Rotor – a Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason

Rotor – a Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason

Introducing Rotor, a rotary speaker Rack Extension from Propellerhead. Meticulously modeled on the Leslie 122, rotor brings the sound of the classic rotary speaker design from the 1940s to the Reason Rack. Rotor is perfect for authentic organ sounds, your virtual guitar setup, or as a great tool in your sound design toolbox. Whatever you use it for, Rotor will add some vintage flavor to your Reason Rack. The traditional use for a rotary speaker is, of course, organs. Which is why Rotor comes with a bunch of organ patches for Reason’s combinator. With this switch, we increase the speed… for a busier sound with more energy in the chorus of our song. But Rotor is not only for organs. It sounds great on guitar too! Here’s a patch with a slow rotation speed and a heavy use of the doppler effect. A very unique tone. But that’s not all. With the Rotor Rack Extension we can take the rotary speaker effect beyond the original with incredibly fast rotation, unnaturally long horn, and control voltage inputs for both the horn and drum. In this sound we’re even controlling the auto panning of this Thor synth pad from Rotor. Rotor, a rotary speaker Rack Extension for Reason. Now available in the Propellerhead Shop.

8 thoughts on “Rotor – a Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason

  • one of the best RE i ever buy, thank for this jewel, now i can mimic a rotor vox like " Planet Caravan" or even more with clavinet, electric, piano…etc Stay Awesome ^^ !!!

  • the RT3 is really nice, except it's Leslie simulation is god awful. It has both the bass and treble speakers spinning at the same rate!!.. and the transition from slow to fast is an incredibly fake and disappointing sounding simulation.  The NNXT organs are equally as painful. I was really hoping for a dynamite B3-Leslie on Abbey Rd, cuz it's supposed to be so great and this and that, but they really let me down on the speaker sim. I never spin the rotor fast just because of how fake and harsh it makes the organ sound. 

    Really looking forward to giving this a try. Wish the RT3 had a sample with zero rotation on the speaker, but it's always on slow..  so even that would sound weird through the Rotor rack with 2 slow rotations at the same time. Hopefully the organ patches that come with Rotor are up to par.  It's stupid simple things like this that always sway me towards hardware. Nord has one of the best B3/Leslie emulators out there, it just works.  This shouldn't be that hard to do. 

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