How to Build Electronic Circuits : How to Use Perfboard to Build an Electronic Circuit

How to Build Electronic Circuits : How to Use Perfboard to Build an Electronic Circuit

Hello! This is Ross on behalf of
It is great the circuit has been tested and it works. Now its time to make it permanent
and I am going to stick it out a piece of perfboard and need to cut it and there is
only a few components to put on here. First I am going to straighten out the leads on
the resistor and I will install them in the board to the next resistor, straighten its
leads out. You can now I will stick it right next to the other resistor. Bend the leads
a little bit so the components will not fall out. Now the LED sticks in there. Alright
the wire, I am going to put the light colored one up towards the one resistor lead that
will be the positive. I am twisting it to make a mechanical connection,
which is just as important as a solder connection. I still need to solder it because the s soldering
will ensure a good conductive connection besides mechanically securing it. Now the brown lead
or the negative will go down and the cathode which is the flat side of the diode the plastic
part of the diode has a flat side to indicate the cathode side. Now I twisted the resistors to give it a good
mechanical connection.
Now I am twisting the LED leads and those other switches will be put on the wire that’s
inside the garage along with the battery. Alright, good old helping hands. Okay, hold
the board for me Mr. Helping Hands because I have to solder this thing now. Now I want
to heat up the tip just a little bit and solder on there, two helping hands are better than
one, more stability and finished soldering and now I will snip the excess leads of the
components and what could I have is a finished board. This can go on the inside and the wire
can go up over the door frame there and we will have the door indicator.

11 thoughts on “How to Build Electronic Circuits : How to Use Perfboard to Build an Electronic Circuit

  • Doesn't explain the reasoning on why he chose certain way of putting the components in … just jumps right to "I'm twisting these two leads together" … WTF!

    I wish there was a way to exclude the useless videos from "expert" village … so annoying!!!!

  • Is it really a great idea to snip after soldering? I've always thought that you should avoid causing any disturbance to a connection once it has been soldered. With PCB you always snip first then solder, so I wonder if that should also be done when working with perf?

  • @YoLninYo Have you SEEN any other "expert"village videos? They're all just as bad, EVEN WORSE! They can't exclude it when it's on par with how shitty everything else is 😀

  • Perfboard is completely silly. For about the same cost you can buy boards that have copper pads, as well as copper traces connecting groups of pads, and even long traces for power rails, ground and such. With these you can build a cleaner circuit in less time. Rarely do you have to bridge a component's terminals with a jumper wire. If you plan carefully, you can install jumpers as "zero ohm" resistors: through the board and soldered.

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