100 thoughts on “The Best Wireless Chargers For Your New Phone

  • Hi guys, how do you feel about many of these chargers not being qi certified? Do you think they will damage your battery with time?

  • “I’ve been charging my phone wirelessly since 2002” yeah but have you been able to take pictures that don’t look like Minecraft since 2002? yeah I didn’t think so.

  • I found the Samsung charger at Walmart for $30. I like it and my dad got one with his s8, so I know how well it works.

  • Tzumi dropped some wireless chargers. I personally like the thin puck style one. It's got a blue led light ring that'll flash, 10w output. $14.99 on amazon.

  • https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253461650126 one of the best wireless charger

  • I've been using an anker one for a while. Its small and sleek that doesn't stand out.


  • So… am I the only who think this feature is NOT wireless charging? Except 2 of the brands he mentioned that you can actually use wireless.
    In my opinion it’s wireless when I’m able to to sit on de couch, use my phone while only the pad is attached to my phone and nothing else. I don’t see what the difference is between attaching a cable and putting your phone down to charge, or laying it down on a pad to charge.

  • Great video, Qi Wireless charging wins! I can't wait for the Apple brand so I tried this one https://www.chargertrends.com/store/HOCO-Qi-Wireless. It didn't disappoint.

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  • Does anyone still remember the ufo like Qi charger from Microsoft/Nokia a few years back in the Lumia days? Well I still have the charger, as well as a Lumia 830, but it's golden contact points for qi charging snapped off, so now it's serving a Galaxy S9+ for overnight charging.

  • so wireless chargers are totaly useles sins you cant use your phone realy and it is only good for lazy people that cant take 2seconds to put a cable in the phone?

  • I was getting bored until 4:24. That dramatic reveal shows u care about that pad in particular, and For a good reason to! I'm going Samsung!

  • hey, guys.
    I have some wireless charger for iphone or samsung. Anybody want it for free? PM me plz. (US ONLY)

  • I use a Choetech wireless charging pad that's pretty small. It has rubber strips on each end so your phone doesn't slide off and a pretty dim LED that doesn't light up the room at night. It's a great fast charger for $20.

  • I thought tech heads are supposed to be smart but yet Mr Mobile and rest of you idiots who buy wireless chargers are showing dumb you really are! Why would purchase something that takes twice as long to charge than it's wired alternative and still needs to be near a wall socket anyway!!! Makes the technology useless and redundant!!!!

  • Such a good video for wireless chargers!! I cant find the ravpower charging stand you mentioned in 3:43 , neither on ravpower.com or amazon. Can you write the link for it too? Thanks😊

  • I found this for under twenty dollars. A mouse pad with a built in qi charger


  • Really the best wireless chargers were the ones from Samsung, obviously. I do wish the Samsung EP-PG920 was listed though.

  • Mirror wireless charger, not only charging your phone, but also charging yourself.

  • Don't agree that Apple is who brought wireless charging into the mainstream. Many, many big Android phones had this feature before Apple did it. Just because Apple finally does something doesn't mean you should give them the credit for making it popular.

  • The day that you find out that the world is being built around you by things that you created, and the inventor (you) is simultaneously thrown out the window.

  • I got the iphone wireless charger stand for my iphone , anpple watch and airpods from amazon by Singularity Products, My father like it, and he also want to buy one for his iphobe, My iPhone wireless charger is more beautiful, it's aluminum

  • Careful with cheap brands. They need to have the Qi certification as induction charging can be dangerous. Ex : metal objects that get induced and burn you. It can be checked on the Qi consortium website.

  • This is my first video I’ve seen from your own channel. I heard the voice and immediately though “isn’t this that awesome phone reviewer Michael fisher”? Checked the name and got way to pumped lmao

  • Apple make it mainstream to wireless charge when Samsung a bigger phone company introduce it first. Must be a video make by an American living in a well

  • The best wireless charger is the one that you buy…they are shit, slow, finicky and why would anyone need it when you have fast charging

  • Great video! Please compare speed of Qi wireless car chargers. specifically if they have magnetic mounts vs brackets!

  • I purchased a 2017 Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid last November . I asked around and told the QI wireless case for my I-Phone 8+ would work but it doesn't. The phone case doesn't work with the sweet spot of the charger. ( a slip in pocket ) What case will work in my CT6 ? I-Phone 8 plus .

  • Hey Mrmobile you should mention on your next video a wireless charger brand named Anker which has both 5 and and 10 watt charging pads that’s what I use for my iPhone X and it’s hardware doesn’t heat up your phones battery price range $20-25 great price for a great product that does its job…

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  • Small hack but can be expensive
    The iPhone 7 for example doesn’t support Qi charging but mophie does make a juice pack that allows you to charge the case wirelessly. I’ve been using a Samsung Qi charge base and going through my mophiecase to charge the phone.

  • If wireless charger has an input of 5V–2A. But the output it gives is 5V–1.67. How fast does this current charge my phone since it will be plug in to a 2A wall adapter?

  • Hi Mr Mobile..chanced on your channel and love this video! I just sub and although I cant recommend any, I will digest what you recommend and go to your Amazon site.. btw, I love the Ikea minimalist table that I will have a look at my local Ikea store! Thank you for taking your time to do this review…

  • Qi was the defacto standard before Apple discovered wireless charging. Most phones with wireless charging were on Qi before 'iPhone' and 'wireless charging' were used in the same sentence.

  • Damn, why is it so difficult to find a good wireless charger!? Every single one that I've looked at is either:
    – Prohibitively expensive to the point of negating convenience.
    – Has a high failure rate (15%+ 1 star reviews for duds and defects).
    – Amazon listings are shady and absolutely flooded with obviously fake reviews.

    What a headache, I just want some Nikola Tesla wireless magic dammit!

  • nice video.

    I found a Wireless charger, which is water proof


    is this one good?

  • Actually fast charging IS NOT GOOD FOR BATTERY LIFE, that’s why companies delivery with slower charger to save battery life 😉 make sense.

  • Hi, is anyone interested in testing a free wireless charger on amazon? Leave me a message I'd like to send you one.

  • yeah safety first… explosion 💥 at airplane and airport: mobile phone made by samsung 😂😂😂😂

  • I laughed thinking about PMR at the wireless charge while you wireless charge part… Then you nailed it with "Yo Dawg." Well played sir.

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