Effective Air Cleaning with Ozone Generators

Effective Air Cleaning with Ozone Generators

non ah Hi my name is Charlie and i am with moldbusters and today’s so what’s
in our tool box when we are looking at Ozone What is ozone Ozone is an electropic form of
oxygen consisting of molecules three oxygen atoms Ozone is formed when oxygen is
present in an electrical discharge as might occur in a lighting storm the three atom form of oxygen is
naturally occurring compound in Earths atmosphere life cycle of ozone is generation oxidation and return to oxygen mold busters as well as many others
certified professionals james also generators ozone generators or machines that
convert oxygen O2 untill ozone O3 by the use of high voltage
electricity ozone can not be stored or transported
because it is unstable tendency to break down quickly so ozone must be generated on-site you must be asking yourselfe. what the ozone do well, ozone actually kills bacteria fungus
germs by attaching itself to the contaminant breaking down the cell wall thru oxidation and reverted back to oxygen this is a naturally occurring process here through this diagram you can see
the cycle of action becauseozone is highly reactive
incredibly oxidize is or breaks down organic matter wen the ozone to counter some of
the compound one oxygen atom breakaway attach
itself to the compound and oxidized also actually breaks out over deposit
compounds thereby eliminating the order and changing the ozone back to oxigen did you know that many hospitals around
the world use large ozone generators to decontiminate operating rooms between surgeries research for you to enhance your expect
before being filled with also which effectively kills neutralizes
already bacteria ozone is used as bleaching kcleaning and
oxidizing agent and has a faint chlorine like odor now the question remains is ozone safe there are many concerns around the use
of ozone generators health canada issued a warning for consumers and not
purchase ozone generators health canada’s concerned about the use
of ozone generator spent occupied spaces public may be explosive ozone gas health canada’s warnings does not apply
to ozone generators intended for use unoccupied spaces by trained
professionals more followed appropriate occupational health and safety
requirements ozone generers should used by train
professionals in unoccupied spaces after recommended
special talents mold busters are trained professionals
who use ozone as a suplemmentaly tool for formal decontamination this is not a stand alone mold removal tool but when
it’s used in conjunction with about this it has proven to be effective the in the
fight against bacteria and mold growth and periodic you’ve just foot above one
of the other tools in a mold removal toolbox stay to next week for another video don’t forget to visit our website at
www.bustmold.com like and follow us on facebook.com/bustmoldand twitter @bustmold thank you so much for watching

8 thoughts on “Effective Air Cleaning with Ozone Generators

  • It is not generally used for post-remediation practices in structures. Normally, it would more so be utilized for affected contents. For example, it's difficult and time consuming to clean and disinfect individual documents/papers. If the insured/client just needs the paper work for tax purposes they could be dried and ozoned and placed into bags for storage.

  • Ozone is a deadly toxic gas. It can add more Volatile Organic Compounds to an environment than it removes, adding harmful pollution to a site.

  • I o zoned my place today and smells strong 💪 after a few hours how bad is it to stay the night….? We are staying at my girls place but may or may not have been there a few hours

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