Electric Car Drag Racing in Hagerstown, MD

Electric Car Drag Racing in Hagerstown, MD

>>TRACK ANNOUNCER in lane #2 all electric
motorcycle check that smokey burnout [music]>>VO we’re here at the Mason-Dixon Dragway
in Hagerstown Maryland where electric vehicle hobbyists and racers have gathered to show
off their stuff and to have a good time>>CHIP welcome to the annual power of dc electric
car drag race we’re going to have drag racers from all over
the country here with a variety of electric cars we have electric dragsters we have pick-up
trucks Porsches Fieros and we have a lot of electric motorcycles here today and what we’re
here today to prove is the viability of electric cars a lot of people think that electric cars
are glorified golf carts we’re here to prove that electric cars can go the distance this
is going to be an exciting day>>VO drivers will be racing against the clock
trying for top speeds down a quarter-mile track [noise]>>DAVID well the noise and smoke come mostly
from the gasoline cars that are running in between our heats here and the noise that
you’re hearing in the background [noise] is the noise of the petroleum age we’re in the
post-petroleum age the world is changing>>BRYAN electric vehicles are clean quiet
and for the most part pretty reliable if you have everything hooked up right>>VO so how do you hook these guys up unlike
their gas-guzzling cousins electric vehicles or EVs are all about the batteries>>JOSEPH it doesn’t need any oil it doesn’t
need any tune-ups just it doesn’t need anything>>DAVE this is my 1981 delorean converted
to electric>>JOHN this is the superlight made electric
light roadster has a dc motor and a dc controller as a race vehicle we are looking to go 4 seconds
in the 0-60 mph>>MIKE we are riding this bugE which is a
single seater qualifies as a motorcycle it’s a cycle car this one goes about 45 top speed
we’ve brought 4 electric motorcycles with us one of them runs high nines a couple of
speed legal side-car motorcycles we also brought an electric drag car Juiced Up it has lithium
batteries on it this is a Pontic Fiero that was converted in 1993 by a company called
Solar Electric Engineering it’s got 18 golf cart batteries it’s a 108 volt system and
the golf cart batteries are really deep cycle energy batteries so the car can go 50 miles
on a charge which is longer than most of these cars can basically it charges on a regular
110 outlet solar panels don’t do that much in terms of powering a car but they keep the
batteries alive and they also give me a few miles on solar energy alone>>VO most EVs only average 40 to 70 miles
per charge but because they’re powered by electricity they run 90 percent cleaner than
the average gas vehicle>>DAVID we’re being absolutely zero carbon
today as far as our cars go the only smoke you’ll see is from our tires [electric motorcycle
sound]>>VO another great thing about EVs they are
really quiet [silence]>>JOE I used to think that they were stopping
the race and then I realized what was happening was that the electric cars were running and
so there was no noise.>>LUCAS I like the smell of the race fuel
I like the noise but then we get the electric cars they’re really quiet and they surprise
you cause you don’t expect them to run 10 seconds or so. [music]>>VO one of the fastest EVs here today is
a motorcycle named AGNuS we have 25 batteries wired up into a 300-volt pack we’re putting
2000 amps coming out of the motor controller and we’re pushing the line on the rpm on the
motor it’s going as fast as it’s going to>>TRACK ANNOUNCER over in lane #2 300 volts
of two-wheel racing action. [electric motor sound]>>TRACK ANNOUNCER 126 miles an hour!>>BILL 10.0 in the quarter mile pretty impressive I’ve ridden street bikes and gas bikes my
whole life since I’ve been able to I’ve never launched off the line on any gas-powered bike
like I just did on the electric bike>>VO whether they’re screaming down the track
or having trouble getting off the line for these guys it’s all about having fun>>DAVE I think the dragging is secondary to
the camaraderie of the people coming to get together we learn about each other’s cars
we see what they’re doing we learn from them>>VO for EVs the technology is constantly
improving allowing them to go faster and faster every year>>JOE I have a feeling next year or so we’ll
be seeing world records in terms of the quarter mile being held by electric vehicles very impressive some of them are a lot faster
than you would ever think they would be [music]>>DAVID the world is changing the amount of
oil is finite the demand for the oil is rising so we have to come up with solutions and we
have to come up with them very fast this is the fastest way into the future

19 thoughts on “Electric Car Drag Racing in Hagerstown, MD

  • Electric is the way to go for drag racing…….more volts = more power……only has to go a quarter mile……a motor with one moving part……and you dot have to rebuild it every second run…..to tune it ..just plug in the laptop.

  • Um….where do you think the electricity comes from! !! A coal fired power plant more than likely … zero emmisions , sorry but that's bullshit !. Cool cars definitely but its just not ready for mainstream. Yet

  • Hydroelectric is viable but tree hugging hippies won't let them get built cause it'll hurt some fishes spawning …solar isn't there yet, you need so many panels to get enough and the cost is incredible ..wind, another good idea that doesn't work because of people bitchin about them ruining the landscape or interference with birds…yeah birds..(tree hugging hippies again). Eventually the technology will catch up with the ideas .eventually it will be profitable …then an electric revolution

  • The oil companies just want more money so they can just dig more wells for the crude. Coal is a cleaner burning fuel than oil. I have to agree with way these Evs are zero emissions cause they don't put out fuel through a muffler under the car. It's when you burn coal to generate electricity u get pollution. There is hydro power available but tree huggers get in the way.

  • There is water vapor power available, solar, and wind. Another way to keep the batteries charged for liked long road trips is to use (1or 2) small belt driven generators to supply more electricity to charges the batteries on the go, give extra electricity that'll be produced to other components like the motor, eg. so there not draining the batteries so that means the vehicle is less on the charger and more on the road. Consider this idea.

  • i believe batteries are not the answer. I think there just has to be a better way to store a lot of energy. Thats just a thought tho, i have no idea about new technologies. I also believe that electric motors should get remodeled to fit the way a car handles its accelerations.

  • I have nothing against electric cars , but in the future when petrol is over , alcohol will replace petrol , and super cars like Supra πŸ˜› skyline , lambos, ….. wont die in a museum

  • you should do some research on battery technology. Because electric cars are 4 times more efficient then gas cars, you only need 1/4 of energy onboard the car then compared to a gas car. recent innovations have seen exceed 700wh/kg, and these batteries last 10+ years and getting cheaper.
    Telsa Motors have exploited this technology and a a result there cars can do 250+miles per charge at highway speeds. Its only a matter of time before the technology catches up with gas cars.

  • I dont think we will ever see the internal combustion engine ever die. It would be nice to have a variety

  • Beyond the batteries, electric motors are now being built specifically for cars. When properly done, an EV will handle itself in traffic just like any other well tuned car. Now take a race EV to the track…They feel like they were just rear ended by a freight train, yet still handle well in street traffic. Also note that a 10 sec EV with a 21-22Kwh battery pack (= less than 2 gallons of gas) is likely to go 100+ miles on a charge. Can't do that in a gas drag car with a 2 gal fuel cell.

  • In Portland, Oregon they plug into this giant thing called a "hydroelectric Dam." πŸ™‚

    A gas generator is more efficient at generating electricity, than it is moving a car down the road. EV"s aren't always about "being clean or green." For many, it's about the technology and the fact these motors produce torque like there's no tomorrow.

  • Nevermind the EM radiation the driver and passenger are receiving… something that the electric car heads and the Greenies NEVER mention.

    Sure, I know, non ionizing radiation has no bio effects….sure

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