Stigma Rotary Thorn Unboxing – Erster Eindruck (Deutsch / (Englisch Untertitel/English Subtitle)

Stigma Rotary Thorn Unboxing – Erster Eindruck  (Deutsch / (Englisch Untertitel/English Subtitle)

Hi, welcome and greetz from the Baltic Sea and from Germany… I’ve bought the Stigma Thorn just to see how it works and whether the investment is worthwhile I’ve tried a lof of pen rotary machines and i know the issue that there are always new machines on the market but you never know if the machines are good and worth their money. so i’ve bought the stigma thorn just to see if it’s good or not I’ll just unpack the machine Here you can see the good padding – everything is well packed Here you can see everything that is in the box. At 500 euros, the upholstery could already be form-fitting That’s the guide In English You can immediately read 5 times what you can not do with the machine Do not grease, not in the ultrasonic cleaner Not in the autoclave except the handle Use only cartridges with membrane Do not exceed the voltage – there is no guarantee on the engine anyway 6-9 volts – that’s not necessarily a big margin For example, my Sol Nova has a voltage range of 5 – 12.6 volts I love this travel for my hand speed I can then always adjust – when coloring, lining, etc Small scope is not mine. I like it more flexible Here are the stigma modules in the box. They are always there. If you want to test it, you can test it. I am very happy with my Cheyenne modules Here is the adapter for the stigma modules In normal versions, unfortunately, the stigma modules do not fit Here’s the Machine… I’ve ordered it in Army Green Here you can see the “Anti-Roll-Design” You can turn off the grip.. Looks beautiful – the whole machine I’ve owned the stylist and the spear also older versions from stigma, like the fly and the hyper all machines look very good…very modern… high quality processed and feels very good very light.. just about 115 gram Very small machine – like a grip just 9,3 cm length.. thats very small.. a little bit smaller than the sol nova. and lighter than the sol nova… the sol nova weights about 150 gram very good to hold and i thing very good for lines thats the limited edtion with 4 mm stroke thats perfect for me for lines and filling… for shading i just my sol nova sol nova is gread for shading – but lining is horrible i think – for my style so i’ve looked for a good lining machine before that machine i’ve had the xion pen from fk irons the spear, the stylist… a nedz pen… and the proton pen i’ve tried a lot of machines and i’ll make a comparison video soon… so see the differences between those machines… those machines are expensive so i thing a review could be helpful… The Machine feels good in my hand but i have to try it soon After Trying i can say more about the pros and contras Here’s the sol nova Just to see the differences You can see that the thorn is smaller than the sol nova in every dimension… the sol nova also feels good in my hand but is a bit thick But is also a great machine with a gread relieable motor I’ll turn on the motor just to hear it Starting with about 6 volts A bit loud But you also feel the heavy power like the stylist. i think the thorn feels more powerful From all my pen machines i think the stylist was the best machine for lining… … and filling… Super fast and super easy… I think my daughter could tattoo very easily with these machines… The motor is very very powerful But it is no Faulhaber or Maxon Motor… It is an Portescape Motor (Swiss) with 6 Watt With my Stylist i had some issues with the motor. Sounded bad after a short while and became warm… I’ve owned 2 stylist pens with the same problem. But i think that could be a problem because of the changing forces while changing the stroke on the fly… Stigma uses this Motor Manufacturer very often without any problems so the motos should be okay The spear had no issues with the motor – but with the give spring.. and the spear had not a solid hit like the stylist but the thorn feels very hard. nearly like a coil machine… But that’s the 4 mm stroke machine – maybe it’s different with 3.5 mm or 3.0 mm… Hear again – just for comparison with the sol nova Keep the sound in your ear πŸ™‚ Wrong cable – those cheyenne cables suck – good quality but why don’t they use rca/cinch… Here you can hear it… or not πŸ™‚ Very quiet – at 6 volt… but also very slow for dot work etc. the thorn is faster… nevery really slow or soft Shading with the stylist and i think also with the thorn could be difficult or impossible Sol Nova is slower and very good for shading and filling… Very powerful. You feel that in your hand Vibrates a lot – but i like it. But not everybody likes it. Some people love machines with nearly no vibration But the vibration is not important because the machine feels good in your hand and its lightweigth Good to Hold. Good Grip Those machines are all called “pens” but… but a lot of some are not a pen – they’re so thick and heavy… like the spear. i think it was too big for me and not really like a pen – except the “shape” Thats just like a broomstick πŸ™‚ Soon i’ll test the machine If i’ve tried it for a longer while i’ll make a extra video about the machine and about how it works *smalltalk* *more smalltalk* The Thorn motor sound good and reliable – purrs like a cat like a loud cat but we’ll see but especially the design i love i also loved the design of the stylist… very great *boring* After trying the thorn i’ll make a bigger video with a comparison of 7 pen rotary machines Maybe it will be helpful for somebody – to save his money or to spend the money for the right machine

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