Radiant Health Benefits From Solid State Tesla Hairpin Circuit

Radiant Health Benefits From Solid State Tesla Hairpin Circuit

in my previous video i showed my solid state
hairpin circuit lighting a 28 w lamp. We can do whit this circuit. and one of the things
is,removing the lamp and using the output of the l3 coil for health benefits.
This video is parts of a series of videos explaining my new circuit this circuit is
a radiant energy circuit and produces longitudinal energy effects.
first I will give some quotes of Tesla and afterwards I will show the experiment and
the setup that gives the health benefits. Nikola Tesla did several lectures and one
these was in Buffalo, in 1898. the Article is called: “high frequency oscillators
for electro therapeutic and other purposes. on the first page he already starts with”impulses”and
these impulses we already know are vital. then there is figure 2
Figure 2 is the setup that i will use in this video
I will use the L2 and the L3 coil of the previous video.
Let me quote”” Figure 2, I found it from the outset convenient to make a departure from
the ordinary ways of winding the coils with a considerable number of small turns. So he
made a “departure of the ordinary ways” this could mean he uses the bifilar coils
but this is very uncertain. Tesla describes how he uses the circuit.
And the circuit that I showed resembles the hairpin circuit that I made as a solid state
version. specially figure 3 shows the hairpin circuit in details.
each time again about high frequency impulses. and these are generated in the L1 coil by
the back EMF. In this document he explains how the energy
can be stored into the body of a human. He also explains that the distance between
the coils in my case the L2 and L3 coil can be used to intensify the effect or lessen
the effect. The secondary s preferably at some distance
from the primary to facilitate free oscillation, has one of its ends that is the one which
is nearer to the primary, connected to the ground. While the other end leads to an insulated
terminal T with which the body of the patient is connected.
It is of importance in this case to establish synchronism between the oscillations in the
primary and the secondary circuits p and s respectively.
What this translates to in my circuit is that L2 and the L3 coil need to be tuned and the
L3 coil needs to be grounded on the outside rim as I always do, and the inside resonant
part is extended to a plate that is isolated and then placed upon the body of the patient.
and this will probably de-tune the circuit so the circuit needs to be tuned again so
it works perfectly and then the intensity can be varied by the distance of the L2 and
the L3 coils. Here is another nice quote of Tesla:
I have repeatedly in demonstrations to friends, exposed my self longer to the action of the
oscillations and each time after the laps of an hour or so, an immense fatigue of which
it is difficult to give an idea, would take hold of me. It was greater than I experienced
on some occasions after the most straining and prolonged bodily exertion.
I could scarcely make a step and could keep the eyes open only with the greatest difficulty.I
slept soundly after ward and the after effect certainly beneficial but the medicine was
manifestly to strong to be used frequently. So this tels us how Tesla experienced the
electro effects his own body. In conclusion one final quote when this is
done nothing will in the way of an extensive and .. application of this beautiful discovery
which must ultimately prove itself of itself its highest quality not only of the the surgeon
but also of the electro therapist. So as said in the description there is a link
to this document you can read it for yourself. Enough with the quotes, lets go on to the
circuit. I will now remove the load from the l3 coil,
the lamp. There is no resistive load any more on the L3 coil. I will have to lower the voltage
because the system will go way up in voltage. in this setup it is vital to keep yourself
grounded. that’s why I use this electro static wrist band and this is connected to ground,
and this is very important when you are tuning with the coils in this setup. You need to
be grounded. Or else you risk getting very tired. and sick.
I have now lowered the voltage to 9.23V so the voltage on the L3 coil wont be to high
because there is no load on it any more the lamp is removed. I have tuned this system
again to 47.9kHz because there was a slightly change in frequency due to the removal of
the lamp. and I’m now turning the system on. Here are the amps, 0,59 A we’ve got 9.23V
In yellow I probe the L2 again and in blue the L3 coil on the resonant sine and I have
grounded the L3 coil again (on the outside rim) so I can do a proper measurement. we
have and L2 voltage peak to peak of 450V(yellow) and the blue L3 coil is 736V peak to peak.
as you can see the signals are in phase. the L3 has larger inductance and larger capacitance
in comparison to the L2 coil and it has a larger voltage this means there is a lot more
energy going on inside the L3 coil(!!!) and now Without the load I can put my hand on
the center of the coil where the coil is resonant. and I can feel the energy is vitalizing my
body. This is what Tesla described in his Buffalo
document what you can see in the oscilloscope picture is that it is not perfectly tuned.
at the moment and this is because I didn’t change the capacitance (L3) when I removed
the lamp. I could tune it a little bit better and then the voltage would would even go higher.
Nikola Tesla suggested that the L3 resonant coil would have its resonant output from the
inside rim, extended to a plate a insulated plate this insulated plate would be placed
on top of the body of the patient and this would electrify the patient. I can feel the
electrifying energy right now and its relaxing my body. it gives a state of well being and
it is very pleasant. this concludes the test. donations are always much appreciated because
this work is all open source meaning that I will share All the information that I gain
with the community that is interested and that is You. You can fund this opens source
research, by giving a donation on my Paypal account that is listed below in the description
of the video. If you have questions you can do so in the comment section below please
subscribe like and share this video and turn on notifications if you want to get a personal
call when My next is video is out . thank you for watching and good luck on your rebuild
of this circuit. and its rather unique effects. see you next time.

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  • I believe that Doctor Rife used frequencies to to kill cancer cells. He also invented a microscope where he would be able to see the living organism in its natural state. This microscope is still used today but not his frequency technology. Except to heal certain bone breakage.

  • Hospitals are changing to copper as it can kill super bugs by sapping them of electricity if this Tesla invention can pull energy from things as has been said. this might be used in killing penicillin immune bacteria on hospitals surfaces


    by Nikola Tesla


  • Autorom podziękowania ślę serdeczne . Budzimy iskierki WIEDZY by je rozdawać.. Sprawdzaj, doświadczaj.. ignorancją arogancją wspieraliśmy system.. podaj dalej. Świetny materiał edukacyjny.

  • Master Ivo, I use english subtitles usually when watching youtube videos, I suggest you to review your account settings because some of your videos have Holland subs, others, correctly, do have english subtitles.

  • Here are couple things you might want to look into. You've probably heard of Don Smith's adaptation of Tesla's work in his many overunity devices. A Don Smith replication by a Phd student named Solovey (Solovey's paper starts on page 8 – http://www.free-energy-info.com/Solovey.pdf ) produces back EMF pulses for overunity in a solid state circuit (COP = 46). Solovey's method is very simple and elegant and a strikingly similar (if not identical) approach to the overunity/cold-elctricity circuit designed by a man who goes by the username Ufopolitics ( here, in chapter 3 – www.free-energy-info.com/PJKbook.pdf ). Might give you some ideas for your own future solid state circuits.

    Also, on the radiant energy for health train of thought, have you heard of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky? His work is very pertinent, I think. He used a hairpin type circuit and special open ended coils to link with the bio-resonance of the human body and other organisms on the cellular level for healing. He even made passive devices. Here's a link to some info on his work: http://rexresearch.com/lakhov/lakhusps.htm


  • woaa was this the warm radiant effect? tesla also noted other effect:

    "With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed. Further decreases in impulse brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes, with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness."

  • Ivo, after you concluded your last video, i wondered what you may investigate and get involved with next. I am so pleased on your choice. Such great work!

  • Hi IVO,
    nice series of videos. Am glad to hear what you have found out. I did some experiments with DR. Hulda Clarks zapper as I built several of them. Stay with the high frequency as the lower frequency can be dangerous. I experimented with the lower frequency at 528 hz with bad experience. Thing called cellular electroportation, I didn't know about until after. Got very sick for several days. I returned the device back to 30 khz as it was designed to be and suffer no I'll effects. It is a very good device and gives some of the benefits that you describe in your video. I have no experience with your type device though but seems intresting. Good video. Best wishes,


  • Have to wonder if this wouldn't have lead to the modern TENS units. At low levels you would not get the muscle contractions that you do at higher settings. But if they are turned up in power, they can cause you to feel tired after using one.

  • Jefrey talks about the 528 khz frequency this divides down to base 8 the 8th house is scorpio with a 66 nice one, however 432khz has a bas 9 sagitarious the creators house in tune with the universe with a 48 3+8= 12 and 1+2 = 3 in tune with 9 still try 432 khz that frequency.
    Also look at Boarder Land Tom Brown and Erick Dollard they did a lot of work on the healing and so did Bob Beck.

  • it confusing me, as the scope it clear show hertzian wave. mean while in tesla state, he using unidirectional impulse where no oscilation takes place!

  • Amazing work!!! Please become a Brave content creator (https://brave.com/creators) so my friends and I can help support your channel. Again Amazing work keep it up! Much love brother!

  • Healthy and unhealthy go up and down with different frequencies like plus and minus in an AC current.
    Keep your distance and keep the experiment as short as possible.

  • So the impulse is drawing up the electrons from ground into your body like a boosted version of body grounding! Makes sense to me


    Very interesting videos you are making! When you work with resonance though, I get confused when you talk about L and C – and I do not hear you emphasize what was Tesla's main concept when he talked about resonance; The wavelengths being related to the length of the wires; The signal moving through the wires being synchronized so the waves create positive interference, including reflected waves creating Standing Waves – often using wires being ¼ of the wavelength. LC-resonance was more for the tuning 🙂 In one Tesla patent I read, Tesla just added it as a one or two sentence note at the end, that you additionally to the wire length resonance, could also get the “self-inductance” [L] and the “capacity” [C] to resonate (LC-resonance) at the wire length resonance frequency of the circuit.

    This continue to confuse me regardless of you, though, hehe 😉 In coils the LC-resonance can be vanishingly small, while the waves resulting from the “length-resonance” in the same coil can be tremendous. It is a more powerful kind of resonance. But how can you use this stronger kind of resonance in a parallel resonance circuit, to make it a much stronger resonance than the usual LC-resonance (alone)? Somehow involving standing waves, I guess. Would love to see you explain that to my confused mind, Master Ivo 😉

  • The plate is to be made of Stone. I have made and used several of these devices. You can use different types of stone for different results. BTW this is a short circuit device,NO GROUND connect. The stone acts as the oscillator. Travertine, granite,slate. Must be at least 1/2 to 1 inch thick. High voltage transformer with positive lead connected to copper plate, copper plate lays under the stone. No ground or will not work correctly. 1-5KV. No higher.

  • Would you be willing to share your email? And would you be open to going in on ordering outsourced printed circuit boards for this solid state version as a kit? [email protected] thank you..😊

  • The device you are displaying utilizing this particular hairpin circuit in combination with the telecasting it via the internet creates a dementional space/time portal. Looping the power just beyond the condensers and the secondary coil will magnify the effect. It needs an improved spark gapping such as a mecury fluorescent to reduce the noise and the coils need double grounding..the rest is all about focus…when and where. Looking forward to information on amplification of negative energy. Tesla was right about splitting the positive and his genius was in the fact that his patterns were not explained as to how they can be combined to do multiple functions. 3 6 9.

  • Thanks for the link to the Buffalo doc…will let this video simmer for a bit while I digest the Buffalo doc…it appears Tesla experimented with his own health and as known it does appear that he ended up feeding the pigeons for a while…with a period of dome sort of dementia…the wrist ground will not protect against all modalities of high frequency potentials and or currents…so please be careful my friend…I realize this is a departure for me not to discuss the electronics of this all…as you truly are becoming a Master at this…feel that your site is truly deserving of donations…

  • I loved all your videos, but to me, health benefits are of least importance, compared to the progress we can achieve in other topics about this technology. Don't get me wrong anyways, I'm still wondering what the next video will be about! 😀

  • Do you know how the radiant energy of Tesla becomes dangerous? when a conductor such as copper is coiled in an iron core, the iron lowers the frequency and increases the tension, it heats up, a very hot high voltage transformer, through the iron core, now if we put a nucleus of air, nothing heats up, more tension, more cold, more atmosphere, more ozone, cold energy, to transmit that energy (frequency) all powerful of the universe, Tesla made a giant antenna of iron, buried and on the surface, the same meters towards down that up, all this in a cage (Faraday's cage), so that the high tension of the iron does not kill anyone and concentrate, as it is known the highest point of voltage and tension is at the ends, then the point maximum voltage at the root of the antenna is very low and the maximum point of antenna tension up is very high, here put a radiant ball, radiated all the high voltage to the world, very high voltage, very high voltage, very high frequency in a giant core of hier This nucleus braked so much the high frequency that it increased the tension incredibly, and transmitted it at the high end of the antenna, and one at home on the other side of the planet, had a pancake coil of 27, 28 turns, or a coil tube tesla, any coil of air core that receives that high tension and transforms it into low tension, which kicks but does not kill, heals and gives life and is free, that is why people approach a high tension tower, the tower sucks it, the tower becomes magnetic there at the end, and sucks any body with a good amount of polarity and kills it because it catches it in magnetism and kicks it to a lot of voltage, if the core is out of air and not iron, the tower gives off radiant cold energy, I do not know if you knew this but well, I noticed it because I thought that one has a bonina resonating at high frequency and does not suck it magnetically and kill it, but it gives off cold energy nothing more and ozone, then the wireless transmission becomes di easy, it is arranged putting the iron core, but it is necessary to move away because it is dangerous, but maybe a kernel or graffine coil, which is more conductive than copper and if we paint a guitar string with graffine, it is more flexible and more conductive, then resonates more often than copper, huge hug, I'm Argentina's pablo

  • Master Ivo, thank you for your valuable insight into Tesla, I would just like to ask you a question, Tesla used cone shaped coils for high frequency, i do have that information somewhere which i am looking for, especially for electro therapy , I REMEMBER THE SPECS AS THE BASE WIDTH MUST EQUAL THE COIL HIGHT. . SOME THOUGHTS ON THAT.

  • I have a CREE C2D10120 Recovery Diode and a CREE C2M0160120 MOSFET I can send you if you would like to build a stronger field generator. Interested?

  • I've enjoyed your Youtube channel for sometime and finally subscribed today! I appreciate your presentations and very interesting research topics. I would LOVE for you to look into this guy's research and make a video about your findings https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=133&v=rP6fpN6avIc Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you Ivo. what happens if we use bipolar tesla coils for hours. is it gets harm and hot? its experiment appreciated

  • You spoke of Gerry Vasilatos book Secrets of Cold War Technology. Might I suggest Gerry Vassilotas Vril Compendium Vol. 1-11. Don't order through Borderlands. You don't want to deal with them. There is a site called the-eye.eu. You will have to do a little digging to find it. It goes through the history of electrical theory, but not as it is known today. Very informative and takes you from the lightning rod up to HAARP technology.

  • Master Ivo, how can I get in touch with you. I am working on a project and could use some advice. I am logged in but can't see your email.

  • It would be great if you did an explanation of the ttl on the frequency generator its connections and about the phase shift you mentioned. I did some research but haven't really found much that I felt useful. Regards Andy

  • Hi Master, how are you? I was following all your videos and I greatly facilitate the solid state that I am doing, thank you very much for all the information, I ask you a question, can you use a much more powerful gate driver? that are several mosfets in series? or parallel? and can I also use high voltage variable capacitors like they used in old radios? to get more voltage than 500v which is what the mosfet gives me? many thanks

  • hi master ivo. i was just discussing the third coil with a friend and he asked me about the magnetic flux it has and my reply was that you felt it did not receive it nor cunduct . he asked what would happen if you put iron fillings to see if there are any magnetic feilds and i too felt this would be of interest in one of your upcoming demonstrations/experiments. regards andy

  • Your email is not coming up even though I run it through my Google email.  I have been corresponding with Eric Dollard for over 3 years and I am interested in corresponding with you directly.  Please send email to [email protected]  Thanks.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XgokPQUelA&feature=youtu.be Hey Ivo you can make a nice TC out of the HP circuit, look!!

  • think you can gain more voltage if you have greater distance between the coils. i did that and the voltage rises. if i put the coils on top of each other with less distance the voltage drops.

  • Lámpara pastilla de carbón.

    Esta bombilla es muy barata, y con el mismo gasto energético, es 20 veces más brillante que la bombilla de Edison, la que utilizamos en la actualidad. El único problema es que se necesita una fuente de corriente de alta frecuente, lo que desgraciadamente no es compatible con los 50 Hz tradicionales. El tubo de neón se inspira en los descubrimientos de Tesla…


  • In Spanish but graphic anyway…long video.. blackboard expl and machine at the end. Related to PDF on my reply in other posts. In the bigger off is this antique machine. https://youtu.be/GP76H-8SeV0


  • Hi Mr IVO, re your double pancake device, I was thinking is it possible to make the BEMF

    device increase the voltage from 600 to 1200, what i want to know is what limits the voltage  or increases it ?
    as there are much higher devices now available.

    Regards Raymondo

  • Thanks so much Mr IVO. I have been reading the resources you referenced. It seems the amount of transient voltage from available capacitance is universally infinite, limited only by the speed of the impulse we can create. It's usefulness to do work limited only by our ability to make it uni-polar. That it's always present, so its availability is instantaneous. These factors explain why the energy required to tap the source does not relate to it's potential to do work. It's there to be had. Thank you for your work. I firmly believe you're on track to unleashing what's been there all along and always will be.

  • What's your take on Nikola Tesla solar-electric panel which he called "Apparatus for the Utilization
    of Radiant Energy"? Google Patent US685957A.

  • I think there is an ignorance in modern physics towards what electricity and magnetism are. Have you checked out theoria apophasis? He is quite a character but seems to have a remarkable understanding of the dielectric field, magnetism and counterspace. I urge you to take a look at his uploads. He also makes extensive reviews on camera lenses. You just need to sift through to find the ones on field theory. Let me know what you think.

  • You need to use antenna or antennas, at the output, no direct contact with the body… Like Teslas friend, Lakhovsky did. He had his own medical institution. …Resonance and frequency matching is the key, how to get electrical charges directly to the cells. Antenna dimensions are depending on each patient body parts sizes, to match simply all their other frequency ranges. (Of course all living organisms have their own individual frequency ranges, it is so to say, dimensional relationship) Or can be, like in the Lakhovsky case, multiwaved, radiated at all possible frequency ranges. Healthy human living cells potential is in negative range, 25 milli volt, blood potential is in the same range Ph 7,4 ~ negative 25 milli volt. Sick chells have much less potential. All life is an electrical phenomena.

  • Ik vraag me af wat de voordelen zijn, aangezien Tesla rept over ''heel moe zijn, niet kunnen bewegen, vorming van ozon (wat giftig kan zijn)''
    Maar goed ik hoef je niet te waarschuwen, dat doet de lezing reeds.
    Wat ik wel zie als gezond, is de bijkomstigheid van opwarming met zweten als gevolg.
    Maar daarvoor heb je genoeg aan een stoom sauna, sweatlodge, etc.
    En dat baseert zich op iets waar de medische wetenschap niet aan wil, gezien het complexiteit verkiest boven simplexiteit.
    Kijk uit met straling, voor het brandt. Ofwel sloopt cellen. Anders dan te kijken waarom cellen in de eerste plaats degenereren en het om te draaien, ipv verder te laten degenereren.
    Terug komend op het zweten, de huid als derde nier.
    Het lijkt er mij op dat Tesla het lymfesysteem activeert/op zijn donder geeft en daarom zo verrot is naderhand.
    Als je lymfe losmaakt zogezegd moet je eerst zorgen dat je nieren filteren om de rotzooi af te voeren.
    Ga maar eens lang in een sauna zitten. Ik ben er eens weken moe van geweest.

  • Thanks for your video.
    Very similar device with pancake coil get good result for helth and improved by many piople in several years .
    It called Mishin's coil. Alex Mishin is well known in Russian free energy community.
    This device consists of 270 – 300 kHz oscillator and befilar coil without conductive couple with the wires. So the coil is a series LC system.
    Device demonstrate good general detoxifying effect destroy viruses and ets.

  • You need to test the voltage on your skin while powering the coil. Nongrounded My guess is you are pumping your cells. Detoxing. Ty!!!

  • Master Ivo, I have High Power lines running across my property. The big steel tower type (about 1 acres from my house) How can I capture and use the EM energy radiated from these lines? Any advice is appreciated.

  • In the Law of One material they talk about the pyramids and how the shape can be used to funnel prana for health benefits and that the pyramid should not be used for more than 30 minutes at a time or the there would be deleterious effects like a overdose .It is interesting that Tesla experienced this.

  • Greetings, I appreciate your time and efforts. I am also an independent "open source" individual. I think there is a relationship to how grounding and raised biophysical charge increases the "earthing" with drawing more to the body. check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ddtR0XDVU&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0kpxasdcMp608S5X_xn-kzzD07-y7PDkM2BA_pXq6CLYG7CaQ3XrO9DvA also the tuning should be within constructive frequency domains. Harmonics of 432hz
    fibonacci series in harmony with natural constructive influences as cymatic modal vibration influence to the water in our bodies. There are other aspects in relation to the blood and immune system as well but the latter part of the video is more informative on that and more. Enjoy! keep up the good work! Scott

  • Hey I was just thinking, why has no one thought to use a Zinc coil in parallel with a Copper one inside a generator. I mean when you move a magnet the ether gets spun up in both directions and we're only capturing one. Wouldn't it work? Maybe it would remove the breaks (the resistance to magnet turning). I'm no expert on metals, maybe Zinc is not it but what about other diamagnetic metals? Magnetism has clockwise and counter clockwise components so why not capture both? If I'm wrong please point out where
    edit: reason I said Zinc at first was because when you plug into a potato or a lemon, the anode and cathode are Copper and galvanized steel (which means Zinc coating)

  • hello again Mr.Master i have made my bifiler coil thank you for that info. initially my desire was to transmit energy wirelessly then upon seeing more of your content i was intrigued by your ascension seat any ways last night i took a car stereo amplifier and on the input i hooked my frequency generator and on the output i hooked my bifiler coil i turned it on and started hearing high pitch sound i believe i started with sine wave at 432hz i played around with hz levels as well as wave type any how im sure you are aware since you are so badass but i noticed when having a neodymium magnet in hand it vibrates voraciously and the vibration changes based on where it is in the bifiler feild also and obviously hz level and wave form all effect it im mot 100% sure what to do with that but i did find it interesting and wanted to donate that information to you seeing as how i am a poor kid and cant afford to donate moneys i thought id donate info. also im wondering i f there are some frequency that are more benificial and what ones i should avoid

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