The electric car that redefines fast charging: the 2019 Audi e-tron EV

The electric car that redefines fast charging: the 2019 Audi e-tron EV

DAN EDMUNDS: The Audi e-tron
is a handsome looking, five-passenger SUV
that just happens to be powered by electricity. Now, we’ve driven one before. Mark Takahashi
ventured to Abu Dhabi and drove an early prototype. You can go to our
YouTube channel and check out that video. But what we’ve got here is a
fully-fledged American version with regular mirrors,
not video cameras. And we’re going to find out
how does it ride and thrive on familiar US roads? Is the range and charging
situation up to snuff? And are the cargo and
passenger amenities right to make this a really
legitimate luxury SUV? But before we do that, remember
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ready to buy a car. So we just pulled into
an Electrify America DC fast charge station
with our Audi e-tron. And what’s unique about
this car is its battery is liquid cooled
to such an extent that it can accept power
at 150 kilowatts, which is faster than the current
Tesla supercharger network. And Electrify America is
putting in stations that can supply power at that very rate. So right now, we’re
here in a situation where we could be adding 160
miles in 30 minutes if we had arrived empty. We arrived with
about 40% battery, so we’re only going
to be about 15 minutes before we can unplug and leave. That’s really great. E-tron is powered by
two electric motors– one in the front,
one in the rear. And most of the time when
you’re driving straight, the power distribution
is 80% rear, 20% front. If you’re in sport mode and you
press the throttle all the way to the floor into
the kick-down switch, it will engage boost mode that
lasts for up to eight seconds. And during that period,
you can accelerate– according to Audi– from 0 to 60
miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. My opinion about how
the e-tron drives has been changing
from mile to mile. Back on the straight,
the steering felt a little bit
indistinct and vague. It didn’t have a great
sense of straight ahead. It isn’t quite as nimble
in the really tight stuff as it needs to be to
be truly engaging. But in the nice,
gentle sweepers, it actually feels
pretty pleasant. One of the things I’m not real
crazy about is the brake pedal. It’s pretty sensitive, and
it isn’t as easy to modulate as I would like. And of the things I
like about electric cars is regenerative braking. And in some of
them, you know, you can put it into a one-pedal
driving mode where you lift off the throttle. And that engages the
regenerative braking system. And this car does not
do that very well. You know, we’ve talked
a lot in other Audis about the virtual cockpit. And it looks beautiful. But it’s a lot of touch screen
and a lot of glancing away from the road to operate it. In their favor, the buttons
that you’re aiming for are all pretty big. They’re not tiny. So it’s pretty easy to find it
if the car jostles a little bit while you’re going for it. You’re still taking
your eye off the road. And they’ve put it down below
the air conditioning vents, which just makes that worse. What’s really neat
is the shifter. I mean, it seems
like every EV has to have a weird shifter, right? It’s the price of
admission if you’re going to make an electric car. And this car is no exception. But it’s different. This part here
doesn’t move at all. It’s really just a hand rest. There’s just this
piece on the end that you just flick it with
your thumb and first finger. It’s actually really easy
to use and pretty intuitive. And you can just use this
as a hand rest all day long. Seating position, I got to
say, is really comfortable. This is a very spacious cockpit. The e-tron is bigger than a
Q5, a little smaller than a Q8, but not that much. It’s kind of like a Q7
without a third row. The e-tron is rated
at 204 miles of range, which is a little less than
some of its competition. You know, if you want to go
someplace on the weekend, having a little bit
more range is nice. The interesting
thing about this car is it can charge at
a really fast rate– 150 kilowatts, which is faster
than the Tesla supercharger network is currently. And it can maintain
that almost all the way to the 80% mark of
the charge event. And they can do that because
this battery pack is interlaced with cooling tubes that really
manage the temperature better than anybody else. And it’s a really
heavy battery pack. The upshot of that is it
drops the center of gravity of the vehicle, and so that
helps handling quite a bit. This does not feel
like a tall SUV when you’re going
around these corners. The e-tron has 204 miles of
range, according to the EPA. And it looks like if
you do prudent driving, you could probably exceed that. You know, we’ve noticed that
with other electric vehicles, except our Teslas. And it seems like that’s
going to be the case here. Here in the back
seat of the e-tron, I’ve got plenty of space. And I’m 6 foot 2. I have adjusted
this seat to fit me. And you can see I’ve got
clearance behind my knees. I’ve got tons of headroom. I mean, this is a really nice
place to spend some time. It’s really wide. I think three adults
really could fit back here. We’ve got dual zone rear AC. So that’s quad zone in all. These two USB ports
down here send data to the infotainment system. So you can play
carplay from back here. And there’s AC vents not just
here but also on the pillars. So there’s a lot of
airflow back here. And then this
sunshade lifts up– Yeah, this is really nice. Nice cupholder there here,
does a little magic fold. And these are 60-40 split
seats and fold down for cargo. And if you’re going to
put a car seat back here, these lower latch anchors are
really easy to find and use. The e-tron isn’t just
good at hauling people in the back seat, it also is
really good at hauling cargo. Right now behind
me, there’s plenty of space for at least
four or five suitcases. And if you fold
the seats forward, which is easy to do with
the release levers that are back there in a
convenient location, you can get a really
good amount of space. These fold nearly flat. It’s actually good
at being an SUV, and the electric part is
just an, oh, by the way. I gotta say– the Audi e-tron
looks to be the real deal. I’m really impressed with
the ride and handling, and it’s got the passenger
and cargo space and amenities to play in the luxury SUV
segment, whether it’s electric or not. 204 miles of range
seems to be adequate. The fast charging
is really quick. The network needs
to be built out, but I think that’s
going to happen. Stay tuned for more
on that as Edmunds takes one back to our test
track and do a complete workup. And for more videos
like this, remember to click Subscribe and visit
Edmunds next time you’re in the mood to buy a car.

47 thoughts on “The electric car that redefines fast charging: the 2019 Audi e-tron EV

  • I am sorry but the comment at 1:00 is not correct. Tesla V2 superchargers are outputting 150kw and V3 are up to 250kw

  • VW/Audi are masters of deception.
    All the capacity of the etron battery is not fully available, so while they may say it charges fast to a certain percentage that's not actually true, because you're only charging the part of the battery that's available. When it says it's for example 80% full it's more like 65%.

    A more reasonable(and usable) measurement than percentage(which again in Audi's case is fake) is how many miles you charge per hour.
    All Tesla cars charge more miles per hour than the etron, in fact the Model 3 charges more than twice as many miles per hour.

    That said the etron seems to be a good car. It's just too bad its EV powertrain is so inferior.

  • LOL! He says 15 minutes recharging is great. No, buddy, it isn't. Refueling an Audi Q5 takes less than 5 minutes. But… I've heard that Toyota is developing a range of fully electric cars that will have solid state batteries and they promise a much faster recharging time than 15 minutes. So… Fingers crossed that Toyota manage to make 5 minute recharging possible.

  • I think you have the only one currently in America. Everyone I know who has ordered one of these has been put on indefinite hold.

  • You can’t buy this right now. I’m st the dealership and they say there was a serious safety problem and they cannot sell these right now. They don’t know if they will go back on sale. No surprise I’m being pushed into another car type with a sale that’s “too good to pass up”. I’m stopping at the at Tesla showroom on my way home before I make up my mind. Maybe I should just switch to all Lyft, at least until I make up my mind. No car gas and insurance payment would be nice for a few months.

  • Here's a good idea instead of the test track how about city streets and bumper to bumper traffic like most of use every day.

  • Seems Audi might have found production HELL "Audi confirmed Monday that it is recalling 1,644 E-tron electric SUVs, including 544 vehicles that have been delivered to customers, due to an issue with the battery pack’s seal that it says could lead to “a short circuit or thermal event.” 3 days ago

  • "Sorry, Audi, But Tesla Model 3 Crushes Audi e-tron In Fast Charging Times (Charts)"
    June 12th, 2019 by Dr. Maximilian Holland

  • To early and too expensive! I will let other buyers be the guinea pigs. 5-10 years from now they will have a more reasonable grid and quirks figured out! I appreciate and admire people who are willing to take the risk on such vehicles.

  • At $70,000 to only go 200 miles is a JOKE!! And then Audi goes cheap on you – they can't even include the at-home fast charger for that price. They want you to pony up more money if you want that special charger. Pppfffttttttttttttttt! NO SALE, Audi!!! Oh, and let's not forget the RECALL because of risk of spontaneous FIRE!!

  • That interior looks so cheap. They can’t even put one big LCD panel same as Tesla or RAM. Beyond disappointing.

  • Let me get this straight, it has less range than Tesla, slower than Tesla, and many year later. Epic fail for me too Audi

  • How much leg room in the driver's seat?  Looked kind of tight.   Would love to get an all electric car in two years, so will check this one out when that times comes. Thanks for the review.

  • So much hate from Tesla fan boys when another manufacturer enters the electric car game SMH 🤦‍♂️ so sad.

  • Are you on drugs? It can only add 163 miles in 30 minutes when charging, Model 3 can add up to 180 miles in 15 minutes.
    The Audi is by far the worst EV on the market given its price. It's not even funny how bad it is.

  • Please spend 5 minutes fact checking. Your statement that "Audi e-tron EV provides 150kw charging which is "faster" than the current Tesla Supercharger Network is an untrue statement" Audi e-tron EV redefines fast charging……..Paleeeeeze!

  • Audi Etron = Drive slow + charge Fast = 204 miles of range 🙈

    Tesla Model X = Drive Fast + Charge slow = 325 miles of range 😎


  • The Model Y which releases next year gets 300 miles of range for the long range version starting at 47000$. It also has more room inside and quicker charging. Don’t think this Audibis worth it except it’s phenomenal interior

  • Even if it could accept power faster than a Tesla (which it doesn't; Tesla can accept 250kW) the measure of fast charging should be in miles of range per hour which it performs even worse at because the vehicle is so inefficient relative to a Tesla.

  • Nice car but it's no Tesla. 200 miles in average weather is just not enough. In cold weather that will drop to 135. Tesla model S is 370 miles and soon to be 400 according to the latest information from Tesla this week. Glad to see they are cooling the batteries like Tesla. The trick words in this commercial are Standard and Current. They know Tesla has been upgrading all their chargers and is much faster at charging than Audi. But still, it's a great start. Good luck to VW. We need enough EV's to replace all ICEs on the planet.

  • Edmunds information is out of date. Tesla Model 3 still charges faster than the Audi E-tron. A recent real-world DC charging test by Bjørn Nyland clearly showed the Tesla Model 3’s significant charging advantage over the Audi e-tron. Even on a CCS charger, which doesn’t take full advantage of the Tesla’s potential, the Model 3 performs much better. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range adds 179 miles of highway range in 20 minutes, 61% more than the Audi e-tron’s 111 miles.

  • This video shows the Tesla Model 3 can charge at 1200km/h (745 MPH) from empty to around 55% faster than the e-tron. And because it is more efficient, can charge for 20 mins and have 236 Miles of range, you can leave while the Audi has to keep charging until 40 mins to go its max range 235 miles

    After 20 mins of charging
    1) Tesla at 70% charge ; Range = 392 km ( 236 miles ) (Same as E-tron max range lol)
    2) E-tron at 63% charge ; Range = 242 km ( 150 miles )

    Conclusion: when it comes real world charging speed Tesla wins.

  • This no doubt will have a better build quality but how does the E-tron redefine fast charging? Firstly you can't get them as they have all been recalled and secondly the 3 can charge at over 800miles an hour. This is far slower

  • In the real world, you can't find a non-Telsa 150 kw charger anywhere other than the NJ Turnpike and the bay area. My LRRWD Tesla 3 charges faster than the E-tron with the current 125kw Tesla Superchargers.has 120 more miles range and cost 30k less. The all-new 250kw V3 Tesla chargers will be far faster. They will charge 150 miles in 10 min.
    The Etron is a quality product with outdated technology.

  • Better looking and better designed than Tesla. 200 miles is enough range for daily commute. Fact is even 250 miles won't give you the same freedom as a hybrid or gas engine car in longer trips. This SUV is more spacious and larger than the Tesla. The slightly shorter range is a good compromise.

  • Seems that this Audi is more comparable to the Jag than the Tesla. I think it'd sell quite well with the additional range (say 300 miles) and quicker charging capability. But it's a good effort IMO. The interior is well done and has the Audi electronics that are so positively reviewed (once the driver has a handle where everything is!). And I think that blue is excellent on it.

  • Imagine a world where there are millions of electric cars on the road, each taking an hour or more for charging. Now imagine the enormous size of recharging stations on a highway with line ups of thousands of cars waiting for an empty station. Electric is not the future of the automotive world unless they can get distances up to 400-500 miles and charging times to less than 15 minutes. It's just a logistic impossibility.

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