Duma Optronics- Electronic Autocollimator

Duma Optronics- Electronic Autocollimator

Hello everybody my name is Oren and I’m Duma Optronics CTO, today I’m going to demonstrate our new Electronic Autocollimator. This unit allthough compact in size functions as an Electronic Autocollimator as well as a telescope, it has built in accurate mechanics it has a focusing knob, iluminating LED, CCD camera and sophisticated measuring software. We can measure with this unit down 0.1 seconds of arc. Now, please join me for these demo applications. Hi, now we’re going to demonstrate a few applications, the first one will be focusing the Autocollimator to infinity. slowly we are going to move
our camera towards infinity, the movement will
show the build in Autocollimators cross which
is illuminated by its internal LED. Here we can see very accurately the build in and the collimator function which
is one of the three functions that we have in this Autocollimator,
the function of collimation. Next I would like to demonstrate the
alignmenet of the Autocollimator to a mirror surface,
we see a small reflected part of the Cross that is reflected from the mirror surface,
in order to adjust it, to adjust the Autocolimator to the mirror surface we are using the tilt button in order to bring the cross into the working area of the Autocollimator here we have the cross into the working area, what we’re going
to do now is to align this cross to the reference of the Autocollimator. Now we are
going to pan the Autocollimator in order to
bring it to the center. The results are displayed in this area of the screen and we can magnifie the results for better observation. Now we are going to
demonstrate the accuracy and measurement of a roof prism, we are going to insert the roof prism into the Autocollimator aperture, we recieved two reflections from the roof prism, the two
reflections are because the roof prism is not
accurate, in order to calculate the amount of inaccuracy we use the red cross, we can move this tool to the center of the first reflction receive a result from the first reflection, then we move the cross to the center of the second reflection,
we see a new result. By substructing the two results: we get the amount of deviation from a perfect roof prism. Now, for a challenging application testing a laser rod, what we’re going to test here is the front surface in respect to
the optical axis of the laser rod. We are using a-V block, we
have here the laser rod and we are going to get the reflection from its front surface the amount of deviation that we are
going to see on the screen it’s exactly the amount of the deviation of the front surface from its optical axis. and now we are going to turn off the light in order to better observe the deviation. We are performing a very difficult
measurement to make because of the faint reflection from
a laser rod. The laser in this specific application we are trying to measure the perpendicularity between the laser rod and its front surface, the reflected cross that we see right now on the
screen is the reflected cross from the front surface of a laser rod. Thank you for joining us for this demonstration for further information please contact us.

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