Playing electric shock games with Adam Savage

Playing electric shock games with Adam Savage

I’m wearing a green shirt under this too And green socks You know who’s coming to my house today? Adam is coming to my house As in, Adam Savage And I have dirty socks on my floor And I’m out of toilet paper But none of that matters because we have an important thing to tell you The second part of this is that I got this like weird, electrocuting cattle prong terrifying reaction game And I need someone to play it with Have you played this game before? I have not played that game I have some past with being shocked Is this gonna bring out like a trauma It’s like PTSD. I don’t think so. Welcome to my house, Adam Is that the first time you’ve been here? It’s not the first time I’ve been here We’ve filmed here before What?! Maybe we’ve filmed some of the stuff that we’re gonna talk about That’s entirely possible We had a lot of people in this tiny house We had so many people the temperature went up like ten degrees Yvette, my director forced me to stand with this big fan between takes because I was sweating It was brutal Should we do a test run Let’s do a test run
I want to do a test run Uh, alright Do it What do we wait for I think that when it turns, yeah
Oh when it turns green Whoever clicks first Oh my God, this is terrifying ARGH! How was it? That hurt! That hurt It’s, its not like it was super painful But it was genuinely shocking But we have an announcement to read while we’re doing it And it’s taped right under the camera In two days I will upload a 28min long video On my YouTube channel Usually it’s just Scott and me filming videos together in my living room But for YEARGH!! YES! However this time, you had a really big crew Usually it’s just Scott and me filming videos together You’ve said part this before!
With a shitty camera In my living room But for this we got a proper budget and Adam, you were the executive producer of it Yes, you had a big crew And we put together a bunch of my old Mythbuster colleagues To help make this 28-minute OH! I am losing every single time Can we switch it?
Here, you take this one We’re conveying Zero Of the information we need to convey Wait, where am I? Um Simone was really excited when I pointed out All the things we could OH! Why am I losing every single time? Are you pressing the button? It’s, I’m trying to press the buzzer but Apparently, I’m old This is such a bad idea You’ve concocted the worst possible way to make an announcement We spent a couple of weeks … couple of weeks … We filmed for a couple of weeks Even in some famous Mythbuster locations But we did not I’m just gonna stop talking until I win one Jesu.. ARGH! I can’t I may be screaming too loud I think your neighbours are actually gonna call the cops It sounds like I’m being abused over here Which might actually be the case
Well, you are You are technically being abused We spent a lot of time Deciding on the name of the show These were some of the ones we discarded I really liked “thesis my show” This is my show I like “Simone is pointless” That’s the one that goes at the very end of the list When you’re really tired you can’t think of anything else We ended up calling it I would dare to say That it is awesome OW! It just shocked me again Let’s pause the game for a little bit Honestly, it is the best content I’ve ever made I am so proud of it And I am really nervous to upload it because I like it so much and I really hope that you like it too We had so much fun making it Not a single one of us wanted it to end It was like A complete family That we built Over a few weeks to make Technical Difficulties And it’s freaking awesome Hey, my name is Simone Welcome to my new show You guys are all with me If this is how I die Keep rolling Hey! Don’t forget to hit the bell So you get a notification When the video comes up I ARGH! I did not win one time Move your thumb so you can feel what it’s like No! No! I’m gonna say no We should get a taste of it I cannot wait till the public gets to see Yeah
What you made Me neither OK, thank you for Technical Difficulties
Super excited Bye guys
Byee! This is not funding on your channel You wanna come back some day? I do! Just not the shocking She offered me hot food With the shocking And neither sounded great, but This was terrible I was very terrible I didn’t even get shocked It was too terrible

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  1. I have a question, can normal electric shock (the amount going through an ungrounded machine) recurring 10 to 15 times a day for 20 days cause damage to inner organs (kidney, brain, etc…) ? What is the electric level of the game you played in amps etc?

  2. I remember watching the earliest video's of those fail robots she posted, I'm very happy to see he success carry on to this. Can't wait, keep up the great work.

  3. I've played that game. Great fun. If you're on a losing streak, reach over and bop the other players thumb onto their button: the game penalises anyone pressing early with a shock. Total cheating for that round, but then that player gets scared of getting shocked again, and you can start winning again :D.

  4. can someone clue me in on the music used in this vid? both the chipper electronic stuff in the beginning and the song in the montage/trailer part

  5. That's a great game unless you play with my son who plays to lose, which kinda defeats the object of the game.

  6. love this game. we used to tape the handles to our hands so we couldnt drop it and had to sit through the 5 secs of shock 🙂

  7. wow i just seen some of adams content on netflix and he looks like 20 years older now.. what did happen? :O

  8. Does anyone know what the name of the song is/artist at 4:01 onwards? I love it!!! Would love to know!!!

  9. So happy to see this is a fictional character with crew and director, other actors and big budget. When I thought it was real life, I was sad to hear main character had a brain tumor on the newest episode. Happy to know it’s just a directorial choice. Interesting choice. I prefer the funny videos. But who am I to argue with a channel that has millions of views! Good job 👏

  10. And here I was thinking it was going to be a weekly/monthly show.. anxiously waiting for the next episode of technical difficulties…. turns out it is a once time thing. Aw man!

    Anyways I just wanted to come back this video to say that the show was amazing and I hope we get some more episodes in the future.

    I know you got other things on your brain right now (#tumorhumor) but i’ll be waiting 🙂

  11. NICE!!
    And the sound that machine makes is terrifying on its own.
    as a techie, I never thought I would say, "I'm looking forward to experience Technical Difficulties".

  12. I could watch videos of you and Adam ALL DAY! Your miles and laughs are infectious. Wish you both the best!

  13. I mean… not complaining but… technically that name already exists….
    "these are the technical difficulties we've been playing citation needed"…

  14. Simone! Vad fan är det för funky låt som spelas vid 3:57 ?!

    Anybody knows what tune is playing at 3:57?

  15. Just came upon your channel. In hindsight, how does Adam feel about losing the game to a lady with a brain tumor? Can’t nobody hold you down Simone!

  16. After years of always being the subject (as in the one to test stuff (and get hurt)) on Mythbusters, this is what Adam gets.

    Also, is it free to watch?

  17. You've probably had a load of replies about it, but Technical Difficulties definitely belongs to Tom Scott and his mate:

  18. You have to do a crossover with Tom Scott. Simone and Adam playing Citation Needed could just be the best video ever

  19. I don't typically get excited about youtube content but I am genuinely looking forward to your show. Keep doing what you're doing.

  20. I was scrolling through your videos to find one to watch for the first time and it had to be the one where you're getting shot what does that say about me

  21. After watching that episode on mythbusters where he touch those sculptures hooked up to an electric fence device I would never imagine he would do this voluntarily. Kari and Tori even felt bad afterwards.

  22. Had a manager years ago who took foil gift wrap, a mercury switch and a lantern batter to make a "Shock box" if you jiggled it too much you got a shock. My hands didn't register it too well, but a young cashier was in tears. He did feel really bad; she was a sweet young woman.

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