How to Replace a Crankshaft Sensor on ANY Car!

How to Replace a Crankshaft Sensor on ANY Car!

Hi guys, today I’m going to show you how to
replace a crankshaft sensor. If you want to know how they are constructed, and how they
work, check out my other video where I show you this. This is useful information to know
and it will help you to diagnose faults in the future. The symptoms of a faulty crankshaft
sensor include: the vehicle won’t start; it lacks power; perhaps the engine speed is hunting;
and sometimes the engine will even cut out when you are driving, which is obviously quite
dangerous. The fault code for a faulty crankshaft sensor is P0335. If you want to make sure
that your crankshaft sensor is faulty, before replacing it, check the description of the
video where there’s a link to a good value code scanner. Once you have established that
your crank sensor is faulty you need to buy a new one, again you will find a link in the
description of the video to some websites where you can buy good parts at good prices.
Now let’s get on with the job. Step one is to disconnect the battery and to gain access
to the crankshaft sensor, which is normally around the bottom of the engine. Sometimes
you can access this from above (you won’t be able to see much but you can save time
by doing the job from above), and other times you have to jack the vehicle up, support it
with stands, and get underneath to get good access to the component. Disconnect the
negative terminal from the battery… put it somewhere safe, where it’s not going to
touch against the terminal again. This ensures the safety of both yourself and the vehicle’s
electronics. You need to locate the crankshaft sensor: Google is your friend here, and you
can find the position very easily online. Otherwise, have a good look around the bottom
of the engine. On most modern cars the crankshaft sensor sits between the engine and the transmission
and it uses the flywheel as it’s reluctor. Another component that can give fault symptoms
almost identical to the crankshaft sensor is the camshaft sensor. The sensors are virtually
identical but they are located in different parts of the engine. The camshaft sensor is
up towards the top of the engine and on this vehicle it’s located here. Because they are
easier to get to, camshaft sensors are generally much easier to change than crankshaft sensors.
On this vehicle the crankshaft position sensor is located just above the flexible coupling
on the exhaust. So there we are, just below the starter motor, there is the crankshaft
position sensor. So you simply remove the retaining bolt and withdraw the sensor from
its housing. With a short extension you can see on this vehicle there is access on to
the retaining bolt without removing the starter motor cable. Once the retaining bolt is loose
you may find it easier to remove it with your fingers, rather than trying to continue to
use the extension. Remove the retaining bolt, and now you can remove the sensor from the
engine… Like so! It has an o-ring and the new part that you buy also comes with a new
o-ring. Now we need to access the electrical connector and disconnect it. This may be on
the sensor itself, or as in this case, there is a short lead and the connector is on the
end. And remove the sensor. At the top of the screen you can see the defective sensor
that’s been removed and at the bottom you can see the new sensor. Before fitting the
sensor get some nice clean engine oil and make sure you give a good soak to the sensor
itself and also to the o-ring. This will make it easier to get into the car and it will
also give a good seal on the o-ring. Refitting the sensor is the reverse of the removal.
The electrical connector is refitted, now just fitting the retaining bolt to the sensor
which is in position in the engine. Tighten up the retaining bolt… on this vehicle it’s to be tightened to 8 newton metres, so no need to exaggerate here. Ok, that’s that.
Reconnect the negative terminal on the battery… And then comes the moment of truth. And now
do the victory dance because you’ve just saved yourself a few hundred pounds. Thanks for
watching guys, if you want more of these videos, please encourage me by subscribing to the
channel. See you next time and in the meantime, enjoy life!

70 thoughts on “How to Replace a Crankshaft Sensor on ANY Car!

  • Good video but a tad misleading as far as saying "On any car". The crank sensors are mounted in quite a few places, at the flywheel end of the engine, at the front or pulley end of the engine. Some require removal of quite a few parts to get to it such as ones mounted under the timing belt covers. They are there somewhere and some are not quite so easy. I own a garage and have done enough of them on various vehicles.

  • i changed out both camshaft sensors because it came up for one then the other side then the crankshaft sensor code came up changed it out and still the engine light come back on

  • Never commented on any video's before but really liked Random Chris, easy to understand even for a dumb ass like me!!

  • I was told it could start with the sensors, leading into the whole circuit. I got p0335, p0340 from an OBDII scanner, hence this video.


  • hello today we tried to replace bosch orinal and faulty crank shaft sensor with subsistute ERA compatible part new one and it gave same error g28 while not starting
    do you have any idea why it did not work?

  • You're doing God's work with videos like that! Gonna save me some money and more importantly – time. Mechanics in my town want me to wait 2 weeks to get this easy job done… it's just ridiculous, gotta do it myself.

  • Even if it is not the CPS that's causing the problem for me, I can afford to change just about every sensor on the car and i'll still save money by not going to a garage. 馃槈

  • Hi Chris, what are the main difference between crankshaft symptoms and camshaft symptoms pls?
    I have a Ford focus 1.6 tdci 2009, it just started cutting off power on motorway or doing bend on roundabout.. But it starts immediately after ( never struggle to start after cutting off).
    No fault codes on computer, no lights on dash.
    Mechanic still can't find the problem. But online I read it could be camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor or fuel rail pressure sensor.

    Pls what is your opinion?
    And possible of where to locate these sensors on the Ford focus?

  • I need to locate crank shaft sensor an a Toyota four runner two wheel drive 1993 model with a 3.0 liter

  • hi…..I have a problem.
    I have a 2002 suzuki swift. i put it through a mot which it passed. i was told that the oil filter was leaking slightly so i asked them to do an oil change with new oil filter.
    about a week later, my car started playing up. it will start up in the morning but when i turn off the engine, the car wont start. it turns over but wont go. it died on me when i was driving, (close to home). after about half an hour…i try again and it starts. since the problems started soon after the mot and oil change, I checked the oil level and discovered the oil was 1 cm over the maximum on the dip stick. i drained the oil to just below the level. I changed the air filter and the plugs. this disnt solve the problem. I took the car back to the garage and said the oil wouldnt be the problem. he had the car over night.
    He sais there were no error codes, the sparking was fine and the fuel was coming through. he said it was probably the engine ignition module but wasnt sure. I didnt want to spend 拢100 on a probably so I picked up another one (second hand) but the problem was still there. the chances of 2 amplifiers being faulty sounds quite low to me.
    Is it likely that the crank position sensor is at fault here? there were no error codes at the garage but i read that in older cars, they can sometimes not register. any ideas?

  • I've searched Google for my car but there wasn't any info. There is a similar car same color and engine but its not mine, the owner is a random person

  • Hello I don't really want to get under my car…..just in case it falls on top.donyp u think I could do it from above …thank you 馃榾

  • I know exactly where the crankshaft position sensor is on my 2008 Pontiac G5, unfortunately there is no way of getting to it. Not nearly enough room.

  • Great work Buddy, I'm From south America Guyana,I have a 2000 model Japanese RAV 4, recently it's cutting off or The rev is fluctuating,and my mechanic can't seems to find The problem, any suggestions

  • It only happens when I'm driving,if it's idling it won't happen, only when I'm driving mostly when my foot is of x, it's automatic BTW

  • Scotty Knows! That鈥檚 what I say when I share your videos. Your energy is addictive, in a good way! Thanks Scotty!

  • Could u come over and do it for me. I鈥檓 just across the pond, a few miles in 鈽猴笍. It was such a good video but I鈥檓 still lost. The mechanics at my local shop can鈥檛 fix anything but a bill.

  • You are a star! Grace Auto Garage Abu Dhabi, Mussaffah charged me 108.89 USD(400 AED)for replacing this sensor.

  • Good evening Chris. I am very excited about giving this a go myself as all the garages seem to take lots if cash but have still yet not fixed the problem. So I have a diagnostics tester thingy now and tonight it has come up with P0341.
    So may I please ask you to step in ( before I go ahead and cock this up ) and confirm that this is the problem. I have already had 4 diagnostic tests and 2 new cam sensors.
    I am willing to try this but could I have s bit more insight before I do.
    Thank you

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  • Him mate i had ecn034028 on my zafira 1.9 cdti 120bhp , which is the cam position sensor i changed it cleared the code but the code ecn034028 keeps coming back car is running rough still can you help my email is [email protected] cheers steve

  • Crankshaft and cramshaft are the same sensor???? I mean can I use the same sensor???? O need to buy cramshaft sensor and camshaft? Because I have the problem P0335 on mi sentra 04, in the work shop told me the sensor are the same!

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