるとイーグル号の向きも変わる

  • あと、ゲッターGを見て衝撃だったのは、ゲッターが火つけたら燃えた事。

  • 冷静に考えれば、3機の重量は変わらない筈だから組み合わせ変えて合体しても重さが変わる筈は無いよね。

  • 6:36 大雪山おろし

  • やっぱ神谷明さんの声いいわあ。キートン山田さんのナレーションも蛭子能収と太川陽介と一緒に路線バスに乗りたくなる。

  • Interesting how this showed up in my recommendations.

    Looks like Youtube really wants me to watch more super robots. Also, thanks for the subtitles, as an English speaker.

  • スパロボ御用達の大雪山おろしが、ゲッターミサイルより撃破回数少ないのは意外

  • ゲッター特攻と書かなかったとこにホッとしてる反面してほしかった自分もいるw

  • 字幕のコメントで、必殺技を結構ディスってますよねww

  • おもちゃメーカーが一番苦労したアニメでしょうね。

  • スパロボでは当たり前のように合体してるけど本来は合体ロボなんだと認識させられる

  • This is great!! Thanks! I ve never watched any of these episodes.. In Greece Getter Robo came only in three VHS nothing more and I can't find anything on the web. Please upload full episodes on YouTube or torrent somehow. Thanks again!

  • ミサイルやパンチも、自機名つければ大体自分の技説


  • ゲットマシン状態でこんなに武器があるとはなあ。今のロボットってすぐ合体するからこれやるとまどろっこしいと言われるんだろうなあ。

  • Cool. Now all we need is a full list of special moves of Getter Robo G. (A.K.A. Starvengers from the 1980's Force Five series…….With subtitles, of course!)

  • I can’t wait to see what you do next! Maybe Great Mazinger, since that video seemed to disappear?

  • there are two thing made me very surprise, first is this wonderfull clear original getter robo BD, second is getter 3 has much more plot and screens than itself in getter robo armageddon and every sequel after that :v

  • 昔スパロボで、ゲッター2の分身にどれだけ助けてもらったことか…

  • 原作だとゲッター3の出番は次作のポセイドン同様、ほぼ皆無だったが、アニメじゃ結構活躍してるなぁ

  • アニメ内主人公達が試行錯誤しながら戦ったんですよ!
    (記録として大変だったでしょう お疲れ様です)

  • へえースパロボで有名な「大雪山おろし」実は2体しか倒してないのか・・・

  • ゲッターロボは見てて爽快だしスピード感あるし戦闘のBGMも緊張感あります。マジンガーシリーズやゲッターに言える事は毎回最高の技で敵メカを粉砕していないところ。 技のコンビネーションや作戦などで倒している所が好きな所ですね。

  • これゲッターロボDVDの特典として付けたらいいんじゃないか?

  • ゲッターロボ続編。ゲッターロボG 必殺技。欲しい。最終回シーン。ミチル隼人十字架ペンダント。シーン。

  • 15:46ダブルトマホークブーメランって、強化型であるドラゴンの武器と思ったが、ゲッター1にもあったんだ。

  • スパロボで初めて見たゲッターがテレビ版だったから、神谷さんたちの演じるゲッターチームが懐かしいな。

  • 漫画を元にしたOVAが幾つか出て楽しかったけど

  • 19:25ブライ大帝は前半最後の回だけ(聞いたところ)緒方賢一なのに、後半の「G」になった途端八奈見乗児(ゲッター側の弁慶も兼任)になっていた(ちなみにその緒方賢一は幹部のヒドラーに落ちぶれた)けどこれって「マジンガー」の暗黒大将軍を逆(「Z」最終回では富田耕生なのに「グレート」で緒方賢一に替わっていた)にしたんじゃないの?

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