ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

Hi I’m Aaron from ChargePoint
and I’m going to show you our newest residential charging station ChargePoint Home Flex. It’s got more power, great features, and is the smartest way
to charge your EV at home. ChargePoint Home Flex works with any electric vehicle on the road today and charges your car up to nine times faster than
plugging into a regular wall outlet and one of the best things about it is that
the amperage is adjustable so you can set it at the speed you need from 16
amps all the way up to 50 amps and that’s great for two main reasons.
The first reason is it can save you money on the cost of your installation
for some older houses it can be expensive to upgrade the wiring to
handle a higher amperage station if you aren’t ready to upgrade your wiring you
can just set ChargePoint Home Flex at the amperage your house can handle today.
The second main reason is that at future proofs your purchase so you never need
to buy a new charging station. Car batteries are getting bigger and bigger
and you may only need 32 amps today but you might need more in the
future. Well you don’t need to buy a new
charging station you can just turn up the amperage on ChargePoint Home Flex
regardless it’s important you buy a charging station you know is safe charge
ChargePoint Home Flex is certified for electrical safety with a UL listing and
it comes with a three year warranty. Plus you can always contact our
support team 24/7 if you ever have any questions it’s also ENERGY STAR
certified which means it uses 40% less energy than other charging stations when
it’s not in use. With Home Flex and the ChargePoint app drivers are able to
track all of their home and public charging in one place. Since ChargePoint
is the world’s leading EV charging network with over 60,000 charging spots
today many people are charging with ChargePoint at work and around town.
With the ChargePoint app you can schedule reminders so you never forget
to plug in – and you can schedule charging for when electricity is cheapest. We can
even help you find the best time to charge if you tell us who your energy
provider is will automatically tell you what time you should start charging – just
plug in when you get home and schedule Home Flex to start charging your car
when the rates drop. ChargePoint Home Flex also fits into your
smart home and works with Amazon Alexa. “Alexa asked ChargePoint how many miles I’ve added” “53.73 miles have been added in his charging session so far. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to purchase ChargePoint Home Flex just check out

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  • i have two home chargers already and I'd like them both to work on the same chargepoint account rather than each on their own. I'd like that 1st. if possible.

  • Hey Alexa, why is my dumbass dog on camera? I told him to go away, but I can't beat him in front of people. Should I wait Alexa…to beat my dog for hogging MY camera time? Oh yeah! Hey Alexa, how many miles has my car charged? I need enough miles to go dump a body pretty far, as police will start to investigate me in the near future. And Alexa please call my psychiatrist asap, because I believe my symptoms are back. Thank you Alexa…. Oh hey!! Yeah… so Chargepoint is great, it's much easier than the older models…right Alexa??? ALEXA!!???

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