Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Evaporator Fan Motor (Whirlpool Part # 4389144)

Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Evaporator Fan Motor (Whirlpool Part # 4389144)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the evaporator fan motor on your refrigerator, and it’s
a really easy job. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and maybe a Stubby Phillips screwdriver,
a ¼-inch nut driver, pair of needle nose pliers and a pair of slip joint pliers. Let
me show you how we do it. Because we will be working with some electrical
circuits in this repair, the first thing we will need to do is to disconnect the power
to the refrigerator, so pull out forward enough so that you can remove the plug. Now we will
begin by opening the freezer door, removing all of the items in the bins and then removing
all of the shelves. Shelves will lift up on the right hand side, pull towards the right
and lift out. Bins, we will just slide forward, and there is a stop function, so you will
have to tilt up in the front and lift it the rest of the way out. Next we’re going to
remove all of the Phillips screws that hold that evaporator cover in place so that we
can gain access to the component. Now we will remove those six Phillips screws
that hold that evaporator cover in place, now we have got that cover free, if you haven’t
already done, so we will remove the Phillips screws from the left side shelf brackets and
you can remove the two rear screws and just loosen the two front ones, and just let the
supports hang from this side of the cabinet. Now at this point we can tilt that evaporator
cover sidewise enough to slide it out. Next we will begin by removing wires to the motor,
the two power wires, red one and a white one typically, pull those off, and then a green
ground wire, pull that off as well, just tuck those out of the way. Next with our needle nose plier we will reach
in above and just pry that fan blade off from the top, we can just set that aside. Now the
motor is held in place with a spring clip bracket that engages on the front and back,
we can remove that, we’re going to just squeeze in on it while lifting up, disengage
one side and we will do the same thing for the rear, and we can pry that motor downwards
and pull it out. Now there is a rubber bushing on the top and on the bottom that may come
with the motor or they may stay with the brackets, so make sure that we retrieve both of those,
because we will need to install them on the new motor. Now with the rubber mounting bushings on the
new motor, we are going to install that in the bracket, make sure we push that motor
up far enough, tilt it in and engage the rear bracket first and then the first one, make
sure both are firmly in place, next we will install the wire harness, make sure both of
these terminals fit nice and snug, and as well as the ground terminal. Next we will
install the fan blade
and just give it a turn to make sure that it turns freely and it’s not hitting on
anything, tuck our wires back out of the way, and we are ready to install the evaporator
cover. Okay make sure that we have all six of the
screws started before you tighten any of them, now once we have all of them in, we can tighten
them up. Next we will put the shelf brackets back into position, and we can tilt them up
across from where they should be, and just tighten those front screws enough to hold
it in place, and then we will install the rear screws, now if you had to remove the
blower assembly on your model you can now put that back in place, and then we can put
the shelves in and the baskets, plug the unit back in and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for
watching and good luck with your repair.

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  • Hey I have a whirlpool with an ice & water dispenser….the issue is It stopped making ice and began frosting the food in the bottom part of the freezer. Eventually, the top of the freezer and refrigerator became warm and the bottom is still cold. Should I replace the evaporater fan motor? Any help is much appreciated.

  • hi, i bought a whirlpool fridge from someone and the freezer is working fine but the fridge isn't cold at all. what should i do to check the fan? and where is the fan on the fridge? any help you can give would be great :/ thx

  • forsome reason the terminals on replavement are  on the back of the transformer, making this more difficult. Neither is mentioned the what appears to colored wiring code. Does it matter as long as you get the ground wire correct ? which terminals the two othwer wires connect to ???

  • I wish I would have known the symptoms of how to detect a bad evaporator fan before paying to have it fix. Well at least now I know what the signs are and how to fix it next time. Thanks for the video

  • How can I tell if I need just a new fan motor or the whole control board? My fan ramps up and down and I have frost build up in the freezer, but the temps seem fine.

  • My fridge "runs" (makes a humming sound) continually with very brief (less than a second) pauses. It stays cool, center post/wall is not warm, no frost build up in freezer. When I turn up the thermostat temp, it stops humming. Doesn't matter if doors are open or closed. Does this narrow anything down? My HVAC guy noticed it and said he thought evaporator motor. ???  KitchenAid KSCS25FTSS02  Thanks for any suggestions.

  • I have a whirlpool refrigerator just like the one in your video. The freezer looks to be working fine while the other door is hot when i open it i can see the fan evaporator is not running do you think if i change the fan the other side will be cool? Thanks in advance for your response

  • I just installed an evap fan motor,… Not oem same specs. Just wondering which way is the fan supposed to be spinning. Clockwise or counter clockwise? Blowing towards the evaporator or away from the evap?

  • I have a year old kitchenaid looks just like this one in the video which the fan was not turning. I removed the metal cover it's held with spring loaded clips when I popped them lose I heard the fan turned on and started to blow cold air I noticed the lower half of the coil was frosted. I think the fan must have been stuck or something now it's running. Have you ever seen that I didn't see any ice or frost on the fan.

  • Steve you are awesome your video save me money .An it was a lot of fun for me to do it myself thank you .

  • I have a Frigidaire side by side stainless steel frig Thinking the Evap fan needs to be changed but cant find a video anywhere. Is it safe to keep the frig running till Friday with that noise till the repair guy gets here? Or should we unplug the fan till then?

  • Thanks for the tip but… when do we know we need to replace the evaporator fan? What does it do wrong when it's wrong? Right now I need to fix the non-coming of cold air into the fridge part of the side by side Coldspot unit. THANKS.

  • I have the same fridge but the fan on the back side of the bottom is not moving at all .. should t be moving ? Or do I need to replace the one your replacing .. I’m just confused . Should I replace the fan near the bottom back side or the one in the freezer like you .

  • I have a side by side Kitchen Aid, (ksra25Ilss01) and the freezer is working fine but the refrigerator
    side isn't cooling well.  Do you suggest changing the Evaporator Fan Motor and fan?  I just don't want to go through the trouble if that isn't the issue.  Thanks

  • Super easy. I wish you would've shown how to test the motor in order to diagnose whether it's actually the issue first.

  • I have a Kenmore Coldspot 106.57282791. Noticed today that fridge was only cool, not cold.

    The freezer was at -17F, fridge at 46F. (Sigh)
    Could hear the fan come on when freezer door was left open for a minute (while checking things out).

    Shifted control to direct most cold to fridge, and temperature control dial was set on 4 (6 is max cold).
    On the fridge side, a small amount of cold air is coming through the diffuser.
    Checked temperature a while later, fridge now up to 50F (guess I'm throwing a lot of stuff out).

    Turned controls to direct max cold to fridge, and set to coldest.
    Checked about 5 hours later (just now), and fridge temp down to 30C.

    I've the balance to be even between freezer and fridge for now and see what happens.

    From those details, any idea if I'm looking at an evaporator fan/motor, diffuser, or other problem?


  • i changed both evaporator fan and condenser fan temp both perfect but freezer making buzzing sound few times a day whirlpool gold gb9shxpq? Hope it's just matter of unplugging reset maybe?

  • Is this the part replace even the freezer stops working and the freezer sound stops? Mine keeps freezing and it sounds like its on then the sound stops and then after awhile everything in my freezer starts to thaw?

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