How to Fix a Squeaky Belt (figure out where the squeak is coming from)

How to Fix a Squeaky Belt (figure out where the squeak is coming from)

94 thoughts on “How to Fix a Squeaky Belt (figure out where the squeak is coming from)

  • If your belt snaps you'll need to know if the timing is off before putting the backup belt and not everyone knows how to check this, time for a new video Chris.

  • I like Chris a lot. Especially after watching his getting n repairing his free honda video.
    Now I don't know what to call it, dichotomy or anomaly or something else, but in this vdo, his bad bearing problem is fixed by a belt.

  • So I had my serpentine belt replaced on my honda civic but it still squeals at start. Could it be the belt he used or could it be that it’s too tight or loose?

  • Great vIdeo
    I have a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado V6 4.3 . It has a sequel & knocking sound. After left on in park it continues to knock then sputters and dies. When it dies all the lights still stay on.. I have a Video on it on profile.* Trinidad X Jimenez *

  • I fought a squealing belt. I spent many days trying to figure out the source. Read that the power steering pulley will walk its self off over many years. I took it of with a special tool. Put it back on and BAM! No more squealing

  • My 98 f250 v8 triton needs help.. I wish i had someone to help me figure out whats wrong with it cause idk what the issue is. Could probably fix it if i knew what the hell was going on

  • Hey Chis. Congrats, you´ve got a great chanel! You mentined about fixing transmition sound but nevet got to see the fix in the video. Would appreciate info on that one. Keep rocking!

  • Chris, do you know of a comparable belt that will fit a 2000 Toyota Camry? I looked all around, and there (apparently) isn't a Gatorback for that make & model year…??

  • Coming in late on this and apologies if it's already been mentioned. My UK-spec Mazda3 2.0l had a belt squeak on start up that turned out to be a patch of corrosion on the water pump flat pulley. Presumably at some point it it's life the car had been put away wet then not used for some time and the pulley had rusted badly enough for it to get polished instead of being removed. A bit of emery cloth dealt with it and the noise was gone.

  • I recently diagnosed my pulley squeal and replaced my tensioner assembly and belt. However it still makes the noise when it's humid in the morning ( every day in Missouri ). It goes away after a few hours but it's really annoying.

    Any tips to fix that?wd40? Or do I just have to live with it?

  • My dad's 7.3L Powerstroke F350 has a pulley misalignment but there's no noise. Crank pulley is cocked slightly so it causes the belt to walk a bit on the water pump pulley.

  • I think i accidentally got base coat on my belt ?
    Painted the hood edges with the hood slightly up and next day . sqeal galore , DAMMMMMM! What would you use to clean acrylic paint off a engine belt ? Anyone ?

  • I have the exact same noise for my Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4. And my AC is not working and only fan wind blowing out. Happened twice within 8 months. Initially it doesn’t have the squeaking sound but now the noise is always there.

  • Why does my 12v 97 Cummins belt squeak on shut down? Only squeak i hear from the belt. I hear most other Cummins do the same thing. No one is worried about it when i talk to them. They say it's just the abrupt shutdown of the fuel killing the engine and the crank stops before the rest of the rotating masses do. Thing is i don't hear it constantly do it. I always let my truck drop below 300 deg on egt before shut down. Is it just atmospheric?

  • I'm surprised you didn't use the tube type stethoscope method from the old school days? That allows the mechanic to the zero in specifically on where the squeal or noises are located. Seems that would give a more accurate Diagnostics of which components are failing if it's not belt alignment issues? Yes? Great videos by the way!?

  • I've had great luck with Gatorback belts 5-10 years ago, but wasn't able to find them when shopping around this year (2019). Internet search results show Continental bought Gatorback, but the old parts cross-reference to Continental OEM belts which have a different design. I already installed a Continental belt and it worked OK, but interested to hear your thoughts if there are others that would be better to use in the future.

  • Hi Chrisfix! My car, 2003 Mitsubishi Galant 2.4L, makes the similar squeaky noise when starting the vehicle. The noise disappears after 30 sec. The noise has been around about 3 months, and it becomes longer. The belt was replace in June 2018 when the car had 117k miles. Now the car has 121k mile. What could be the reason? Thank you.

  • Install new belt, side to side movement/squeaky. Use a round file & press against belt side while engine is idling. Grinds belt sides stop noise. Be very careful when doing this task, file can suddenly jump out of your grasp & cause severe injury to yourself & or engine. Wear good quality heavy duty gloves, eye protection. Job must be done carefully with confidence/strong grip, otherwise do not attempt. Dont operate near any pulleys. I'm an experienced mechanic.

  • This video is so helpful. I have a 2005 Acura TL and I’m about to try this technique to diagnose exactly why my car is making the squeaking noise. I believe it’s my power steering belt. But we’ll see. Thank you for your advice ?

  • My old mini started squeaking when i was running my full beam and 4 fog lights. The problem went away when i turned them off. Any idea what could be causing this?

  • Thanks Chris! I have an 04 Malibu and this just started and overheated, then weird burning smell? Can I drive it it without blowing up? Haha

  • Hello Chris, I hope you read and reply my comment:D I have a problem with this squeaking sound, my car is a 1988 Toyota Cressida with a 1G-EU engine, it has a brand new belts and it squeaks at rpm above 3800-4000rpm even without AC turned on.. What causes this? And how do i fix this?
    Thx in advance 😀

  • I have 6 vehicles, varied cars and trucks, they all started squealing at the same time. Has to be something to do with the recent heavy rain and the humidity in my area. Super annoying.

  • My mom’s car had that noise
    It’s almost the sound of my childhood now
    Gets me nostalgic and make me remember the smells of my mom’s car
    Her car was very well preserved cos she drove so carefully
    Too bad she sent it to scrape yard cos it failed like once 🙁

  • @chrisfix I'm getting a similar whining sound especially on idle you can hear it but I've been told it could be the turbocharger but it was my friend who thought that .please help

  • My alternator will not spin when I turn on the engine but when I removed the belt it's spinning freely
    Anyone know what could be the problem?

  • My car squeals only when I accelerate at low rpms then it goes away. And if I have the air conditioning on it’s worse. But it only squeals when I accelerate.

  • I have a question! I have that exact same noise and didn’t quit hear it until just after I poured oil into my Jeep. I accidentally over filled the funnel and a little oil spilled onto the belt. Could this be the reason for that noise? The noise only was audible when I was pressing the gas, not when I had turned on the Jeep. Any hints?

  • I wish I had discovered you when you first started your YouTube channel. Well, better late than never! Thank you for sharing one of your passions as well as teaching us how to fix our cars. =)

  • Hey Chris my truck only sqeaks when started after it is running it doesnt squeak. Is it slipping on one of the pulleys or idlers? I need a new belt anyway because had a idle pulley literally break while driving and also damaged the belt took atleast a cord off so maybe replacing it will help.

  • The belt on my Crown Vic squeaks when engine is cold, but quiets once engine warms. I’ll use your methods to see if I can find any issues with bearings or alignment. Will likely be changing the belt.

  • My friend's truck's belt kept slipping because the water pump pulley wouldn't mount straight. The belt kept slipping off of the back end of the belt system and the previous owner never fixed it. When we got a look at it, the belt had worn out a groove in the timing cover like a saw.

  • Hey how are you going ? I cannot get to lancer serpentine belts due space is there another way around that and please show me how to with transversely mounted gearbox clutch change and thank you kindly from Perth Australia yaz

  • I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler and when I am at around 3000 rpm the belt starts screaming, what do you think could be the cause of it?

  • what could it be when i spray the belt and the noise goes away but when i press on the accelerator it comes back

  • The squeak noise comes with other tik tik noise . I put water on belt and the noise becomes better but belt stop for few minutes please let me know where is the problem.

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