84 Mustang alternator draining battery

84 Mustang alternator draining battery

My 3G alternator upgrade kit is draining my battery when the car is off. I jumped Neg batt cable and terminal with test light that comes right on Notice the 4 gage cable they provided is disconnected from Pos Batt terminal The upgraded voltage regulator they provided was wired direct to the new alt I disconnected the harness from back of new alternator No Surprise, the light goes out Plug it back in The light comes back on Pull the plug again and the light goes out

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  • After installing this 1G to 3G charging system upgrade from latemodelrestoration.com the new alt was red hot after running for a minute, then a full hour later it was still red hot showing no sign of heat dissipation. I was told by their tech that this was perfectly normal, Next morning my battery was completely dead. I was then told it has to be a problem with my car even though the old 1G alt never did this. So I made this video to PROVE the battery drain is coming from the alternator.

  • Did you ever figure this out? Sounds like the case was shorting out. Was the power wire grounding to the case?

  • Hopefully i get a response i knos its and old video just wondering if it ended up being the alternator? Im having the same problem

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