HD Cut – Rotary Application

HD Cut – Rotary Application

[Sound Effects & Music] HD Cut, a heavy paint defect leveling cream.
HD Cut is an advanced, non-diminishing compounding cream designed to quickly level deep scratches
when used with a rotary polisher. After preparing the surface by sanding it, use HD Cut with
the HD wool pad to easily cut sanding scratches. This step often leads behind holograms. Here
is where HD Cut excels. When used with a foam correction pad, HD Cut effectively cuts and
removes unwanted holograms. HD Cut easily wipes away, leaving behind a great finish. [Sound Effects & Music]

One thought on “HD Cut – Rotary Application

  • can we see the finish under the led lights AFTER using the HD cut? You guys show the swirl marks under a high intensity light; but then decided not to on the finished hood?? Every black car, even dirty, looks good in the dark.

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