100 thoughts on “Is Amazon legally responsible for goods it sells from third parties?

  • What a bunch of crooks. Some people are never satisfied until they ruin a good thing. If they are going to change the law to allow them to sue Amazon, then Amazon will stop doing business in their state. Also, they should exclude them; from opening any headquarters, or financial relations, from common business partners.

  • Amazon needs to be responsible in who they represent. I am sick of receiving defective products and Amazon saying I would have to track down the manufacturer and deal with them.

  • Nope, and the drudge report is not responsible for the storys attached to the links provIDed.
    Amazon is a host, not the developer

  • They should just stop third party sales just like two new startup websites and put all all those businesses out of business to make the liberals not count socialist happy paying all the taxes for the welfare.

  • Amazon unethically snoops on your private data. I entered a Bezos unfriendly password and now Global Warming Jeff has banned me from recovering a hundred or so books on my Kindle Cloud Reader. A**holes.

  • I happen to agree with the three-judge panel here. If you are a contractor on a property like a mall, providing third-party services like electrical, mechanical, and Plumbing…. you have to provide your your Certificate of Insurance to the insurance company of the property owner. They keep that on file at the very least, five years. Why should it be different for Amazon who engages in third-party sellers.

  • Im not liable if someone steals my checkbook and goes on a spending spree.. the only reason amazon should be held accountable is if they cant find the manufacturer no other reason would qualify!!!

  • Proubly amazons recommend product that broke … best deal here I'd suggest dont sell junk when your the largest company in the world

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  • I was going to say, here starts the fall of amazon as cheap goods will only get you so far. This will be a trend not using American made products.

  • Amazon is subject to collect sales tax now. They have a guaranty published. They won't sell "certain categories" of items. Not sure if they are liable directly for an inferior product they did not manufacture. But what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. If they Refuse to broker items that are legal to be sold and sold legally, then that means they have in their control to be responsible as a broker as to verify the Third party manufacturer. They do offer warranties if the third party  could not be verified then they should have posted a very well displayed caution apparently they did not. That's my take on it. I ain't a lawyer and it should go to the courts (cause the Gov't ordered them to collect sales tax and that does put them and this argument in a US Judge's purview.

  • Seriously really ? You cant hold Bezos liable the company who made it is liable SMH amazon risk his reputation but that's it.
    How could he possible know that was going to happen, he would have to do safty checks on these companies product, that's not his job. HOW DO YOU NOT FIND A COMPANY????? Bezos shouldn't be selling any product to America unless it's a reliable, responsible, credible 3rd party company, but they are responsible for their own product.

  • She might just be a compo case who makes claims every few months and as a consequence we all have to pay extra because the companies insurance goes up.

  • Obviously he hasn't been responsible for anything you dont get that rich without screwing over everyone else , the irs said he was responsible for 9 billion in back taxes right after he wanted to donate 10 billion to climate change dang hide all your money in legitimate climate change agenda sure that makes you look good right after being sued for scamming the system I'd say make any company that sells a product have to have replacements on hand from supplier and if its defective and no supplier is left refund there money from amazon , when were talking about 3 dollar items the companies spend then sell the items for 20-30-40 $ I'd say limit all buissness to no more than 5%markup on item cost from supplier then not hold Amazon accountable. But when they make exponentially huge profits off everything and turn into the richest people in the world…well I'd say it wouldn't hurt his pocket any to refund the dog leash

  • I buy Amzn a lot. I've never had them fail to make good on a problem, even porch pirates! Amzn has it's issues, but they've always done right in the end.

  • Everything I have bought from a vendor and not directly sourced from Amazon warehouses, I have returned. Those vendors are garbage and I actually made a comment the other day on another platform to Amazon, that they need to vet their vendors better

  • Amazon’s majority of third party sellers are either in China, or are here in the USA but work for China so they can claim, US shipping. I agree that Amazon should not be held responsible for a defect in design or manufacturing as long as Amazon or any subsidiary of Amazon had nothing to do with the product design. I’ve been complaining about Amazon because of its close ties with so many Chinese companies when something like this happens and no one is held accountable or responsible. Another interesting import law Amazon gets around is the Lithium Battery. There is a law on the books regarding what is and is not allowed to be shipped when discussing Lithium batteries which are known for being unstable. However, if the battery is below a certain volt/amp level, it CAN be shipped separately. However, if a product requires a Lithium Ion Battery to function and is over the regulation. It’s illegal to ship, EXCEPT if it’s part of a product and is included. Things like Hoverboards, Remote Boats, remote planes, and especially Drones all ship with these batteries that would be illegal to ship separately. America does not make Lithium Ion batteries for whatever reason, yet so many products requiring high power and duration are designed to only work properly (if at all) with Lithium Ion batteries. And a final thought about this third party ‘company’ Amazon cannot seem to find. That company gets paid by Amazon for their sales, try following the money. Aside from the China connection, we have plenty of home grown scumbags who buy closeout batches of products from all over the US and the world to sell on Amazon and eBay and all other sales sites. Ever wonder why the exact same electronic product has different prices and different names, but IS exactly the same thing? That’s how it’s done in China. I’m waiting for this entire aching owns America thing to blow up and have every American learn what every government since the 1970s has been doing with trade and China.

  • No.
    But a similar question Is: Should Walmart responsible for a defective battery? No. But they brute force the market and take the flak on behalf of the manufacturers.
    That's what distribution is about.

  • If they cannot say who manufactured the good, then wouldn't the burden of accepting the responsibility of workmanship and quality fall on them? If this an international seller that cannot be sued due to jurisdiction, the whole amazon vendor system needs a legal shakeup.

  • Any retailer has a responsibility to to their patrons that the supplier is legitimate, insured, and have outlined product liability (warranty and defect recourse). Due to how amazon has structured their company, they have a responsibility to ensure the suppliers they allow on their site are able to stand behind their products or amazon is liable. Since they set up as an online “storefront” they are still subject to the same product liability standards are a “brick and mortar” store the only difference being capital assets that can be used as seizable property. This basically means, if the company was not “vetted” properly by amazon, and the product was advertised as an “amazon item” then amazon has taken full liability to the customer and amazon has recourse back to the supplier. This should be a wake up call to amazon and it’s patrons the dangers of getting a “great deal”. Amazon should pay this one and fix their policies and more clearly state which suppliers are legitimate and which are “at your own risk”.
    Just my take on it.

  • I subscribe to a channel called The Lock Picking Lawyer, and Amazon’s #1 lockbox offers a $10 Amazon gift card if you give it a 5-star rating. That way, people can recover half their cost when the thing breaks. Buyer beware!

  • Thinking Amazon could have their suppliers sign product responsibility papers before doing business with them. Let the supplier absorb the cost.

  • Is Ebay legally responsible for goods it sells from third parties?
    Basically the same thing. Have to be careful about what you buy on both sites.

  • What part of product liability and that everyone in the chain is liable does Mr Napolitano does not get? The crux of FEDERAL product liability is that from maker to the very last seller, EVERYONE in the chain of commerce, moving a product into the hands of the consumer, is liable. Product liability contemplates problems of either design, manufacture, or faulty instructions. Regardless of which of those 3 is the actual reason why the product caused a damage, the liability subsists because is not liability you determine out of fault or comparable negligence, but rather because of intrinsic responsibility as a byproduct of doing business.

  • Of course it is. If you buy a rotten yogurt in a supermarket and you get sick, you are entitled to sue the supermarket…….the same if you buy from them a TV which doesn't work they have to return you the $$$……….if Amazon doesn't want to get sued, they should just dedicate to sell platforms for each company to sell their own stuff.

  • Also, Amazon policy is a crap regarding 3rd parties. If you are a small business, Amazon requiers you to comply with their "RETURN FREE – ALWAYS REFUND" policy, meaning if a buyer complains, Amazon will grant them the refund NO QUESTION ASKED (even if they present fake claims, like "not received" even thou you have proof of delivery). A small business can go bankrupt in a month if they have to refund 10% of their sellings, not to mention also pay for the return of the items, meaning you will have to LOSE MORE MONEY in order to get the merchandise back and not lose the whole thing……..of course Amazon will not refund you the fees if a return is filed (eBay also now did the same, if a buyer request a return, the seller STILL has to pay a "return fee" because they will return you the selling fees…….so, technically, you still are paying a fee and eBay doesn't lose any money…….in fact, they support returns, because it is proffitable for them since the return fee is higher than the selling fee).

  • amazon should be liable if the companies making these products sold on amazon are not liable. Was somebody drunk or somebody's retirement plan in amazon?

  • What is the advantage of buying online . You do not get to smell feel the item and you can be in for a big surprise cause is not what you expected. No advantage that I can see at all. These companies will not be making money of me .if I can not feel it ,smell it .will not buy it.

  • What about the FAQs what kind of dog? …….
    was it big ?
    how to much did it weigh?
    was dog chasing another dog?
    were you wearing safety glasses?
    was it windy, rainy, sunny?…..
    was it etc.…

  • If Amazon is making money off of this than they should be partiallypossible and the company that designed it should also be responsible

  • Greedy Bezos who's news outlet WaPo abuses Trump every day now sues the president for not giving him a 10 billion dollar assignment. What a joke, he thinks he owns everything and everyone.

  • They are just like uber. They are merely facilitators.
    The genius is the ordering and shopping by phone or computer and accumulation and delivery of the item. But no responsibility like any uber driver idiot who has all the cost of the car and his time driving for little reward. More fool him.
    But the big retailers are now getting on the bandwagon.

  • There should be a court case on how America does its business. You people make billionaires out of nothing. And guess who pays for it? Not Mexico.

  • Walmart sells chinese junk as does amazon. Don't shop there.
    Buy "Made in the USA" and support "Mom and Pop" stores where possible.
    TRUMPENCE 2020!

  • With all we know about how Amazon does business and mistreats it's employees I don't understand why people keep shopping there

  • bought a pair of Nikes from amazon that i didn't know it was a 3rd party seller from china a few years back. after 3 days passed from the delivery date the store was deleted and amazon didn't refund my purchase.

  • Amazon and the Eunuch Bezos should be accountable for SOMETHING !!!
    No taxes , no liability, nothing !!!
    Perfect business model !

    Amazon is the ANTICHRIST

  • Interesting conversation & I side with the consumer and Amazon is liable. A few years ago I read a discussion among “makers” creating their own products sharing that in selling on Amazon, Amazon states that legally Amazon owns the rights to your product. Ergo Amazon is in fact legally responsible.

  • Its just uncurated, fake, false reviews Junk. Buy from reputable Source. The creepy Owner is out to lunch, busy virtue signalling.

  • I'm sure this product that caused this lady's injury is also being sold on ebay and other sites as well…

    Amazon has a lot of Chinese or foreign country 3rd party "Counterfeiters" selling product… "Buyer Beware"… now should Amazon be liable for making a profit for not holding 3rd party sellers to some form of legal liability when using their website?… considering the size and profits Amazon is making I would tend to feel they should know who is selling what and where it's coming from… If I were a brick and mortar Retail Store, my business depends on me offering a reasonably SAFE product at the best market price possible… I see many sellers on ebay who are buying Chinese Counterfeits or knock-offs for cheap and marking them up 500% but below what that item is sold for on the normal retail market by the actual company…

  • Don't buy from 3rd party sellers. Most of those products come from China. You get the product weeks later and if you have to return it, you will be offered 20% refund and you keep the product. I bought a product for $74, I was refunded $19 and I had to keep a product I couldn't use. The excuse was that returning the product to China would be cost prohibitive. Thanks a lot. The problem is that you may not know the product is shipping from China and Amazon will do nothing to make them say so and give their return policy. Another thing Chinese sellers do is you order some cheap something and it never arrives and you can't get a refund. Nobody knows what happened. The only thing you can do is rate the seller badly.

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