Rotation of liquid mercury generated by a magnetic field

Rotation of liquid mercury generated by a magnetic field

talco el talco hace visible el movimiento del mercurio 2 Volts DC controlado por un inverter

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  1. I would safely assume he has done way more than this. Why he even bothers to in any way risk his own neck posting it here for the uneducated, stupid, lazy, etc. Much appreciation for those of us that see the truth of how important this is. Better man than myself. I post nothing as I dont see anyone worthy. Otherwise i would risk it.

  2. did you know that even a small amount of mercury can kill a man even is he touch it with goes you did it tiwce they shoud be betre some new geration gloves or somthing

  3. The mercury has to be magnatized, the movement of the fluid is to create the magnetic field, by placing bands of reverse polarity at different stages through the fluid you create a magnetic generator without moving parts, which in turn creates functional gravity. You then copy the magnetic signature of specific gravity to the gravity of a nearby object say like putting a 10,000 gauss magnet 10 feet away and changing the frequency of the electrical rings to create a mimic 10,000 gauss and the object will go to the magnet. The by product of magnetic generation is gravity and electric current so it creates more electricity than is put into the system like a magneto. There has also been experiments with titanium foil used as a supercharged levetation media combining the two you might have a new vehicle. Also there has been tests of plasma shielding because certain plasmas will float on matter hence matter won't pass through them. It's amazing that most people look at this stuff for space travel when if we actually used it for ground travel we could travel astronomical distances extremely quickly and not have accidents. All the new technology coming out is truly amazing and there really needs to be a lot of R and D done with it glad to see a video like this thanks.

  4. It's need to add nano red iron particles to mercury to create Ferrofluid, channel should be shaped like toroid with isolator on the middle plane and be deeply vacuumed, instead of static magnet it's need to use 2 electromagnets rotated by DC motors with a speed of at least 60,000 RPM, voltage between opposite sides of the channel should be at least 1,000 000 VDC with capacitors applied and be impulse modulated. Top motor should rotate in one direction, bottom in opposite direction if looking from the top. Clockwise rotation increases weight of the system, counterclockwise reduces weight.

  5. Nothing new, just basic Physics……….the force is perpendicular to both the current, which is itself perpendicular to the magnetic field. ie right hand rule.

  6. Ok I may sound crazy. But I believe Mercury in a spherical container with a spherical center magnet and a outer spherical magnet can create a controllable gravitational force. I wish I could engineer what I am saying. I hope your work continues! I could draw what I mean better than describing it in words…

  7. It is a principe of vimana levitation – rotation two mercury rings (need two for each axes), also need resonance transformator Tesla.

  8. You'll find a design for a genuine perpetual motion machine here:

  9. i've often thought about using a super conducting ferrofluid in this manner …frictionless!  cool experiment!

  10. Не вздумайте повторять РТУТЬ очень ядовита!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. create closed chamber for mercury and pomp air- then check if rotating mercury under
    increased pressure gives antigravity effect..of course speed of mercure and volatage must be very high..

  12. In your intro paragraph above you say: " Increasing the tension the mercury takes off outside the bowl" Do you mean that if you added enough electricity and got the mercury going fast enough, that it would rise up out of the bowl? what form does it take? Nicely done experiment!! Thank you for sharing it with us..

  13. The Earth does the same thing on one side of the hemisphere toilets flush one way down in Ozzy land they flush the other way

  14. Объяснение в описании неверное. Кольцевой магнит генерирует поле, вектора которого области ртути имеют практически только ортогональную компоненту. Постоянный ток течет радиально, поэтому на электроны действует сила Лоренца в азимутальном направлении.

  15. This is, in essence, the core of the TR3B anti-gravity space vehicle, 'black triangle' witnessed all over the world.

  16. Two days ago a secret server of Wikileaks was used to upload a huge amount of data coming from an unknown source. Apparently, all the document and files were marked with metatags that contained references to the legendary Black Knight satellite. This mysterious object was discovered by Nikola Tesla back in 1932. He was convinced that this was an alien object put in earth's orbit to monitor mankind's evolution.

  17. Hi, could a gear or turbine be immersed into system like this and rotated? If the system was enclosed and fed by a high energy source?

    Have you weighed this experiment in action, to see if there's any difference when rotating?

    And please excuse my questions, but theoretically, just how fast do you think the mercury could move in an enclosed high power device? Presumably it would be an almost instant reaction if contained and insulated correctly?

    Could it be made Omni directional in your opinion?

    Fascinating experiment, one I'd love to conduct and experiment further with. I can't! So your video was an excellent find for me. Thanks.


  18. 1737 комментария и не одного по русски, не повезло тебе на публику))) + не повезло что пары мог хапнуть.

  19. Lotsa JhackOv's in the commentary …..
    but … great stuff. very interesting.
    I guess I should go out to the shop and work on my alphadrive dolphin magnets and get that stupid flying saucer back on the road. …. er … I mean…. High… way … whatchacallit?
    but no, really, thanks for sharing.
    I'm building a magnet motor. I've been contemplating mercury.

  20. i could see that being implemented in super fast moving parts that depend on friction less movement or minimal heat. pretty cool

  21. You attracted all the retarded ones LOL! I wonder, WTF do people learn in schools? Obviously school only creates sheep nowadays!

  22. Now try making the mercury flow in a teardrop shaped path instead of circle…
    More centrifugal force would be generated around a tight turn than it does around the long turn. <o

  23. mercury + corn starch i give you one of my inventions i can get funding to do it my self and the world needs it

  24. Pump mercury through a teardrop shaped coil. One tight corner against one loose corner creates an imbalanced centrifugal force as fluid passes through the small diameter tubing the number of turns of tubing is proportional to the centrifugal force imbalance for interplanetary thrusters
    No moving parts required.

  25. So ungefähr funktioniert es auch im Inneren unserer Muttererde ! Ein Salute auf Mr. Faraday & Tesla ! Prosit ! Yoooo….!

  26. Proof earth is flat. Our oceans rotate for the same reason. Inner ring magnet with hole in center, outer ring magnet.

  27. Y si este experimento se realizase en forma de esfera y más voltaje o amperaje, como se comportaria el mercurio,yo creo que rodaría a toda la esfera, se movería rodeando la esfera, y si se le ingresa más imanes y más campos eléctricos, que pasaría?.un saludo, me ha encantado tu video.

  28. "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side."

  29. Nice now I think placing the mercury in a pressurized container and more voltage and perhaps a way to oscillate the magnets you coul have a semblance of controlling the reaction

  30. Listen man anti gravity is real. Ive said this from the day I could think lol. The key is magnetism magnetic fields and mercury or a combanation of volts. Which lowering or highering the volts and the rotation of magnets will steer the vessel and volts will adjust its ascent and descent. Ive always known this but never crafted anything because I have limited resources. I bet money if I had the resources I could build a anti gravity vessel

  31. Is that the device it's going to save our asses. Cuz we're going to make it bigger fill it with liquid gold on the inside thin layer of nickel and iron shell in the middle. Liquid Gold has something to do with keeping it stable magnetic field. It's just a theory

  32. Control the flux in a enclosed environment up ward lift you want it to roll up the sides with rotation kinda like a rotating wave along a up ward shore

  33. I'm only interested to know if you combined liquid magnet and mercury in a circular tube of tesla coil, what will happen?

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