How to Diagnose Motor Capacitor Problems on a Tumble Dryer.

How to Diagnose Motor Capacitor Problems on a Tumble Dryer.

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video we’re going to be looking
at motor capacitor problems for a Hotpoint, Indesit or Creda
condenser tumble dryer. For this video I’m gonna be using the
Hotpoint CTD 00 P tumble dryer. Now motor capacitors can be a real issue with condenser
tumble dryers. As the machine ages the capacitor can fail
progressively causing start-up issues when turning or not
starting up at all. They can also short causing a
loud buzzing noise and no rotation, Easy enough to fix though. First things first: Always unplug the
appliance before carrying out any work. The next thing I need to do is to remove the top of the appliance by
unscrewing these two screws at the back. With the top of I now need to un screw the side panel to get access to the
capacitor. Now here we have the motor capacitor What you will see here is we only have two spade connectors on the new capacitor but four connectors on the old one. These actually come in pairs so if you gently wiggle off the pairs you’ll see that they’re connected
together you remove those take the capacitor out of its housing, and slide that out you can then slide your new capacitor into position and reconnect the
electrical connectors. You can then replace the side panel and the top. And there we have it, one new motor capacitor fitted to this
Hotpoint tumble dryer. Motor capacitors and other spares and
accessories for tumble dryers and other appliances
can be found on the website. Thanks for watching.

24 thoughts on “How to Diagnose Motor Capacitor Problems on a Tumble Dryer.

  • Used this video and another to replace the belt and capacitor on my tumble dryer.

    Thanks for the great instruction and I also ordered the part from your website that came next day!

  • hi i placed the drum shaft and back bearing in my indesit tumble dyer myself took me 2 hours but i did it . very proud of myself .. but when i put everything back together i found that the drum was turning slowly than normal when i put clothes in drum.. it was turning and rotating then it would stop and making buzzing sound i double checked the belt and thats perfectly fine nice an tight but i am just wondering would it be the the capacitor ??
    any tips to what it may be ?
    Frances Dublin /ireland

  • hi, my dryer only spins one way now. when it reverses it spin it doesn't move, is this a capacitor issue? thank you some much for your great content, very much appreciated!

  • got a whirlpool cabrio dryer everything works but rhe drum doesn't spin. ive checked belt thinking it was that, belt is fine. replaced the thermal fuse. could it be the capacitor or the motor

  • Hi there, I've just replaced the capacitor on my hotpoint aquarius tvm570 and this still hasn't fixed the problem. The belt is fine so might this be the motor?

  • I have a condensed hoover dynamic it’s spinning but not collecting water it shows E08
    Do you have a video for this problem

  • Hi, My Drier only works ONCE every week or so. It will do one load, when it stops after completion, it will not work again, there will be no power light to the programme section. If I leave it a week or two – put clothes in then plug in it will work but only the once, if I open the door during the cycle it will stop and not start again and no power light to programme section but power on light is on – any clues to what is going wrong?

  • Hi there, I've changed my belt, pulley and capacitor and my hotpoint aquarius TCM580 and it still isn't working, could you help me please

  • Hi, does it matter which way round the wires are connected to the new capacitor or does it not make a difference ? Thanks

  • But don't the old capacitor still hold a charge? Even when turned off. Other videos show that they do.please let me know if I'm wrong?

  • great little video with helps and tip this will be very helpful for people who dont know nothing about repair i do but it is good to see these videos out there

  • You did not diagnose anything you just removed and replaced that should be you title on the video how did you identify that was the problem

  • On my Indesit IDV65, when I press the button to start the drier going, it just produces a brief hum and the machine does nothing. The hum quickly fades away and pressing the button again doesn't produce any sound. If I come back later and try again it produces the same hum briefly. Does this sound like a capacitor problem, or a burnt out motor? Thanks

  • Dumb fuck, I wanted to know how to diagnose if my capacitor is faulty or not, like your heading says

  • this is just what happen to my dryer Indesit not 6months old had to get it changed lucky for me still under warranty

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