Champion 2800 Watts Inverter Generator ~ RV Boondocking Air Conditioning Test

Champion 2800 Watts Inverter Generator ~ RV Boondocking Air Conditioning Test

Good evening guys! It’s our last full day
here at Glamis North. And we’re going to get back on the road…. And it was another hot one today!..It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot!…. Hot in my shorts I can cook things in it….Our
next destination is going to be dependent on whether this…. New generator down here can run our air conditioner…It’s set on the box! It can do it!… So what we have here is a Generac 2800 watt inverter model…And if you’ve been following our
channel…. This one has a dust guard!…..Video check…. Alright! standby….Engine switch
on! Economy mode off, fuel on, choke out… There’s no primer bulb!… Here we go…. We’re going start with it “Not in
economy mode.” Okay! Moment of truth…. Heat the air conditioner…. It just loaded up!…. So far, so good! No overloading…
Is the AC working in there?…Hey! Is the AC working in there?… Hello, hello….. Okay! My helper had to hop on a phone call. That’s why she wasn’t answering. But she gave me that
thumbs up that it is working! That is awesome! So this means that we can go
boondocking and run our air conditioner during the hottest parts of the day! We’ve proven our point. Let’s go hook
back up to shore power!…. Well I guess this is a good opportunity to share an
initial review of this generator! And…. If it’s your first time watching our
channel, we have this generator because the house generator in our Motorhome… Is very, very loud and it has a drinking problem. And by running a remote external generator, it just saves us so much money! And makes the quality of life better
without having to spend a lot of money on a a solar setup!…. And we’re storing it,
while we travel right here in the back of the ATV. So for security, I lock it up
here and over there…. With these cable locks…. I’ll probably upgrade to something a little heavier duty!…As for the ease of use…. So far, this generator has started up every single time on the first pull!..And its fuel economy is not quite as good as
our little 2 kW generator that we had last time…. But it has a larger fuel tank.
So it runs for just about the same amount of time. When we were out camping at the sand dunes in Glamis, we ran this thing for a solid eight hours on
one tank of fuel! So that’s not bad!… For a size reference, it’s not that big of a
generator!…. This pull handle is nice!… But if you’re going to ask me to predict a
failure, I’m going to guess it’s going to be within these wheels!…. Well, I hope you
enjoyed this real-life review of the champion 2800 watt inverter
model portable generator! Keep in mind it was only a short-term review and… If you
keep watching and like SUBSCRIBE to our channel you will see this play out as we
continue to use this generator in our travels! So thanks for watching…. Tomorrow we might go head in the direction of that expedition vehicle. That is still
kind of a playing out but in case you are new to our channel…. We are in the
market for an expedition vehicle to drive around the world so…. Another reason to hit SUBSCRIBE and see how that plays out!…. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you

46 thoughts on “Champion 2800 Watts Inverter Generator ~ RV Boondocking Air Conditioning Test

  • That looks and sounds like a nice generator! Your old Generac sounded like it had quite a bad knock 'when it was running' You're still 'The Man' Ben! I reckon all those Toast crumbs are what finish the old one off…haha!!!

  • Nice short review – thanks. For the cable stuff, we bought a set of these a few years ago and really like 1) that they're keyed alike and 2) the ability to pull them snug and lock them down. They come in different lengths

  • I have the next size down the 2000 watt Champion inverter generator I've been using it for 3 or 4 years now and I fukn love it : ) it's more than enough power for my window air conditioner I have to check the oil often and keep it full but other than that the thing is flawless

  • i know you may not want to go solar over cost but i pulled out my gen set and made it a battery bay . again i have no gen set . installed a 24v dc 5000 watt inverter installed 11 solar panels on the roof of the RV 2 are fro 12v and the rest are for the 24v system .. as long as the sun is up and can run the roof top a unit as long as i want and its only hot out side when the sun is up so it works out really well .. i all so charge my EV car with it … the money save from the gen set and car payed for the solar system in no time … you have to add in the cost of gas over the life time of owning it vs solar and solar all ways wins if you have the upfront cost for the system … PS used parts dont cost that much.. look on CL and ebay for most of your parts needed

  • I saw a review on this Champion generator on another Youtube's page. Not sure who at the moment, but they gave it very high marks as well. If and when it becomes necessary, I would consider getingt one as well. So far I have managed with the Onan 2500 LP genie on the ERA. But it is LOUD and vibrates the whole rear of the rig.

  • inverter tech. is the bomb. The basis for mini splits and now high end whole house hvac it has to migrate to RV system's and even window units. The low amperage start and lower power consumption per btu is differently worth the cost.

  • I just purchased this generator. works great! but it goes into protection right away trying to start our 13500btu ac unit…

  • I didn't want tol go to the "Solaa" expense so I bought a Champion 4000/3500 generator,….it works great and is quiet too,..

  • Can it start the ac in eco mode or do u have to have eco off, which means running it wide open the entire time, equals more noise and fuel consumption?

  • Hello folks this is the first time viewing a video of yours! I'm in the market for a generator and the Champion is on my short list of value prices units! But wouldn't it better to spend a little more for some reserve power!? Like say at least a 3,000/3,500 watts? It would probably burn less fuel?

  • I just got this exact same generator, fires up easy, runs quiet…but goes into overload and shuts down every time I turn on my AC unit. Not sure why since this thing is designed for it. I have a brand new Dometic 13.5 btu Brisk Air II. Genny and AC should be a perfect match, but it fails. Super bummed

  • I have a 3500w champion inverter. If the RV AC unit is not started for a day or two, and if it is really hot, it wouldn't start the AC (15k unit). BUT! If the AC had been run for a bit it would, and it would even run it on eco mode, found this out by testing…. Now, I installed a hard start capacitor and it will start the AC if everything else is off, including the converter so it won't be charging the batteries. AFTER the first start up, you can turn the converter back on and it will cycle the AC ok, still more testing! I have a friend that has the same champion unit, with a 15k RV AC and his works fine,,, I really do think a lot of this depends on the AC unit that you have!

  • This one the NEW Sportsman GEN4000DF-SS 4000 Watt Portable Dual Fuel Generator is about the same weight, runs EVERYTHING!! And much quieter than most I'd say with 35 years them building these means its good, ours has been amazing, has over 200 hours on it.

  • I just bought 2 of these so I can run them in parallel to run a 15000btu a.c. Champion is the only super quiet generator that I found that has a 50amp outlet. It is included on the parallel kit.

  • RV buyers need to know they now have "soft start air conditioners" and they start much much easier than older style. That size generator works great on our soft start AC unit.

  • But I think you can probably just run the air conditioner off one if these with a 15,000 btu ac..probably Not all your other things all together like a.c., fridge, microwave, lights, tv, satelite dish

  • Learn proper shut down procedure for this generator my friend . I have the same one and you need to turn off the gas to run it out . My generator starts up like a champ every time . I also fire it up once a month and let it run for 15 mins .

  • I just ordered the Champion digital hybrid 4000
    You get 3500 continuous watts of clean sine wave Only 589 bucks, plus 35 for an Amazon wheel kit.

  • Those champion dual fuel ones designed for RV use are great. I have a 3400, and on propane it ran my 15k but air conditioner! It was down to 3080 on propane, plus I was at 5000 feet.. And it still handled it just fine.

  • My Champion dual fuel 3400 watt runs my air 15,000 btu air conditioner..just can't have everything running and plugged in..I turn off the switch on breaker to my microwave because I only use it once or twice a day at most a day..that microwave eats up a lot of watts/amps..

  • My 2800 won't stay running while i run the A/C… Disappointed. It is super quiet but not quite what we expected.

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