Electrical Panel: When to Upgrade your Electric Service with Randy, R Squared Renovations

Electrical Panel: When to Upgrade your Electric Service with Randy, R Squared Renovations

>>Randy: Hello, my name is Randy with R Squared
Renovations I’m a general and electrical contractor in Dallas, Texas. Today I just wanted to give you a few ideas
and reasons why you should consider upgrading your electrical service. If you’re doing any kind of remodels, especially
kitchen, new appliances may require more electricity then you had before. Or the addition of new outlets, in the kitchen
or the bathroom. Basically everything new requires more electricity
then it did you know when your house was wired in the 50’s or 60’s or even the 70’s. If you have an old breaker panel and your
circuit breaker looks like this with the orange handle on there. These are prone to not tripping when they’re
supposed to. It’s a 15 amp breaker and it’s supposed to
kick off when the circuit draws more then 15 amps. This particular brand is known to never trip. You could be drawing a 100 which is prone
to fires. The other thing is with older panels they
look like this. They are not very large and don’t hold very
many breakers. When houses were wired in the 40s 50s and
60’s there just wasn’t as big of a requirement for as many circuits as we have these days. Here, we have about a 3000 square foot house,
there are about 60 circuits whereas compared to the older panel that may have had 20, even
in a 2000 square foot house that’s still not enough to be standard. One of the things that is new is called an
arc fault circuit breaker. These are now required in the 2008 national
electric code which prevents any arcing or sparking on any of the circuits where its
something that is plugged into the outlet or faulty wiring, this will trip out. A loss of power will help to prevent a fire,
and that’s what this is for. In your average 2000 square foot house, going
from an old 60 or a 100 amp service panel to 200 amp should run you somewhere around
three thousand to four thousand dollars depending on the work that has to be done to bring the
rest of the house up to code. New equipment and the addition of new appliances,
stoves, refrigerators, swimming pool equipment, anything like that, you really need to take
a good look at your electric server. If you have any other questions I’m always
available through http://www.uniquelightfixtures.com or http://www.uniquevanities.com.

22 thoughts on “Electrical Panel: When to Upgrade your Electric Service with Randy, R Squared Renovations

  • @flyinghigh581 Solar panels output power is DC. And the home electric service is AC. You will need to connect mutiple solar panels to one properly sized inverter to connect to the panel

  • @eddie1278 If you are doing a kitchen remodel and the old kitchen only has 1 or 2 countertop plugs and the fridge out let is on the same circuit like most of them are, then you are going to want to add outlets and circuits. If you are “adding” new appliances that you never had before, such as going from a gas to an electric stove, then you are going to need more circuits.

  • @eddie1278 If you rewire a bathroom and add lighting or a heat/fan/light combo you are going to need more circuits. All of this is great if you have room in the panel but if you have an old 60amp fuse box that has 4 fuses in it for the entire house and you want to add 2 or 3 more then you may consider upgrading to a new service.

  • A portable mic was desperately for production of this video. How could anyone hear the presentation without maxing (or nearly) their speakers?

  • I apologize – we know that now and will not make that mistake again. We felt it still offered some valuable info.

  • this guy is full of shit im an electrical contractor in alabama a 200 amp panel and breakers is no more than 200 bucks 200 amp meter base is 50 material on a typical changout is 300 dollars total price permit labor and all shold only be around 1700 and that is on the high side this guy is an idiot

  • Look online at 200 amp service panels. They only coat a couple hundred. But you should get a permit to do the work and if you have someone do it for you it will cost alot probably around 3-4k. If you did it yourself, probably get it done for a grand.

  • Dmanzales thanks for the tid bit… I was looking for a house or Pemiscot installed but that was something else I was always curious about t

  • It does not matter how big the kitchen gets it's base on demand factors. Let me see a feeder load calculations … another insane upgrade to ripped off the consumer.

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