Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at DeVry University

Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at DeVry University

There is a demand for people who know how
to use electronics technology to build hardware systems solutions. At DeVry University, you
can learn these advanced electronics engineering technology skills with the tools and techniques
currently used in the industry. Essential lab resources are available for online students
and at locations offering these programs. The professors here at DeVry, they have not
only the theoretical background, but they also have real world experience. And as a
student looking to enter the bio-med field, it’s important for me to have that. Because
I don’t want someone who has the knowledge. I want them to have the experience to be able
to show me and, you know, just enlighten me and make me excited about what it is I’ll
be doing in the future. We design our programs with input from industry
leaders in engineering, computer, and technology to help prepare graduates who meet their needs.
DeVry can provide students not only with communication and teamwork skills but also with computer
applications and systems integration skills that today’s employers seek. When you earn your degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University, you can be equipped for a specialized career such as a test engineer or electronics technician in a wide variety of industries.

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