Magnetic Contactor in Hindi Part (1)

Magnetic Contactor in Hindi     Part (1)

Hello friends ” Asslam-o-Alaikum”. My name is “Muhammad Azeem” . and Welcome to my channel “electric foucs” in today’s video we will talk about magnetic contactros. “Magnetic Contactor” is a type of Switch , which opens and close a circuit by “electro magnet”. “Magnetic Contactor” are used at large scale in Industry to switch a heavy load ON or OFF today we will talk about magnetic contactor in detail We will open it and look inside the “Magnetic Contactor” if you don’t subscrie my channel yet then Plz “Subscribe” now . and also press bell icon for avoid missing any video. SO lets start “Magnetic Contactor” “Magnetic Contactor” is a magnetic switch and use to turn ON and OFF heavy Load’s, for example ; Motor’s ,Generatro’s etc. or especially machines which takes a large amount of current “Magnetic Contactor can be used either AC or DC ” different types and power rating magnetic contactors are available in market . Basically it have “3” main parts of “Magnetic Contactor” The 1st one is its electromagnet . electromagnet is for switching the contactor. The 2nd part of “Magnetic Contactor” is its main contacts Namely “U, V , W , R , S, T” these are the main contacts of “Magnetic Contactor” main contacts are use for connecting load this “Magnetic Contactor” is designed for 3phase system you can attach all three phases “red”yellow”blue”for switching there are also auxiliary contacts of “Magnetic Contactor” the four terminal beside main cntacts these two contacts are the auxiliary contacts of “Magnetic Contactor” the top two contacts are NC or normally close contacts it is also mention at the top surface of “Magnetic Contactor” moreover, the bottom two contacts are the NO or normally open contacts . the rating of auxiliary contacts is less then the main contacts. auxiliary contacts can handle minimum amount of current comparatively main contacts. the power rating of main contacts is much higher then the auxiliary contacts. main contacts can trip more then 1000A current but the auxiliary contacts can’t handle higher amount of current you can also see another two contacts on the top side. which marked as A1 and A2 are contacts of its coil. the coil of this magnetic contactor can operate upto 440v volts . often devices in power system , the terminals of coil Mareked as A1 and A2. so this is the brief introduction of “Magnetic Contactor” Now we will see the working of “Magnetic Contactor” for this purpose, I draw a circuit diagram it is the electromagnet of the “Magnetic Contactor” A1 and A2 are the two contacts of this electromagnet when we apply 440 or 220 volts at these terminals, this coil will become an electromagnet and it will pull the move-able part toward itself . and the result of this movement the contacts of the contactor will make and break. as i told you that , two types of contacts, main contacts are marked as u,v,w and r,s,t these are the main contacts another two contacts are present at the top side one of them is NC and other is NO as you can see the main contacts are made up of heavy copper links but the auxiliary contacts are made up of thin copper because they are used for small amount of current auxiliary contacts are use for its ON and OFF operation of “Magnetic Contactor” when we apply the electric power at its coil A1 and A2 the armature of “Magnetic Contactor” will move downwards all the contacts, “T and W” , “S and V” ,”R and U” will connect with each other it work’s like a switch. which power ON and OFF our circuit when the coil become a magnet and pull’s the armature, armature, closes the main contacts as well as auxiliary contacts as I told you befor two types of auxilary contacts NC and NO the bottom contact is NC contact when the coil become a magnet, it will move downward and NC contac will become NO contact and the upper two contacts which i mention , are the NO and after the movement of of armature, these NO contacts will become NC contacts mean NC and NO contacts will change over there are only two auxiliary contacts one of them is NC and other is NO the quantity of auxiliary contacts vary model by model But normlly the no. of main cntacts is three the purpose of main contacts is to supply power a 3phase system but the auxiliary contacts are used for ON and OFF, overload relay control and LED indicaotrs this is the reason behind much auxiliary contacts as i told you before, “Magnetic Contactor” can operate both AC and DC But same contactor can’t work AC as well DC the “Magnetic Contactor” which I have, can work only at AC supply the coil of this “Magnetic Contactor” will not work at DC if you want to operate any system at DC the separate”Magnetic Contactor” is available in market it looks very huge in size bue it is simple a switch which operates by an electric supply there is nothing special in it it is the name plate of this “Magnetic Contactor” which tells the model and other specifications of this “Magnetic Contactor” Now we will open this “Magnetic Contactor” to see the internal structure this is the lock, lets open it there is one more lock on it I open this “Magnetic Contactor” there is a spring and a movable part which is connected with main contacts these are the auxiliary contacts and the three are the main contacts we will open its front cover for proper visualization this is the electromagnet which consists in two parts One for top and other for bottom these two parts are fixed in this way the spring pulls upward the armature in the absence of supply But when we apply the electric supply at the A1 and A2 the coil become an electromagnet and it pulls the armature toward’s it self this is the coil of “Magnetic Contactor” for opening this , we need to remove this strip and then separate this coil it is simple a coil when we give a supply, it becomes an electromagnet which moves the armature when coil become a magnet, it pulls the armature downward in this way after removing the electric supply to this coil, spring push back the armatrue the contacts make and break in this way now we will open it from top side remove all strips in this way be carefully because these are soft plastic strips these strips will broke if you will apply extra force on it also remove the main strip at the front side to see contacts of magnetic contactor these are the main contacts of contactor which move in this way I am doing this by hand but it will move magnetically when we push the armature and the face to face contacts shorted all contacts are electrically insulated with each other and also insulated with armature . but the movable part or armature, move’s all contacts at the same time auxiliary contacts also make and break same time when main contacts move you can look this movement Friend as you see it is the simple circuit i hope you undestand easily i hope u will like this video and lern something today if u have any question regarding this please ask in comment section PLEASE like and share this video please subscribe my channel for supporting me. 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