Recreating a 4000 Year Old Battery – Was Electricity Used in Ancient Times?

Recreating a 4000 Year Old Battery – Was Electricity Used in Ancient Times?

Hey guys, in this video I am gonna show you
the recreation of an electric battery, which was used in Ancient India. This battery was described by a sage called
Agastya who lived at least 4000 years ago, and what I am making is according to what’s
being described in the ancient text called Agastya Samhita. This text, talks about using an earthen pot
as a container and using two types of metals: Copper and Zinc. So, this is how the setup looks. If I test this with a voltmeter, you can see
there is no voltage so far. Now, the text mentions that sawdust must be
put in the container. When we add sawdust in the container, the
sawdust goes in between the two metals, and makes sure they don’t touch each other, or
create a short circuit. If we check the voltage now, we can see that
it is already producing 0.4 or xx volts. But the text mentions adding yet another strange
material to complete the battery: The neck of a peacock. In the ancient Sanskrit text this material
is mentioned as shikhigreeva, which means the neck of a peacock. Many secret cults exist even today, and these
people still trying to recreate the battery using the actual neck of a peacock. But this is a mistake, because all ancient
texts, especially those related to alchemy use code words, to confuse the public. Even Isaac Newton mentions using Green Lion,
and experts are trying to figure out what he actually meant. In ancient Indian alchemy, the neck of the
peacock actually refers to copper sulfate solution. You can see that both of them have the same
color. So, I bought copper sulfate, and I have made
it into a solution, and as soon as I add this liquid, you can see the voltage rising up
dramatically. Here it is showing xx volts. So, you can see that what’s mentioned in the
ancient text is actually capable of making electricity. Remember, we read in history books that the
electric battery was created by a man called Alessandro Volta just 200 years ago, but sage
Agastya used this battery at least 4000 years ago. But what’s really strange is that Alessandro
Volta uses pretty much the same materials for creating the “very first battery”. He used copper and zinc plates just like Agastya,
and instead of using copper sulfate, he used sulfuric acid. Now, going back to the ancient text, Agastya
says, use 100 containers and you can create a very effective force. Here, I have just used 3 of them in series
and you can see that the voltage increases to 3 volts or xxx volts. Now, if I connect a small Led bulb, you can
see that it glows. This is a very interesting point that the
ancient text mentions using the batteries for increasing the voltage. The natural question is “WHY” was this used? Why did ancient people use multiple containers
to produce high voltage electricity? Did they use it for lighting purposes, just
like modern times? If so, is there any evidence that electric
bulbs were used in ancient times? In the Dendera Temple of ancient Egypt, there
are strange carvings which show the usage of electric bulbs. These carvings were also created 4000 years
ago, and you can see huge electric bulbs with snake like filaments inside. What’s even more interesting is that there
are wires coming out of these bulbs and going into a box. Did this box, contain Agastya’s battery of
100 cells, producing 100 volts to illuminate these bulbs? If this is true, this might explain how ancient
structures like Giza Pyramid and Kailasa Temple were constructed in such a short period of
time. If we visit the Kailasa temple for example,
the chambers inside are so dark, that nothing is visible. There is no way to use mirrors or metal sheets
to reflect sunlight into these chamber for illumination. But, there are spectacular, flawless carvings
created inside these chambers. Creating such brilliant carvings is impossible
with flickering flames of natural fire. How was it possible, without the use of steady
electric light? If we assume, that ancient people did use
torches and used light from fire, for creating this temple and carvings, there should be
a lot of soot or carbon deposited on the ceilings. But there is no trace of soot or carbon on
the ceilings at all. How do we explain the creation of these brilliant
monuments? Is it possible that the ancient people were
using battery powered lights? How else do we explain this ancient battery,
mentioned thousands of years ago by Agastya? Agastya actually explained many advanced technical
devices in the same book. He talks about battery powered vehicles. Today we have electric bikes which use just
24 volts. The text mentions Electroplating which can
be easily done with this set up. He talks about splitting water into oxygen
and hydrogen, and using this hydrogen in balloons for traveling. We do hot air balloon rides today. He also talks about the concept of an electric
motor. Now, I have set up 5 of these cells, and here
you can see that there is enough power to charge a cell phone and we can even run a
motor. This is really fascinating because, once we
realize that these type of gadgets were used in ancient times, we can understand how ancient
temples like Hoysaleswara temple were built. I’ve shown you the machine made pillars in
this temple, and even archeologists agree that these were made using lathe technology. If Agastya’s batteries and motors were used
along with the gears and machining tools carved on the Hoysaleswara temple, we can easily
produce these machine made pillars. Now, why did Agastya use earthen pots instead
of other items? If he could use metals like copper and zinc,
he could have easily used these metals, wood or glass for the container. The reason for using earthen pot is this. it cools what’s inside, by a process called
evaporative cooling. The efficiency of the battery, dramatically
changes with its temperature, so the earthen pot will keep the battery at its optimal temperature. If these earthen pot batteries were used in
large numbers in ancient times, we should have found at least a few of them. Believe it or not, archeologists have unearthed
thousands of these pots, in varying sizes all over India. The usual theory is that these pots were used
for burying dead people, but they have also excavated many, many pots which don’t contain
human remains, but have metal plates instead. For example, in the village of Chandayan,
several pots were unearthed with copper plates inside them. Archeologists estimate that these are also
4000 years old, which matches the timeline of sage Agastya. Are all of these evidences just coincidences? The ancient battery that can light up a bulb
– The electric bulbs carved in ancient Egypt – Carvings in the dark chambers of Kailasa
temple, with absolutely no natural light – Today’s motors running using just 5 cells? The machine made pillars of Hoysaleswara temple
– Thousands of excavated earthen pots with copper and metal plates. Are all these evidences mere coincidences
or do they prove that ancient civilizations used advanced technology? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section. I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching. Please like and share this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk
to you soon, bye!

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  • Sorry, Small correction , shikhigreeva(peacock-neck) is not the code name for copper sulfate, it was the common name, even now you can see in South Indian languages like Tamil where copper sulfate is referred to as mayil(peacock) tuttam(milk).

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  • Europe imported Zinc from india.Zinc mines at Zawar, near Udaipur in India, have been active since the Mauryan period (c.  322 and 187 BCE). The smelting of metallic zinc here, however, appears to have begun around the 12th century AD.[65][66] One estimate is that this location produced an estimated million tonnes of metallic zinc and zinc oxide from the 12th to 16th centuries.[21] Another estimate gives a total production of 60,000 tonnes of metallic zinc over this period.[65] The Rasaratna Samuccaya, written in approximately the 13th century AD, mentions two types of zinc-containing ores: one used for metal extraction and another used for medicinal purposes

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