BTS “ON” am Grand Central Terminal für The Tonight Show/ Melissa Minh [Reaktion]

BTS  “ON” am Grand Central Terminal für The Tonight Show/ Melissa Minh [Reaktion]

It just escalates at the beginning I can’t guys seriously hello Armys and welcome back to a new video ok I have never done this move before Hi Armys I am Melissa Minh and welcome back to a new video the todays video is a reaction video to BTS yeeees I have react to BTS ON last time and I love that and I told you that they will perform in a show soon and they did today BTS performed at the tonight show by Jimmy Fallon Jimmy is such a nice MC I love him sometimes I confound James Corden and Jimmy Fallon because they both names start with J not because they look alike because they don’t Jimmy always invites famous promos to his show for example Ariana Grande or the girl from Suicide Squat I call her Harley Quinn but it’s not her name I have watch that because she is pretty but what’s her real name again? I have to google it are they serious? there is no result Margot Robbie of course now I remember I just know her as Harley Quinn whatever BTS is there I am so happy about this they will perform at the Grand Central Terminal and it is in New York I am so exited I saw a small scene on instagram no matter if BTS or Blackpink or Exo released anything then just don’t go on instgram so I don’t spoil myself because it is in the instgram storys and in the pictures on my feed but I just saw a little bit I saw the end I don’t want to spoil you by the way did you see my beautiful roses in the background? so pretty they are so big but I think they will wilt soon I hate it I really love flowers because when they bloom then they look so pretty but if they wilt then they are not pretty anymore ok whatever I am so exited what I asked myself is if they block off everything? if not then everyone would go in there what is logical look there he is there is an echo did you heard it? it just escalates at the beginning it looks so cool especially with the America flag the makeup looks like in the lion king everyone has makeup on he wears the same clothes as in the music video seriously the location is so fancy wow my favorite moment when he sings oh nanana like an angel I have goose bumps like always It looks so normal imagine just go to the central station and then you meet BTS it really looks like everything is blocked what is logical if not everyone will run to BTS like me this move is new right? that the boys are pound on the drums Because that were not in the music video can he just stop being this perfect? he looks good, he can sing, he has a good body and he has an angel voice life is unfair I like that it looks so cool every dancer has makeup on I don’t know why it reminds me of the lion king and also with mask a mix from the lion king and step up I don’t know why seriously it reminds me of step up Miami heat they always dance on the streets randomly do you remember this one scene with the suitcases where the money flies I don’t even know if the scene was at the central Station but whatever omg he sings with so much feelings I wankt to cry that was so beautiful I can’t guys seriously that was so beautiful I have to watch that again I love this part where he sings with so much emotion and where Jimin sings hey nanana my favorite parts just listen to that ok? is he serious? he is so pretty I can’t do you hear that? did the background dancer say that? sorry that you can not see me well did you hear that? today with green jacket and not black and Jin has a blue jacket on like in the music video wow they also bring the orchestra I am in they way I am sorry I didn’t expect that they will bring the orchestra because that is much work and also a bit extra an orchestra at a central station or is that an airport? this is so good I have goose bumps I have no words imagine being at the central station and then hearing BTS because this is loud I would freak out they just let their drums bat fall to the ground my German is so bad today I am very puzzled today because I just filmed another video and I just broke my glass but the move before was good it is so strange because there are no crowd and no one is clapping because he said BTS with such an energy and no one is clapping ok I will Applause for you hashtag ad my sweeties look so done the sun is shining in my room it looks so beautiful I know it would be great but I didn’t expect this great this performance in this fancy location is something different I am so proud of them I just told you about the 2 parts where I get goose bumps when Jimin and Jungkook sing because I love angel voices especially when a guy sings that because guys sing very deep but I am so weak when they sing with an angel voice but I notice that they weren’t singing maybe they did but you can not hear their actual voice in the video because there will be an echo because the central station so big because when Jimmy says BTS you can hear the echo like when you film in the bathroom same effect only that a central station is bigger when the central station is full with people then there won’t be an echo but because the central station was empty you can hear the echo so well I don’t know this central station seriously I don’t know if it is always empty or it is only blocked for one day because I didn’t do research before I just want to reran to that I couldn’t believe that they only blocked the central station just because of one performance Imagine you want to travel somewhere and then they said sorry BTS is performing you can not travel I couldn’t imagine that I have to googele it again but you can comment below so I don’t need to google it also comment how you like the song I really like it that was my video I am in a Pyjama today a bit chill look if you enjoyed this video leave me a thumbs up Subscribe and turn on notification so you will not miss anything also follow me on Instagram I am so exited for their next performance so I can react with you again see you next time Armys

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