Sperry Instruments CS61200 Circuit Breaker Locator

Welcome To G-TV! Today I will be showing you
Sperry Instruments CS61200 Circuit Breaker Locator. The CS61200 Breaker Finder is used
to quickly and easily locate the breaker or fuse protecting a specific electrical circuit.
It uses a plug-in transmitting device and receiver to trace outlets, switches and lighting
fixtures. The plug-in transmitter also includes an integrated outlet tester to assure the
circuit is wired properly. To use the breaker finder I can detach the transmitter and plug
it into an outlet. The top of the receiver unit should have a green LED illuminated.
This will indicate that the transmitter is sending a signal. I can then head to my breaker
box and use the probe on the receiver to scan over the circuit breakers. I will need to
keep the probe parallel to the breaker for proper operation. It is also possible to pick
up other electrical wires, so it is important to find the signal with the loudest beep.
Once the proper breaker is located, I can continue to hold the receiver probe against
the breaker and switch the breaker off. This will remove power to the remote transmitter
and the receiver will stop producing a response. I can verify the power is off by viewing the
status of the green L.E.D. on the transmitter. It will not be illuminated if the power is
off. The outlet transmitter can also be used as an outlet tester. Going back to my outlet
I can plug it into the wall and check the LEDs to with the status chart found on the
housing. This will check to see if there is a need to make any rewiring adjustments or
if the outlet is dead. They are also able to test GFCI circuits as well. In addition
to this testing, an accessory is available that can connect to the receiver that will
allow me to check light circuits and switches to the breaker panel in the same way I was
able to test the outlet. Sperry Instruments CS61200 Circuit Breaker Locator along with
thousands of products and services are available at galco.com.

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