Novo pistão frio para motor Stirling caseiro – New cold piston, Stirling engine

Today, I will present to you a new work piston, which I made for Stirling engines with this little tube, which are inside a good air or is there also this other tube in similar used for people who have asthma problems and I was fortunate to win two test tubes like this And I decided to fit one of these tubes and where it was possible to make a piston So I cut this tube with a mini grinder I made this articulation the connecting rod is a lightning bike which I hammered For larger diameter and to fit this 2mm pin is previously fixed to the bottom of the piston This piston made this joint near the top of the piston precisely to reduce friction by tilting the connecting rod producing less friction, since the top is supported on the cylinder not jamming inside the cylinder repair the good seal inside this test tube the weight of the glass with vacuum It is inside the glass and yet low friction, you can verify that it rotates I only did an external polishing with liquid silicone cutting this test tube I made with this mini grinding machine using this mini diamond disc flexible To know how the cut was made, just click on the sides and the balloons or not clicking on the text description below this video to access the link like cut the test tubes, the great advantage of this new piston, is its weight however the disadvantage due to its smaller diameter this engine has virtually no compression Notice, I spin this wheel, it keeps spinning for a long time it would be interesting if the piston was larger in diameter future looks like this new larger diameter piston maybe machined now the flame burning under the engine let’s see how it works and we will monitor its operation 1550 rpm and stays in the 1500 rpm range A big advantage of this project no crankshaft twist its operation is super silent for some reason there is probably a internal air cooling by piston than in aluminum and a micro air leak water takes twice as long to heat in comparison when it has balloon piston your torque also relatively good despite the small piston diameter the torque was very good follow the operation at an approximate angle now a test with a generator This engine with this piston, has not yet performed the best compared to this balloon piston model But I still believe it gets better as was the case with this engine with a massive piston before when there was a piston made in a balloon it was underperforming compared to this piston made of capacitors see and if this engine here has pressure while this model still has no understanding at this level I want to achieve If anyone wants to see the operation of this engine I will provide a link below this text or on the side here with the balloons Soon I will make a video to show this my new engine which is made up of this single piston also known as a thermo acoustic motor In addition to the acoustic thermal motor I also reformulated manufacturing this other new model beta engine reducing in to 8mm total stroke of the working piston which is the balloon piston part reducing the length of the hot cylinder thus also reducing the dead area increased the length of the top of the crankshaft consequently increased the length of the connecting rods This results in less warping of this line, the displacement piston allowing higher speeds As a result this compression reduction occurred it is possible to run this engine with just a single wax candle featuring great speed and consequently I put one more pet bottle cap on the inside I put hot glue around and dramatically improved sealing Which resulted in optimum axle torque, so it is possible to move a toy car another positive factor like a candle, the heat energy source is less or less no overheating occurred on this engine hardly necessary, use water for cooling in the future I intend to make other innovations How to try in some simplified way replace this fishing line by a metal rod, without locking and thus enabling high speeds however it takes time to be able to manufacture another new project

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