maybe there’s something in her backpack
that’ll wake her up Hot Cheetos I think this will do the trick I don’t know
what’s happening I think she’s speaking a different
language I think I should call Chad maybe he knows what’s up with her
do you have a phone dings I uh Madeline and I’m a dancer
Chad I don’t know what’s wrong with me she’s I think she’s speaking in another
language your whole night your home I’ve been told yeah that’s how it okay I love
you I’ll be right there okay hold on the do you remember how to fright Union
van-like thank you go for it that’s alright weenie okay maybe you think come up
alright let’s just check if there’s any hackers here all right what’s the plan
but yeah visa lam mopey uncle yang dip your claw hi I have no idea what she’s
saying comment down below if any of you spy ninjas speak Vietnamese and help me out cuz I’m so lost right now b lamb lo
que yo goat Yandy Yong chol yummy gadget doctor
gadget yes uncle okay okay yeah are you to make a spy gotcha
yes I think she’s saying yes guys okay guys she’s showing us google translate
now I mean I think ma’am bad your night nothing added think she’s saying she’s
going to hack into Google Translate and transfer it to her spy gadget but don’t you think your feet before I
don’t know let’s go shop over there really far in the distance I don’t think
there’s any hackers around me you tell me what happened because the first thing
when I woke up I remember was just cheese
hacker not you oh and you were gone yet hacker defeated me he was very powerful
I couldn’t even speak English I can’t go on speaking Vietnamese for the rest of
my life because Chad can’t speak Vietnamese in his room a relationship
over my relationship with everyone I need to find a way to get my memory back
and get control of my mind again mmm put our thinking caps on wait what did you
see thinking top thinking yeah wait a minute
doesn’t projects or go pretty much have a thinking cap it was mine they use it
to control other people mine I’m gonna try to reverse-engineer it so I can take
back a job in my mind I took the phone from the hacker that you know that I
knocked down are we knock down kind of guy this is the hackers phone let’s go
let’s go see if we can like hang on to security cameras I’ll see what we can
find hey great do you think this is a safe
place for it before we do anything else because there any hackers around are we
face maybe it will wait for a little bit and
then oh it’s going that way pretty quiet area here maybe we just
stay here for a little bit yeah I don’t see any hackers so far yeah let’s set up
okay safe here right yeah I think so okay okay let’s try and hack in to the
security camera at project door go see where they could nerve contagion system
is right now she’s a better hunter than me guys you enjoy work okay no joy no
joy okay cool those hackers they’re carrying an arrow contagion system so we
know it’s still there okay what else are they holding do you see that a glass
ball with lots of money in it there’s like a note on the on the ball it’s huge
Chad wait that’s your husband Chad well click if this from Jeff just it that’s
our youtuber friend do you think the projects ergo stole the money from just
Dustin who’s gonna send a Chad what let’s go to the location but where
are they I think it’s up this park and there’s hackers here so we should we
should try and find them good for anything like like we’re in point oh
yeah I don’t see any but I don’t know I don’t
think this hiding spots good enough yeah here let me see if there’s any hackers
around here okay so like it’s really weird cuz we’re in this miniature City
right now you should just live here but then Jack
can’t live here because there’s a giant boom right here you guys and Pringles wait those are all potato chips I know
my chip hmm well this has to be a clue maybe the next thing we find is a potato
chip like a market or something Oh oh gosh English all we have to continue on we
need my potato chips and if we get to the nerve potato system fast enough
you’ll be able to speak English again so maybe we just we got a deal with the
language barrier we can do charades great way Nick is Mac I think she’s
saying it’s okay as it hits me you wanted to hit me cuz I know I don’t know
so we were saying pretty sure you want to tip me guys I don’t know but you
gotta find potato chips or some sort of market what do you think okay potato chip don’t hang Yin yokai cycle I
think she’s playing chips yes there’s things they’re shaped like chips
I don’t think I could fit in through here Oh beautiful yeah I didn’t be
Sekulow I think she’s saying V is a tiniest I ninja so she could make it to
the top right okay okay so maybe what if I stay down here and I feel like the
next clue will be somewhere in the potato chip you go in and you find the
clue and I’ll stay here give me a big thumbs up and give her good luck so she
can find a clue there you got this girl okay you can do with me enjoy
oh I know what you play on our sake comment down below
you go left or should she go right are you gonna go
right okay yeah
tiny look at her oh Vy yes fine Angela Michael Jordan huh that’s a random name
LeBron James okay see I don’t know what I just read I think I just read a random
name do you know what this means I don’t know what this means
bbbb likely now you’re like Jeb all wrong no you know help me help me at all
okay sound throw bounce throw oh okay it’s like a sport I know I don’t
do sports I don’t know but yeah I’m a (Vietnamese language)
yeah back we got to find back the ball you’re right
we’d be turn fall yes okay that’s a sport it’s
not support okay tennis okay so we gotta find
basketball oh there’s hockey over there Johanssen yes I think she’s asking what
the planet I don’t know if you’re gonna like this plan
I think I should pretend like I’m turning you in yeah become the second eye
I think she say yes Stewart Lee doesn’t own bank account she’s asking if she could trust me yeah
you can trust me do you hurt me okay she just made be very careful I’ll
pretend like I’m joining projects or two again remember look what easy member you
sleeping yes I only need to try to be quaint and I am here to join projects or
go again I did well let’s do tea maybe we should put the
neuro contagion on her to convert her back to a project zorgo member and take
control of her mind we can take a seat please don’t go yes sir take a seat journey she’s ready okay be maybe sit
down sit down okay I’ll talk to this project circle
member my day was good peasy for you know
there’s a bounty for feet team they got a 100 G’s for bringing in Vy
you’re only ten G’s a hundred thousand dollars if I turn in Vy
that’s way more than what she’s worth that’s a lot of money
one hundred thousand dollars money how about you let me tell you again
and I’ll give you half my cut okay so if I go back to project Zorgo you’ll split
the reward with me and then I’ll also get a hundred thousand dollars
let me have a moment got some serious money guys and five dollars I could possibly clip
my for job that’s crazy oh man huh okay all right let’s do this
hey yo pass me that rock you should put on the neuro contagion whatever it is
all right are you still number what to be me tell me what to do
yeah yeah yeah you kid on her head you know I’m saying I still know the PZ
login yeah I do let’s get it over with I wanted to get
this over with so we could I could join project zorgo again inland if you try
to turn Vy into a project Zorgo member yeah I believe you gotta cut the green
wire don’t the green wire will erase her memory we have complete control her mind
yeah are you a hundred percent positive I’ll get the money
yeah okay okay cool

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