cambio de aceite de motor. MUY FACIL

cambio de aceite de motor.  MUY FACIL

very easy – How to change oil to a car MINIMUM ELEMENTS NECESSARY – oil filter – Engine oil – in this case SAE 20w-50 – recipient – gloves – Single man – spanner or ratchet and cup – funnel – cleaning cloth Let us begin In the needle of the verification of the motor oil we see that it is not in the required level, it is in the minimum We remove the screw to start taking out the oil to change it We put the container and start to remove the screw I recommend removing the screw with caution to avoid spilling the oil on the ground or on us The packing or seal of the screw is in poor condition, replace it caution We wait for the oil to come out completely This time I will not use the strap for a filter, I will use the man only to see that it is easy. Put the container back under the filter to prevent the oil from falling to the ground. We install the new filter and adjust it This is the screw packing that was bad I will replace it with a copper one We put the screw and adjust Now we add the motor oil with care finished

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