The First Circuit Podcast #114 Mechwarrior Living Legends w/Real Dev’s

The First Circuit Podcast #114 Mechwarrior Living Legends w/Real Dev’s

hello make fans this is Duncan Fisher
hold on firmly to your mana potions fireballs and familiars because you are
tuning in to your regularly scheduled episode of the first circuit podcast hello and to welcome everyone to the
first circuit podcast episode 114 today we’ve got our usual host spider bark all
pop and myself in rasoi today we also feature some guest hosts please
introduce yourself building and entropy hi burn thing I’m a material of Legends
community manager and I run McCrory living legends PR hello I’m Andrew of
Clan wolf I’m a galaxy I’m the leading sound designer of micro livings creative
creatively right now my work consists more actually of project coordination I
put a coordinate asset creation releases and all that kind of stuff cool so we’re
doing a deaf interview with the manager and PR it kinda sounds like we don’t
beat you – yeah yeah right we have all right so as you may guess instead of
doing the usual boring microphone use we’re going to focus on the much more
exciting guests with you today we’re gonna talk about McVerry living legends
as we’ve these last episodes and yeah birthing and andrew we are super happy
to have you on board today thank you for coming before we dive too hard into this
do you guys have a really quick summary of what make available in engines is for
people who’ve never heard about it yeah I think I can actually summarize this
fairly quickly McCrory living legends is a
combined-arms game sync referred as a hybrid between counter-strike and
battlefield heavy emphasis on vehicular combat
although it could be quite honest that is actually only part of what make for a
living legends is because this is see let’s say our most played game mode we
also have a Solaris game mode in which we actually have sound samples of the
original Duncan Fisher and say are you unique to mwl as well who did you
actually get them from Duncan Fisher or the originals yes ok ok
from they are from from the original voice that guy yes yeah the same guy who
voiced our ensure that if it’s a good podcast just okay let’s go kind of vague
um so yeah and we you can add a sound designer and but for your Kennedy
community manager what do you do in your free time
well other way I want what do you do in the time you don’t work for free well in
my case I work in kind of like a mix I do some IT I do some physical labor in a
warehouse but that’s just like my paid job otherwise it’s like a ton of family
stuff – yeah myself I have a drop in the customer service industry let’s just
leave it at that okay so I dove you in any way involved
with the video games industry beyond McFarlane imagines well myself I was
involved in Commander Omnitech way back in like 2011 I also tried to do a bit of
PR I also helped make a few models here and there but that was like my earliest
introduction to video game modding and that’s basically about it for me
actually yep previously I have actually worked on a project in Kerbal space
program one of the bigger mods there’s a benign aerospace I was involved in that
and actually a commercial project I’m working with one of the
founders can be Kazi on this project would you do for Kerbal space program
b9 aerospace okay okay cool I’ll be completely honest all I know
about that chemists idea question miss Alton that’s that’s part of it yes I
have a friend that just adores that game and he’ll be excited to actually hear
this whole experience do you guys help with the krycek engine of the crisis
games I have really done actual I haven’t really played off crisis before
until MEK living legends it’s kind of like a new thing for me but I just just
kind of jumped into mecha living legends just knowing that crisis is kind of like
a Mimas we all know can it run crisis but that’s kind of that was about it for
me when when I jumped into Mecca legends before that I had never really touched
crisis related stuff before yes before I jump onto this project I had
zero to do with crisis modding of any kind as of as of now of course I’m
deeply involved with everything and the eff mod sound system because that’s
basically my dream now that’s what I work myself into and of course also
config at its necessary conflict edits and or some other black magic stuff that
nobody else touches anymore I feel I feel like black magic is a really good
description of crisis morning in general yes okay now for my by for favorite
question how did you guys get involved with the battle tech franchise and what
past games did you play so my first experience of the battle tech franchise
was when I was like 6 or 7 years old I played mechcommander gold it came in
like a package with I think two other games one of them was like Sid Meier’s
two or three whatever it was and so mechcommander gold was my first
experience and after that it went into kind of like an obsession of the battle
tech really for a little while because I was still a
kid and I really I thought that was like the coolest thing next fighting and shit
like that and it kind of evolved into me going
into playing MechWarrior three met for year four mechcommander – and it’s mods
helping with that and then I just gradually got into a new Mecca where you
living legends through that and actually along the way I did like I think about
three years and still going actually maybe even four years and still going
working on the sarna wiki and i’ve been actually I still work on that and still
also on the Mecca living legends wiki as well I have a question for the CERN I
like wiki like what do you do for it in my case I do a lot of like if I see
anything I’m just like casually browsing something and I just see like you know
spelling grammar error okay try to fix that or like if I see some kind of
information that’s making like you know it’s it’s inconsistent with something
else I might mark that or now especially I actually try to maintain like the
McQuarrie living legends article I used to do a project with somebody else on
maintaining the neck commander – when it’s mods articles I kind of died though
so still that things kind of like a work in progress and in development hell
really and sometimes also I do update the lore related stuff to if I can
because like I’m a lord freakazoid and I love looking just just browsing through
the lore of like a kinda like Serena and it’s just fantastic
yeah it’s really nice like sometimes at least when I had more free time I would
actually just sit and read through this stuff a lot and yeah hey when you kind
of want to figure out how many starships been determined space defense system
moon dust a league and then you go into a deep dive deep hole
right Andrew what about you once up mid time as a wee lad I was in the comic box
store and decided I wanted to read something science-fiction that I didn’t
know yet so I was browsing and yeah I came across the cover of decision at
sander IFFT and yeah that’s my entry point into the franchise but I wasn’t
even aware that there was a board game and anything else any other media and
for me it was a mind jumping on point was the novels yeah yeah I’m reviewing
the board I learned about the videogame about 12 years after I first heard about
a fan choice yeah as for and then I saw wow there is Mac warrior 3 that way I
read those novels I got to play this game and is it just my quarry that you
touched on for the video games no no of course I also played MechWarrior for and
mechcommander 1 & 2 yeah when I played all of those those titles as well I uh I would like to know because I just
podcast usually heavily features around the modern games like mikvah online
battle take a micro five if you guys played those nope really I haven’t
touched those at all I mean I used to play my career online back when it first
came out but it felt really kind of got boring honestly to be talking pretty
Frankie it got boring after about like a year and so I just dropped out of that
we understand yeah in my case I played the macro and then briefing as well more
as an obligation to my clan actually then actually wanting to do it and when
the when they dropped the skill system I said okay that’s where I where I why I’m
off the tray and thank you alright then so coming from the better
tech franchise how did you guys get involved with the portrait of micro
interactions so for me it was it was kind of uh I think it was a bit of a
long story but I think when I first saw the trailer for Mike living legends that
was like really I thought it was like the coolest thing it was really flashy
it was really brand new looking had like some like energy to it and I got really
excited of course I didn’t have a rig that could run that so I had to wait it
out for like I don’t know four years or so before I could actually get get into
anything but then the development stopped by wandering Samurai and I still
kept playing because my career mine just didn’t do it for me and after that it
when development picked up by by the other people in the dev team I wanted to
join in and help out as much as I could because I finally had an opportunity to
yes okay I’m actually after MechWarrior for because Metamorpho was honestly a
disappointment for me I actually lost a lot of love for the I
mean not sleep single parent but the the multiplayer wasn’t for me so I lost a
lot of love for the franchise and actually fell out of it for quite a
while so yeah I actually missed the start on living legends I first got
aware of it when is they actually already had when wandering Samurai
Studios had released the last patch and everything was on the wind down and at
that point I only played it very briefly for I think a couple of months then
forgot about it again and yeah my interest was reignited when I got when I
was aware work came away about that the development was restarted in 2016 I
think I actually caught that someone sometime early 2017 yeah and I first
joined then the test team because I was like um okay if you want something or
something to happen to this project and you need to contribute and then as I was
sitting actually and the best server I was becoming aware that there was sound
work that needed doing and there was nobody to do it pretty much so yeah I
actually and said okay I actually have an affinity for things regarding audio
so I’m offering to take this part up myself and yeah that’s what I did and so
you actually had experience doing sounds for games alright
no I have to be and well only own and a little bit of experience I’ve been
previously modding game sounds for various things like Max Payne 2 or
awesome explain franchise and in general where I was like just concerned I don’t
like a suit also something else this kind of experience I had but nothing
more than that really okay okay um I kind of in my mind and I’m wondering so
how did you how do you go about the sounds back in the early days
did you synthesize all of it or did you go out into your backyard start clanging
gallery no not really what you’re taking is the sounds that already exists
somewhere on the interwebs and you modify stuff to what you need or what
you want and that’s how you go about it mostly
um okay and yeah let’s actually talk a bit about
yeah how living legends actually yeah I would start all out so sometime in 2016 as they were to
devour to found us kamikaze and two nice guys known to Xena let’s kamikaze and
criminal who were also heavily into the franchise of McQuarrie art they played
two three and four criminal it was more into three kamikaze was one to four
I was criminal Isiah I think seriously on the better side yeah but they also
were heavily into playing battlefield 2 and they like the whole combined arms
aspect of the game and it’s one day criminal went to his brother and said
you know there’s things or there has been such a hole for the neck where your
friends are your princess it hasn’t been a game at all and quite some time why
don’t we why don’t we do something about that and start development up again or
start something in that regard and can cause a genocide well I’m not doing much
that’s besides modding neverwinter nights oh
yeah sure why not let’s just do that and was that inversions I actually started
out they knew nothing of what they wanted to do they had actually zero
skills on in any way that they needed so yeah
they all picked this up learning by doing and yeah was I started out and the
project of McQuarrie living legends actually didn’t have its beginning in
crisis or crisis was where we are now but battlefield
20:41 that’s where they actually started this there was a community development
kit at the time or yeah a community development kit for mattified 2142 and
yeah they dabbled was this for a time but soon discovered that it was just too
limited to actually do what they wanted to do so they actually then got an
invoice from from the developers of what’s the code right now no it slipped
my mind um Crytek no no no that’s later I’m Crytek it’s not an enemy terrific
quake was yeah that’s a jump they jump onto the Alpha of any enemy Terry to
quake was because they were invited Xia’s and the developers of the game
said import all your assets over and uses in our game engine but yeah the dev
tools they needed never surfaced really so yeah I started looking elsewhere
again and one of the programmers I picked up on the way suggested his name
was Effie I think as I remember and he suggested to them that they actually
should look at Crytek and crisis because they were doing exciting stuff at the
time so that’s where they went I actually mmm for a time being before the
crisis a two engine sdk it was available they actually for a time worked still in
the crisis one engine in yeah far cry basically but well that didn’t that
didn’t actually take too long a time for the crisis then defecate tend to come
out and this is where development then really started for them you could say
where they picked up a sizable team to get the ball for development really
rolling yeah I attend to questions actually one
is how many people actually work on the project at the time I cannot retell you but I’m
sure at that point the team was really fairly small still I mean you can see the excise the team
has grown and our credits it was actually at the end of development it
was pretty sizable team that worked on MechWarrior living legends so it was for
all intents and purposes a real development team personnel wise um yeah
um plus plus my other question is how was it received at first Mac we’re like
liberal legends like how was it received by the community and plus everyone else
when you first and then even now yeah at first I say it actually got a bit of
ridicule at first because they had they weren’t making a neck game but they had
no mechs to show all they had because it was crisis native was battle armor and
aerospace and tanks and at that point they also reached out to who neck tech
for example and other places for for promotional purposes and basically asked
if they could help them promote this and they based Mac tech rejected and the
other places rejected as well because they were thinking these are wannabes
and they’re actually not going to get this done and well but that’s as we all
know that’s not how the story went they actually persisted and they got laters
and really talent encoder on board who made the the hybrid system that we are
using impossible funny stuff the first promotional bit that I put out that
actually showed next that diagnosis who would say today the
legs on this on this on this kumis that it was I think it was called Pumas on
patrol until X on these on these Pumas they had animations but actually the the
Pumas were pulled by invisible wheels there was no real legs at the point if
you’re watching that but you will see there is no no bobbing of any kind so
yeah that was completely fake at that point and it was also actually pretty
late and it’s when they actually had already promised to release this so they
me since I missed the release date by question they initially wanted to put
this house in 2008 you can still see this in our am mister keeping this a rod
because it’s kind of a funny and joke in our screen in our Start screen you will
see is a 2008 there and said it will be painted over by by 9 because that’s how
long the delay took to actually yeah because shortly after the release date
they actually pick up a talented programmer by the name of Toth who made
the whole hybridization system that our necks depend on possible because you
must understand zmax that we are using our Zahra partly a character the lower
half is an oversized character basically like Crysis Nanosuit and the tank and
the top is the tank turret and to make this work that was actually quite a
daunting prospect especially you must see we do not have access and they also
didn’t have access to all the source code what’s a and could look at was very
very limited so it’s basically like kodik blindfolded that’s a made this
work at all is a small wonder jeez yes it’s it will be just around a
little bit to give more context on this at least a little bit is that you use
very different game engines for different types of games if you have the
game engine for Skyrim you you can retrofit it to make it art it’s an RTS
but that’s going to take a ridiculous amount of work it’s sometimes that’s
easier to start from scratch and whatnot and that’s why in the early story of
McQuarrie Lebanese imagines they’re jumping from engine to ending engine
because we’re talking back in 2007 2008 2009 type of deal back knee and back
then you couldn’t just get what’s at the Unreal Engine by epic you know there’s
just so let there’s a lot less engines back then back of available for free
there’s no there that’s actually at that point it’s nearly unavailable free
engines there’s not even like unity yes free engine and free engine support
that’s a very recent things that by comparison know when they started out
that was all very fresh and yeah very unavailable I remember the Excite I
remember the excitement man quite engine God I think why engine free was it and
when that one got released for free I was insane for someone which is yes they
wanted for a while CryEngine was insane back in the day yeah and the issue we’ve
always would have had with pyrotechnic or online is that it’s a very different
beast from the majority of other games out there with your typical first-person
shooter you could sort of get away with your character just being a floating box
with a camera on the top with a gun and that’s all you need to do so to speak
and that’s indeed somewhat what you have in crisis and in fact that’s the reason
they went for crisis it was built to be about you know it was built for big open
worlds it was built for foot on man on the ground but also vehicles an aircraft
which is quite close to what make we’re living legends wanted however we are
still talking about trying to add mechs into the thing and crisis was made
primarily to look pretty like Crysis was very good at reading
those fancy jungles and all this and the other but when it comes to the vehicle
physics people often said I think we crisis it had like shopping trolly
physics even with the vehicles try physics are very suspect that’s there is
a one very funny def blooper out there where in some test session we are
actually crashing a plane into a tank and it basically flies toward 200 meters
yeah as ever you know it games it’s all about trying to simulate the stuff
rather than being a proper recreation so you can if you make all the physics
based around on the ground foot action you could make sure that everything is
you know the the biggest thing you’re going to happen HAP happen with infantry
versus if a tree is a grenade going off but when you get to yeah like aircraft
smashing into infantry into vehicles it’s a mechs
the the models that you need to incorporate the ear the these scale
radically changes and I think yeah this is all past at least of the one thing I
at least to bring up with you Andrew I’m just curious at least is of course great
Crytek crisis they were not initially giving out their engines very often and
I think they’re based in Germany was Macquarie living legends where did the
original dibs come from is this somewhat of a German project to start with no no
no camicazi and criminal are from the United States really it’s not it wasn’t
a German project by any means yeah all right take it see there yeah I
mean they eventually went to Crytek I mean this is part of the story and of
course that’s not done yet was the story but yeah they are they were actually
then later working folk right like for Crytek um okay yeah as I said the
the big breakthrough was of course to get the max actually working and that is
when they actually started to garner the respect and also the hype for this game
before that yeah it was muted it was a mid game without the Becks
yeah exactly I was faked max yeah and but then they they had them in and
that’s also when then more mix started piling in because when they hit the
system in place yeah it could be done of course much quicker and the Zenzi wore
him I showed up and see catapult showed up and um yeah and all the the mix that
say initially released then were made available so yeah after the release and
they kept iterating and patching and as I said criminal and camicazi they
actually yeah a lot of people actually made a note of the games industry and so
also the criminal and camicazi Kamikaze first went to Bioware as a tester and
later signed on for Crytek and I don’t know if criminal had had something in
between and Crytek and but yeah they both ended up a critic in the end and
worked for that company and yeah that has a lot to do of how than the the
actual shutdown of the development came to be when they mostly left because of
course they work for protect so they didn’t have so much time the actually
project over I direction fell to somebody else who was called King Lea
and you took over the company direction of the project and under is under his
lead the development was then shut down when the the non-commercial license
actually yeah the criminal and camicazi managed to get a non-commercial license
from Mac for from Microsoft to actually do MechWarrior living legends but this
as soon as PGI acquired the rights yeah this is when there was a good stop who
is this you talked about this in your stream a bit and what was missing and
that I said I said say that they both work for for Crytek and you can see how
that gets awkward when the Z when the people that are working for Z or
basically are working for the companies that develops the engines of a customer
has a free em product on the market that yeah it’s in the same segment and yeah
made spirits and ah well at least the podcast we should just cover that in
more detail the whole interactions with PGI because they that was quite a long
stream and lastly the channel so it’s quite a lot to catch but yeah it does
somewhat a lot of it is behind the scenes and it’s it’s not like there’s
any official documents or whatnot but it seems like you know Russ said he had a
talk to the MechWarrior living legends people and they some happened to cut
back a lot on plant development and as far as we can guess at least there was
no official cease and desist or anything like that but P GRA oh yes kamakrazee
and himself would be saying they that never happened let say shut down
development and since they were working for for Crytek and didn’t want to lose a
job or something like this sue and over getting sued from their own custom
they decided to shut this down there was a compromise that that living legends
was allowed to put out one last touch which was a zero seven one patch um and
that is then whereas the development was officially stopped from wandering
Samurai Studios yeah so the original developers obviously they had less time
to put into it and then they’re actually you know the engine is now being used by
a competitive PGI and so it made most sense for them to step away from the
project and as far as we know it was all just all talked to behind closed doors
it isn’t too fishy but it’s you know in the end it’s sad but inevitable somewhat
ish that they dropped it but the the great thing with McCrory living legends
was that there was a fan community who were willing to pick up the project
afterwards mm-hmm yeah the thing was about that this
actually as far as I remember can because it told me that this happened on
some convention that he talked to or got talk to Ross Pollock and this is pretty
much where this must decide it’s yep yeah there’s no that yeah after that
there what’s of course yeah people started to to VR to lose
interest and living legends there was a lot of a disappointment of course that’s
a promising project shutdown I mean it’s at its height it actually had player
base that at coins exceeded that of crisis proper there were thousands of
people playing Macquarie living legends at the point and yeah most of that has
wondered the way you have played on our server so you know what this is like
today yeah but a very hardcore they remained they remains I still played the
game and thanks to a an event called chaos March that was played on the
weekends that was yeah a planetary leagues none you probably know the
format people go into drops and at two teams clash seconds as a drop
commander and two teams clash – yeah and try to outmaneuver each other and eat
each other in in a – nature style and there was a planetary League meta game
behind this and this was played rigorously for as the entire time
between the restarting of the development and the shutdown yeah for
the entire two years so this is basically what sparked the the restart
of the development there was some ones the our good men Invictus was now under
project director and he was an intern at wandering Samurai studios and it’s
basically the balancing of the zero seven one patch was mostly his work so
yeah he was already heavily involved in that and thanks to him and others like
Serpentis are one of our community managers who has retired as of now the
whole development process got we started it started with a lot of work by
Serpentis hunting down basically the death builds he had to run after
multiple people for monsters – to get all the source files so that the proper
development could be restarted and yeah this is pretty much how we are ending up
at our point where we are we have now reached the point where the community
dev team as has taken over the process of development cool beans
that’s awfully really interesting and surprisingly complicated story good
story though good story in yeah yeah we like hearing about that you were going
into the current point in time so let’s maybe continue above some of the
questions that we have for your current setup something I’m personally
interested in how do you communicate and coordinate and plan and track
just and all that kind of stuff do we have some kind of ticket system set up
to adjust coordinated over discord do we have a tool or something like that yeah
yeah we are actually mainly utilizing our deaf server on this court but we
also have a ticket system for issues and on a gift bucket or and it gets set up
that we are also utilizing to using to do things proper where we set up States
for where features in like is this isn’t testing what is the priority so yeah
this kind of stuff exists as well or them to be quite honest it’s it has
started to become a bit more by the pens development that happens over this extra
ticket system it’s not you so much right now Tran Yvette’s move to relay surprise
for a fan game that you all volunteered for
and since you are volunteering do we still have specific walls or was it just
kind of this needs to be done and whoever does it first does it no no
you’re still signing up people that still keeping getting you’re getting
people in that want to do specific sense or bring specific talents of course not
everybody can do everything hardest to come by of course our coders
and that’s always a problem getting people to actually write code not least
because it’s an old code base at this point oh yes yes we are always dealing
with lost tech yes pretty much like flash oh yes like flash Oh like
really old flash also Oh utopia that old no I’m compounds which language are you
coding in I mean the main or bad thing
okay well it’s it’s a mix like there’s some that simple supplies there is some
flash for like the HUD especially for for the menus and then there’s also Lua
for stuff like game modes so it’s it’s kind of all over the place there’s a few
different kinds of language fascinating they’re still using punch cards at least
you don’t have IDM servers running sideways and cope coding in COBOL
correct since the engine is so old we are limited to use quite old software in
some cases basically for example I had to get track effects onto tank have to
use a very old version of Excel as there is an excel sheet XML and it won’t take
anything but this old Excel versions to actually make any changes to it
so for thanks to good track effects I have to fire this up from time to time
when did we get a new tank asset to actually make that happen
that’s hilarious hmm how many people do you have in total working on the project
like on average it’s about maybe might be about let’s see we have at least like
three big active devs and then we have maybe about four five six people doing
stuff on them maybe a bit smaller scale and then we have like about maybe a few
other active artists so it’s about maybe ten people like on average working on
this and yet that seems about right yeah and
for the two of you how much how many hours do you put into this project every
week Wow okay okay it’s it’s for me I don’t
like actually do any real development apart for maybe some testing when I have
time but that’s like maybe it’s kind of like honor when I can basis but like the
actual public public relations stuff is in community management stuff that’s
also like whenever something happens that needs to be put up any events that
need advertising or anything in the community that needs any addressing then
I try to get to it as soon as I can but on average it’s like probably about a
maybe an hour a week or so at best well yeah for me I’d say it’s actually hard
to measure in actually weekly hours it’s more development stints really at this
point because most is a sound setup is yeah it’s done to my how do I put this
just right now and to your satisfaction yes exactly it’s done to my satisfaction
mostly there is not too much missing there is maybe one or two nice cosmetic
features I would like to have but I actually need to get a coder on this to
to get this to be done and yeah there is more important stuff to do it was right
now so this is on the back burner and but yeah as I said I also coordinate
stuff so yeah there is one to two to three hours per week that I spend that I
spent on coordinating yeah the development process talking to to our
artist West office at but also not any pace that would be yeah annoying let’s
just say I’m asking for progress like once something like this not not
annoying people daily or something like that binge eating and don’t you dare be
five minutes late no I don’t know that’s not going to
happen yeah say you see you yeah what’s the focus of development what are you
looking to add to the game mostly new assets so right
now we’re adding the fight to max to the chosen lineup that we have all of this
is announcer I don’t have to actually mince words the Kodiak is coming and the
sander is coming those max are right now being the Kodiak it’s actually about to
go into the alpha build it’s pretty much done and yeah the sander is still a bit
further out but yeah the next pattern that’s what the next patch were pretty
much continuously the Kodiak and the sander yeah so that’s mostly what I’m
doing coordinating with the artists where are
they at was their stuff um yeah I mean there have been times at the beginning
of the development when I actually put serious hours into this at the beginning
of the time when I felt I really wanted to felt felt the need to put in features
because there was simply is important stuff lacking on the outside there was
times when I worked weekends and put 12-hour weekends and where I also had
the staycation at one point where I where I worked 12 hours a day for three
days straight yeah but also took place yeah basically could see the definitely
love in the game that we actually played it and and what you guys put into it and
– it’s wonderful I just have a question – like how often do you guys do patches
and and mechs and all kind stuff is it kind of like what PGI does like or used
to do like every month they have a new mech or is it like whenever you guys get
around to it no we can’t keep a hard schedule like this I mean this is all
volunteer work it’s impossible to keep a schedule like that it’s more realistic
to say the small patches take from three to four months and the bigger patches
might actually end up taking from 6 to 8 months because yeah that’s what we have
nobody on a salary and everybody needs to volunteers a time and yeah so that’s
how it’s good it has to be just has to be like that and I remember
bad figure you kind of teased something in our play time something you were
looking at for potential future patches are you willing to talk about that if
we’re talking about like the new battle armor systems that is a it’s a really
huge work in progress but it’s it’s still mostly kind of on the back burner
it’s not a very high priority but there’s is it’s gonna be a lot of work
like right now the more more important focus the more immediate focus rather is
getting the new mechs and tanks in and then after that shifting focus it will
be the focus will go to the new battle armor system which will be basically a
system where you start out in a Nighthawk tal suit for both back from
the team I said yeah and I can’t reveal too much because there’s a lot of
unknowns in this but you are able to get into a mech with this Nighthawk super
suit and you can also choose to buy a battle armor like what any other asset
any other tank or mech and you’ll have the ability to choose ideally in in the
end result the ideal and the result is that you’d be able to choose from all
four classes of battle armor light medium heavy assault and I think we
might have the kind of battle armor already worked out but I don’t know if I
can reveal too much about that I think it’s already been noted that the gnome
and the so called the fire legs yeah the Phalanx that one those two are already
all set but they still need they still need some work like the models are done
the textures are done I think as well but they still need to be put into the
game they still have to make it into the alpha build they still have yet to get
hit boxes and everything else sorted that’s literally actually we also talked
about we also just officially talked about this in our discord already about
the light PA that we want to include the self and the de carga is ACOG he is
actually already done as a model as well so yeah that’s also coming yeah it’s
interesting you you talked about the Nighthawk that was a first s LD f battle
armor correct yeah yeah okay that’s cool that’s cool
Laura I love it well the Paul it’s a power armor light it’s yeah it’s
precursor as a Nighthawk is a sonic tech yeah no it was a basic was the basis of
the of the battle armor kind of like when Clint claimed well write it yeah
cool cool even awesome I love it see if like this go ahead on yeah on the
back burner by necessity because getting the battle armor stuff to work there we
are back by reacted flat flash again we really need someone that is able to do
ActionScript coding and finding somebody like that is almost impossible so yeah
it’s not only impossible because these people are rare it’s also impossible
because to be honest it’s a terrible job if you look at what’s actually in there
in the source files you you will be running away screaming as well because
you have files there that is just copy 758 or something and it’s an an awful
mess it’s a very poorly documented very minimal documentation if anything there
I haven’t seen it myself but from what I’ve read it’s barely documented
Wow exactly you almost to get this work done you I
said this and not I wasn’t even really joking you probably probably have to
crowdfund a salary to get anybody who work on this pretty much because yeah
it’s just it’s just that that what is that terrible nobody or pretty much
nobody want to delve into this it’s night it’s night nephew exactly I have a
wonder the question to that basically you talked about crowdfunding and all
the different types of things would you ever consider actually making the game
and distribute it like you know $49.99 29 a night like whatever it is bakes or
whatever you guys decide cuz I mean so far like I’ve seen the game and it’s
actually really good you know that you guys did an awesome job on it was a lot
of fun to play I and you know in the future with this fan you know base type
thing would you ever consider selling it you know basically to have that kind of
stuff and you know you guys actually get paid for the time and money you guys put
into this and love you guys do know know that that’s been decide no there will
never be this will never be a commercial project Nev on can’t be there will never
be donations nothing of the kind that’s not going to happen
very good yeah I’m assuming that kind of comes back to the same thing most
fingers have with the licensing issues word yes yeah we couldn’t we couldn’t do
that that’s then we would have the lawyers and I was really really quickly
and but since we weren’t topic of kind of licensing can you talk about your
relation to the officially licensed studios and I got how does Microsoft
view the project do we have any contact with Microsoft at all or do we know I do
need kind of under the waiter know Microsoft hasn’t reached out to us at
all and GI hasn’t reached out to us at all and I don’t think they ever will
again because I they they made their money on mwo and they’re
making some money on macro five at this point we are not a threat for them
anymore as I said look at they are done with the crisis and look at the the
communities that actually actively plays it’s no they have no reason to actually
go after us ever again don’t see this ever happening yeah hypothetically if
you had the option to officially-licensed Mike we’re living
legends would you be willing to do it to be safe with these situations and
licensing they never want to say it’s always and that’s why if you’re trying
to Diggle the diamond oh but what about if you know a society collapsed which
you did all this guy says he wants to society can release his game and know
exactly because we haven’t really discussed this hypothetical at all and
we are not really able to speak for the entire team in this anyway but it says
the tendency is probably no I guess future yes it’s a fan project it’s all
down just on people’s free time there’s no money involved no donations nothing
like that and yeah in some ways we have enough you have a budget of cutie as it
is it’s you don’t want to put that behind a paywall yeah but being off
community and since we do have birthing here let’s real quick touch on marketing
because mega relations marketing is limited as far as I know at least a lot
of people don’t even know about the game and for example the YouTube channel has
spin apparently dead for seven years do you
guys have any plans to expand on your marketing revitalized YouTube channel
and stuff like that if we had some means to consistently or at least fairly
consistently make media to put into onto YouTube we we definitely would I mean
really I would definitely go for it but I mean as it is my times been kind of
limited and it’s kind of hard to find anybody willing to put in a lot of time
to kind of orchestrate putting putting together like a video of any kind of
promotional content like that um it’s not really something easy to do
especially because crisis the way it’s set up it’s kind of difficult to get
good recordings that are very clean and crisp and so and then also editing that
and putting it all together that’s it’s kind of a big process and I mean I
myself I don’t really have a ton of time especially now to do it if I do have
time I would I would go for it but as well like we we had we had a person or
to make videos before and I mean they’re still around but of course they also
have life stuff to deal with so if I had if we had that kind of time to do yeah
we would would you mind if I took a crack on it yeah I mean if you we would
definitely appreciate that that’s we are kind of depending on pretty much on the
outside to do to do oh yeah yeah to make media I mean I can only do so
much one one person can I do yeah yeah I was just gonna ask at least
some the where the community sort of works that the biggest thing is just
getting people down to play the game having you know certain times where
everyone turns up to play how will have things being full like to extremists
have any two people on Twitch taking an interest in the game so I’ve been
reaching out to twitch streamers before most usually never get back to me even
if I focus on a few more times and there have been some like I mean
critical rocket has streamed or streams Mike living legends pretty consistently
I think it’s every other week wash has announced that he’s going to be
streaming every other week so there’s that we did get XP gamers to stream and
make a video that got into his mod spotlight library that was kind of
successful of course it also depends on the kind of community that streamer has
around them because some aren’t really battle tech oriented at all and they
just played MechWarrior games kind of like when when they feel like it and
their audience joins in and watches but if it’s if it’s some kind of streamer
that’s very McQuarrie oriented it does sometimes tend to be pretty hard to find
a good one like I mean we have reached out to the beef I’ve reached out to men
G & G but that’s not really been an especially successful initiative yes I
plan to stream every other week with Clark as well – like on Twitch and try
to promote you guys because it’s a lot of fun
the problem about getting people interested also is that our game is our
primary primary game mode it’s kind of old-school everybody got so conditioned
into wanting RPG light elements that we are just not offering for example
everything your chief and the game is through skill alone and yeah it’s it
also has kind of a it’s not an easy learning curve really he’s getting
having success in the game you will when you’re especially when you’re fresh when
you never played in that game before it’s hard yeah it’s hard to actually to
to get any success out of this not to get stumped oh by the by our hardcore
veterans that’s our just seance I will take them apart yeah and it also looks
like it’s a over a decade old probably because it is there is a lot of people
want a lot of shiny graphics yeah like when I looked at them they were
actually be happily decent they were good you know got like the functional
it’s just obviously if you’re comparing it to a modern battlefield game Oh
exactly there’s no that’s of course and there
can be no comparison because we cannot achieve this kind of polish that’s just
impossible for us also going back to the to the skill part
there are a lot of veterans that can take you apart in a matter of seconds
honestly but there are they can also help you learn if you’re willing to just
take it easy a little bit and actually listen to feedback because if you really
want to actually you know be good at the game you you have to put in some effort
to learn it all and there are people that are willing to help you along the
way if you can act like you can ask in game people will help you there there’s
a training server testing server that you can go into and take whatever asset
you want and play around with it for as long as you want and there’s the discord
is a great place also it’s another resource where you can get a lot of help
for how to how to do well in the game yeah and on the standard subject when
you were had long I mean dumb keg actually did a very very good job on
introducing you to the game I think he he drifted a bit too much into advanced
tactics because he is of course and very experienced player so yeah so he
introduced you right away how to actually how to effectively be tickets
and stuff like that that’s not really necessary knowledge you’re just starting
out I’d say yeah actually mate or very it was very well done by him one thing I
think was missing was just actually do not fight on the map do not try to run
around alone stay in a team or even better and look at in your player list
in your scroll list who is doing the best and try to stay in his shadow and
move was around with them that also will you help you a lot to not get completely
destroyed when you are on the actual battlefield yeah it’s kinda like an
every game it’s a team game oh my god maybe should stay with the team I wish
this was advised that I or on that would promote also of know
like if you’re gonna move of somebody definitely shoot at what they’re
shooting even if you guys don’t kill it somebody will eventually kill it and so
you’ll get the see Bills of the points that will come in for assisting the kill
and honestly even worrying about making kills all the time in the TC game-mode
is really not that important it’s more about actually capturing the the points
the the cap points bases factories just for instance if you take a forward
factory that’s a pretty valuable spot and you can turn out your mechs and
tanks all day there but you have to make sure that somebody can defend it you
have to make sure that somebody can you know that it doesn’t get taken by the
other team and driving away the enemy team is gonna be pretty important not
just outright killing them sometimes if you’ll want to outright kill somebody
but you’re gonna have to chase them and that way that’s a great way to get
yourself killed in the process hmm except except when you’re playing
Solaris arena then you are in a free-for-all killing environment that’s
that’s just kill each other as quickly and as effectively as possible I kind of
wonder if maybe were somewhat too deep into the living legends tactics what no
that might be something for each episode just in case you guys might be
interested to come back on at some point with me so get back to the basics yeah
back to the basics so you guys as the desk we actually played again because we
filled a lot of time that this don’t really want to play their own game after
developing it how do you feel about that well I play um kind of sporadically when
I have time I used to play a lot more frequently but life stuff has been
keeping me away from that yeah I play regularly you’ll often see me in a
shadow cast the entire game sometimes in an Osiris the entire game some mention
or even the entire game too because those are just my fun fun mechs you know
you can just run around all day and providing assist and jump away too as for me I can say there is definitely
some truth to this notion when you are em when you’re behind the behind the
curtain some of the magic it’s a bit lost
that’s how it is you’re working on it and it’s it’s the indeed you love it as
much as you as you do but it’s still work in the end but that’s not the
entire reason for me for me not playing as much or actually I’m now I’m actually
playing really as because the play times has regressed a bit and that it used to
be early European evening to late night us
and now it’s yeah nighttime European to late night us so it has become worse for
me to actually catch game time it has also a lot to do with it yes us
poor Europeans are kind of limited to the weekend
yeah it’s basically we have to get back the the European players that was the
first let’s get on to Manny maybe bring a couple more clams along – that would
be really fun for the competitive events that we sometimes oh you still
competitive fence what do you mind telling us a bit about in the Hat yeah
so we had an event called chaos march that ran I think from what was it 20
2013 or so talk about chaos March and when we talk about the history as well
yes we’ve heard about but do you have any anything that’s really still going
on competitive ice so occasional 3 V Series that’s been a bit on hiatus
because the the organizer is taking a break but we also have Saturday night
open work nights so those are like those are organized organized play so you have
your regular TC game except everybody’s on comms communicating and trying to
capture the objective and get their team to win and that yes leading us we speak
yeah it’s going on right now actually and that’s that’s the main one that’s
been going on and I think we also have inside like between a couple of the more
active clans in the community between Star adarand clan jerry falcon there’s
also a kind of like friendly skirmishes so again everybody in comms and you have
each team competing with like you know you the organisers choose you have to
get a certain like layout like you have three people per team and they have to
fight in specific assets and they have to try to work up their skills and it’s
a great way to kind of step out of your comfort zone and try a new asset or a
new variant of that asset and since we’re talking about the present
progression system if I recall correctly the Siebel or a
credit system is kind of thing from the crisis multiplayer originally how
specifically did you decide that you wanted to adapt that for my credit
legends or do we have any insights on how the original team decided that insights on how to I guess it seemed
obvious because the system was there and also it meshes really well with yeah was
the TC game that we and we actually got was he catch up mechanics and plays
basically when you join late and the big boys are playing and you should the with
suits and with smaller assets you are able to to who catch up fairly quickly
to do the other players to get yourselves into better assets oh yeah it
works really this counter-strike battlefield hybrid just works really
well for for the game type that they came up with hmm and talking about the
game type and the per question system I recall birthing you wanted to talk about
the lack of a mix-up yeah the the lack of a mech lab there’s a kind of a it’s
not a really big reason why but I mean it is a big reason but it’s it’s kind of
complex to there’s it’s kind of first of all it’s a balancing nightmare to put it
simply because you’re gonna have you know like you have had you have lrms you
have ATM you have the different kinds of ATMs you have arrows you have all these
big scary weapons and trying to balance that for a multiplayer game so that
everybody feels like it’s working well for them on both ends to like I mean if
you’re getting hit by Hag it’s you don’t want it to be like
something that just instantly takes you out and like you know two seconds or
like a like likewise with AC 20’s or ultra AC 20s you don’t want to get like
you know even if you’re in a light mech you don’t want to just lose a limb right
away so you have to find like the right spot
for for that if we have if you have a mech lab everybody it’s gonna be kind of
mid maxing your builds you’re gonna try to you’re gonna end up basically a form
a cordon line has where people typically take the most optimal builds or
sometimes you’ll have people that take an assault pack and then put like 1 lb X
2 on it and I don’t know what else they do for the rest of the tonnage but I’ve
seen people that do that or just like put tagging narc and that’s it I don’t
know what’s up of that but that’s Leighton not knowing what they’re doing
yeah yeah let me add to my two cents as well is it
the the choice the magnet offers is deceptive it’s actually two edged sword
as birds sing already said you have choice but what does the choice and up
was in the end everybody is going to run around was the most effective builds I
can get away with and everybody else is going to copy it and no matter how what
you’re doing was a maglev how much you restricted the community will find the
meter game chees it’s inevitable yeah and for that reason we decided that
there is no reason to bother with this at all and we might as well just have
our and have our project director make balanced and fair variance for everybody
to play with and thereby have a much better experience instead of everybody
as I said taking the takings and metagame Supermax and everything else is
on the wayside the usual reason to include MATLAB and like a lot of the
other games we cover in the franchise is if you’re in the core online they takes
a while to grind up the mech and grind all the parts etc etc like you’re
sticking with a Mac for a long time that’s the same for battle tech by
hairbrained schemes or MechWarrior 5 but McQuarrie living legends you have you
can have a completely different Mac you can have a completely different vehicle
every sport yes exactly we are thinking as a dev team for the Mac nap is
excellent for the single-player experience of course when there is
actually when you can actually do something long time with that like
repair times and all this kind of stuff when you can take that into account
that’s not everything is available at all the time then a Mac that is a good
thing but for multiplayer where you can just always build what you want it’s
more a detriment than the positive really and there’s also if I could add
to that as well we have the element of aircraft
so if somebody starts maxing out the optimization of an aircraft like you end
up having you know like dual having costs rifle she was like we used to have
once in a while like way back in in the point 7.1 days that was like a flying
Fafnir and I don’t think anybody’s gonna want to experience that on earth near
land air maybe yeah as far as I can tell at least the the big selling point
McQuarrie living legends is just simply that it’s some somewhat trying to make
bring to life was described in law you know combined arms warfare with
generally like stock mech loadouts the thing is with a lot the other battle
tech video games is it’s usually done from the perspective of you know I can
make a mercenaries a leading your own lance of mechs and for that people want
to feel empowered by being able to edit their max but in this case you’re
actually a soldier or on the frontlines and you’re taking out a bog-standard
mech you are taking out your own customized mech for a special ops
mission like you are in most of the other games
yeah that’s um that’s a good perspective to have on that as well yeah cuz most
Warford during that time is actually combined-arms they they usually use the
infantry and the tanks and the aerospace to soften up the other mech battalions
and then send in the mechs the type stuff where you know kind of destroy
them as much as I can and when you’re a soldier on the front
line I mean you’re already so lucky enough to be able to choose whatever
Becky wants be stuck in that ass IRA so game long and I mean some of us would
like it some of us are just like I watch it to be in a big Becket all I got was
this a Cyrus yeah yeah exactly in the military you just get something assigned
and that’s what you’re going to use end of story hmm yeah I I definitely
agree I think living legends sitting the wiliness sweet spot between the power
fantasy that battle take usual educators to while still keeping it fairly simple
and I guess easy to balance would be they main argument there yeah it’s
Dean’s a little into the power fantasy but it’s still it leans into being a big
battlefield or the big warfare and for that
just like the old I at least remember battlefield 1942 you you were just happy
to spawn on the airfield and there’ll be an airplane there you didn’t have to
yeah you did you weren’t asking for a mech lab or anything else extra on top
of that just you want to get involved in the battle yes okay moving on kind out
what work are you guys most proud of you can go either from personal what you
personally enjoy most or as a team what you almost proud of well I would have
two points for that actually one is personal one is for the team go for okay
personally my proudest achievement in this is that I got all the reload on
psycho sounds into this game I thought that was really necessary to actually
know when your weapon is ready to fire again because there was hardly or well
there was indication you could see it up top in the and the a web manager but
when you are value in the middle of the fighting it’s kind of hard to glance up
there and see okay I can be fire my PC now and it’s it’s not even like a bar
that fills I can make horror online it’s exactly green or red you can go or you
can’t yeah so that system getting that system in place and
there was two iterations offered one that was clumsily done by me
I simply before I could get a coda on it I simply attached to the firing sound a
delay that was exactly the right time when that and so when this sound you
went played the full time weapon was ready to fire again
hey I mean as long as it works it ain’t stupid
oh it’s just for balance reasons if you have an AC 20 and you want to make it
cool down extra long it went from bang to bad no no the sound was still the
same you just had a long space of silence in between between the low
reload sound or as a psycho sound and the actually firing sir oh yeah that
would work wait actually click look the player
wouldn’t notice that this is of course but well the system had its limits about
and luckily I actually got a coder onto this and yeah we made it a system that
actually makes sense I have actually a lot of control over it as well there is
a fuzzy Mechanics for example for when you are when you’re when your autocannon
is it’s ready there is a threshold for that and so that you do not and when
you’re expanding or getting into Z into Z overheat zone there is a and you get a
warning tone and when you’re cooling down and there is a threshold that you
have to go over until the warning controls like how it plays again if you
are not far enough away from the threshold the warning tone will not will
not be played again yeah and for the team yeah as for the team
yeah we had a crisis and but I don’t really remember when that was exactly
anymore birthing do you remember when they actually shut down the game spy
service oh well as they we were on I think that was in 2014 sometime around
then no no no I mean we were and we were on not that I mean not the office yeah that wasn’t I think October 2018 no
wait that was no that was August or yeah yeah it was August yeah yeah
exactly and the the server admin of the list service that we are on the games by
alike service that were on sent out a notification I’m going to shut this down
this has been more trouble than it is worth and yeah everybody has one month
to actually find a different solution and we really had to pull this together
super quickly and the team made that happen that without delay is that we
actually switched from from their solution to our really at now autonomous
solution we have a listen now our own games by alike server service so not
dependent on anything anymore like that and yeah there was there was no in
between time where the list service was not available either we were still on
there or we had already switched to unto ours and I mean imagine how terrible it
would be for therefore for the community now everybody is yeah so pandered by
steam and stuff like that when you actually would have to connect through
ip’s because there is no list service so yeah we actually managed to to get this
done in the month that was really quite the terrible cruncher but we made it
happen it should never was really a problem for
the end user speaking steam you said that well
actually I’m just curious can you actually put it on Steam as free as well
nope oh we can’t the problem the problem is that the game of course identifies
itself as crisis wars so when you look in the registry and your fire registry
and you won’t find McVerry living legends there you find crisis was
instead so yeah this is where we would really get in trouble with EA if we try
to put em wll on on Steam because yeah it identifies itself as crisis was and
it’s also our crisis was install is custom so it’s it leads to its coded
that it leads to ours and network server so if you want to play it with something
else as actually won’t work so it’s yes unfortunately can’t happen because of
course that was we were thinking about the set we could get a lot more traction
if we actually men made it onto steam but yeah for that reason we can’t really
do it and we don’t have really an idea how we could get around that maybe mmm
not putting as a doing it as a crisis there is no crisis was not either so or
crisis was demo mode because this is a it’s a demo not Nazi actually full
version of it so yeah it’s not really not a problem I think we can solve we
would like to go and steam as I said we I guess we could get a lot of traction
simply through people stumbling onto this there is millions on players of
steam on steam but yeah it’s not something we can do how about streamers
basically as far as like us there we’re gonna go stream the game like do we put
it under MechWarrior do we put it under my quarter 5 like where we put it under
there in the net way living legend category of which I’m British okay cool
Coco all papi ask you the easy questions since you work another topic
I was really interested in the launcher because I recall last time I played
before like couple weeks ago you actually had to own crisis and get a CT
so it could install the game and install crisis was ism installed in elections as
a mod how did you guys get around that was tricking without really angering
quite AG and ei yes as I already said with her this is
leads into this kind of or basically this is kind of in reverse order now the
switch to crisis was demo of course mix as possible because that’s a standalone
installer and it doesn’t cost anybody anything the demo is freely available
for everyone and yeah that made the whole this whole install process much
easier and there’s no longer no longer dependent on something that you actually
need to buy of course helps helps yeah I’m just I was just kind of
wondering because you have your own installer right you are not using the
classes demo installer and have you integrated the demo or do you have found
a completely custom one and if you’ve done a custom one are you afraid that EA
is gonna have issues with them as the demo is not completely custom as
I set it points to the network stuffs points to our server install
infrastructure that’s what’s custom about the the install of of the demo
it’s also a little bit stripped down so you have less of like all that overhead
from the original demo so it’s a little more accrual scale like about bare-bones
kind of like hmm yes a lot of the assets that actually are in the demo has been
stripped that we have no use for and no actually I don’t think we need to be
worried about this because this is a demo it’s not it’s not a full product we
should be we should be fine with this nobody place a place the crisis was demo
anyway at this point that’s not something that’s going to happen
stick a sequence was the Modi multiplayer-only demo are you talking
about this single player demo the practice was is only multiplayer
crisis was it’s the multiplayer component of your Isis so okay yeah was
just kind of running because the only time I was familiar before Steve one for
the single-player quests one and I guess I missed that crisis was it its own demo that’s kind of funny okay going somewhat
back on the thing like birthing I don’t think you’ve said yet what are you most
proud of really just making it this far being in
the community manager position one of the community managers and doing the PR
for this for for quite a while now but it’s that’s really stuff for me on a
personal level that’s it’s kind of a nice achievement I guess I done a good
amount contributed a lot for this done a lot of hired a lot of people on will not
hire on board and I guess a bunch of people helped of that recruited a bunch
of like one of our biggest contributors through the code is I got him on board
well I helped get him on board really to be more specific but I’m also most of
our artists that we have now also I helped get on board and like pajama boy
was one of our was one of our artists as well and we actually have a pretty good
relationship with him and wolves and I’m glad to be kind of like facilitating
that yeah he mentioned in a podcast with him I think he made the Summoner model
the the end of this and I think he also might have textured a thinner yeah
that’s that’s true I’m actually yeah we have a joint project right now he is
making a salmon out that for of course for his project and this same salmon are
is going to show up in macro a living legend as well it will be slightly
edited because we have well they in Mecca so you do not have torsos or sight
horses and different hit locations so that doesn’t really matter so there will
be an edited version of the salmon will at some point from him from his project
will at some point actually go into living legends yeah as a cross-promotion
mm-hmm okay cool so is there anything you guys wish you
done different or earlier or not at all during development process the past
years oh that’s actually a tough one we asked
our questions here I mean no we couldn’t have really prevented
that we could no actually I don’t think there’s anything like that because these
things that we do regret there is there was no way of anticipating this for
example we had the time when when the PPC was actually dealing heat damage by
accident we it’s some kind some code was activated some strange way nobody
noticed that and the PPC starting started to delete damages if so we’re
plasma cannons and that actually that was quite the havoc that was cast
through that like a couple days yeah it was it was fixed really quickly and
nobody really could have anticipated this it just dropped on on the heads of
the team and there it was I mean we probably it probably could have been
caught if testing what would have been more it would have been done bad if we
had if it was it was tested more thoroughly then this probably wouldn’t
have happened so it was just a reminder to actually rigorously test our stuff
before we release it but yeah it was yeah something that came out of the blue
basically is that nobody yeah thought was going to happen
testing the bane of all developments I can relate you ride one line of code and then five
lines of test yeah so you were kind of touching on some of the necks and assets
you were planning on getting in in the future you’ve had a really recent
addition to your game that’s been really well received in the water can you talk
a bit about the process of getting this fan favorite and to make random legends
yeah of course yeah first of all and say the first thing you do of course is that
you assign the the mech to an artist to model it and to to texture it and all of
that and when that is done you and we it is passed on to our leading developer
who is unfortunately the only one who has the rest of the pipeline down the
modulus can basically use whichever rendering software I want or they have
to produce and the Enderson in output formats that 3ds max is able to read we
are locked into 3ds max in this in this way because yeah the whole export script
to get stuff into CryEngine there is nothing that exists that other than for
CryEngine so it needs to go through 3ds max with where it ends up in the hands
of our good man Invictus our project leader he then makes the whole model and
creates the animations that are necessary and when all and there might
also be model adjustments at that point again the necessity to actually change
arms or other parts of some max who’s that plant weapons actually fit and yeah
are not oversized for it so it might be handed back to the medulla or Invictus
makes it changes since themselves that are necessary and then they didn’t go
back to him and yeah when when this is all done it ends up in the Alpha builds
and gets internal testing and yeah when we have collected
everything that we want to put out and to the next update it then gets passed
on to our to our Pte to our pre testing environment which can be closed our eyes
are open and closed for internal testing and we also now have an open event where
people can just participate we actually encourage that because yeah it’s always
easier or oftentimes easier to catch stuff in open place so it gets gets
through the paces there and when that is done we’re closing the PDA again if
necessary we make adjustments and when all of that is done the update gets
released so actual testing basically actually I think in some cases we are
doing.we our actual testings and Triple A developers yeah yeah yeah I agree I
agree what’s so obviously your player base is
not only free but also the most verbal test you can ever get so yeah public
testing is really good way to go one thing that I was wondering what’s the
relation and the process between doing the actual acid-like modeling animation
stuff and the code you need to do in the background for the asset like putting
two loads and stuff like that not thus this happen in parallel or do we have a
specific order on workflow for them first you yeah first you have to put put
together the actual crisis model assets all the files that are necessary and
after that the XML creation begins and the actual where is he where the
actually values are set up for the neck what is the punish of the neck what neck
legs head is it using what are the variants all of that happens in the XML
file and yeah it’s also what Invictus does nobody else is touching that stuff
yeah that’s how it works okay cool are you what kind of tools are using for
that stuff like obviously Co engine area editor you’ve talked about what a meters
using for the animations what else do we have like your stuff for a sound suit
what tools do you use of course we are using of course the sandbox when the
mappers are mainly using the sandbox and graphic tools as for me specifically I
have an audition license and of course I’m I’m working with earth mod or C was
the sound system that’s integrated into the into crisis funny stuff about that
is actually I had to work in the beginning I had to work with a really
really really ancient version of of F mod it was it’s actually so ancient
that is that when I convert the F more team or file I technology is the
creators of F mod do not even have that sing archived anymore so it’s that
ancient and it was terrible it’s actually produced a lot of errors it’s
produced a lot of grief for me a lot of tears and a lot of smashing my fists on
the table oh Jesus and but thankfully I actually managed to replace as I got in
contact with fire light technologies and they open up their archive for me and I
was very very lucky the second to last thing was a second to last versions I
actually had archive of F my designer was still compatible with the version of
CryEngine we had and that version thankfully runs way
more stable and causes me a lot less griefs and yeah this first version of f
mods that yeah as I said file like they didn’t even archive that do you have any
insights what software your artists and modelers are using yes our modelers are
mostly on blender they’re utilizing blender and for texture output they are what is why isn’t slipping right now
birthing do you remember this kind of it’s it’s and it’s unlike of my tongue
right a substance beta right so using substance beta to texture the the assets yeah yeah blender is actually for free
correct yes Brenda Brenda is a free pre-suit for modeling then there’s the
kind of chill once you’ve learned it you’ll never need anything else
I gotta learn it first though you can do video editing and blend not that I would
recommend you do it it’s technically possible though I just want to use it
just to make some like intros and stuff like that and that’s about it you know
interest natura stuff like that clay notice we kind of skipped a bit about
the lawn first stuff we didn’t really get into that did so the the inclination
of cilantro that we now have that is actually able to do Delta patch which
was a huge accomplishment for us was created by our develop must develop a
star race he was the one who actually made that thing finally possible which
is a huge huge boon to us if you want to we want to put out and the update
everybody just has to click the Update button and every see every band you can
simply download it that way there is no more that you actually have to download
an archived version to get yourself up to date you just click the Update button
when we release it and that’s it we still had some problems with for North
American people because our server infrastructure before a couple of months
ago was mainly located in Germany and the for some American user see the line
through to Europe is really really bad so as I had missed no downloads one
instance where was ever arrested been declined yeah so they had like two hundred five
kilobyte per second download speed and yeah that’s not really fun so but
luckily we actually got pretty recently we were able to to mirror the whole
stuff on the trails we asked so well speakin ranges that’s also the
service you played on when you yeah during the livestream you did and since
then for the American half of of our community download speeds have been much
better okay by the Bob now I’m kinda gonna refer to you because I’m out of
questions to ask do you have anything else you wanna add under this where will
you add the slowpoke it’s very important it’s very important to buyer wider wants
to know do you even know what a slowpoke is that’s gonna be the first question
you imagine host even designed an ultra-light neck and then host Lee I
would try to copy it but it literally every single stat worse so it’s a it’s a
mech that has two tons of armor a single medium laser and cost the speed of a
newbie yeah I know they wouldn’t do be as a meme we get that all everybody is
layer the erbia is so great because it sets in say 20 but really it would be
absolutely terrible on 95% of our maps they are wide open space and such thing
as slow as hell it has only that AC 20 was limited range there would be no fun
dry and one piloting this ever so it’s just well there you see the slowpoke
would be even better because it’s only got a single medium later and it doesn’t
even have it also so you got um oh well I know I don’t actually most
of my questions were actually answered once I put in there the only other thing
is how can the community help in promoting more of macquarie living
legends so for that really just reaching out to other people and talking about it
even just playing it more often would be nice but reaching out talking about it
seeing like if any community figures any community figures would be willing to
take part okay that’s about it for me asking the
questions all right yeah I think that’s good beer van
I guess what we could talk about or what we could mention is what we are planning
to do next actually okay yes you as we already said the DBA update is
unfortunately mostly on the backburner so what we are actually going to work on
instead is aerospace updates again there will be another pass on the whole flight
system there will be we will actually we have a new system in place for the SS
that will include an air brake so that we can actually make blending is
actually not that hard anymore you say that it used to be way worse you had to
be really before a certain patch you almost always exploded when you try to
land that was fixed a long time ago thankfully yeah that’s the air brake
will probably spice up the air to air game also that’s not that much of a
focus because at where’s kind of if he anyway the fighter role is actually more
meant to actually yeah hunt down bombas and so yeah there are two men to to
could take down the bombas not to fight each other but it hopefully adds a bit
more to that the a break and also the value changes that are planned
and yeah most and on the more important part there will be a change to the
housing house the vehicles actually fly because house the V pods fly that’s yeah
not necessarily physical possible they have so much so much upward thrust that
yeah and it’s actually it’s a unique system
and it allows for yes some kind of exploitation is a hard word but we call
it ballooning basically you are hanging at in a spot and adding a downward and
the neck or the tank has pretty much no way to respond to this and it angers a
lot of people so we really want to get rid of zits and attempting to get a
strata system or in place that’s yeah like a battlefield helicopter basically
so that yeah that that the VTOL is not as annoying to fight and that it
actually is able to hover but because right now it really isn’t
you can’t hover there’s always your eyes are go up or you go down but and that
makes landing quite a chore it’s not easy to lend veto without causing it
without getting self damage it’s a bit of a stressful process and that will
also help actually make that more viable so yeah veto and not only a model change
but because this model change also is supposed and to support the heavy vetoes
that we are planning also have been in the game for cried advisors see and one
is the N her and see which one is there’s a kind of right the carnival TN
her one for is of course and one for plan one heavy vehicle each which will
also be a mobile be a spawn point and it will have automated turreted guns to
actually yeah to fight stuff on the ground so I guess at that point since we
are closing in on to our recording time thank you guys for being
here on the 4th circuit podcast and even more so thank you guys for all the work
you’re putting it into make of a living legends I’m gonna speak for everyone
here on the first circuit and everyone we’ve talked to so far and say Mega Man
Legends is a amazing game and please go ahead and relay our things to a team
you’re doing amazing work and best of luck for all you’re doing going forward
so Ron it’s not amazing it’s fantastic that’s what it is it’s fantastic I loved
playing it was a lot of fun up I plan to play a lot more actually
yet we are very glad to hear that in sports as a community anyway you can and
be part of so you can be part of the game stream the games that’s that’s
awesome and yeah as for me it has been a pleasure to talk with you guys are we
happy to hear but and to be here and also very happy to record and to return
at another date oh definitely if we plan to have more so yeah definitely yeah I’m
also I’m really glad you guys had us on and I hope to come back again and we
will were definitely really or thanks to the team it was a real pleasure to have
you guys have-have the guys host as it was really yeah and the birthday man
thank you actually for contact me cuz I mean literally we were just about to
contact you guys and we’re like oh yeah maybe we should go cock tease you know
going contact him in that birthing cos hey what do you know hey I’m here it was
awesome thank you better appreciate that I couldn’t have contacted you actually
without like hearing from pajama boy yeah so really thanks to help guiding me
know okay okay definitely let me know what pajama boy in the wolves is
actually pretty good project as well too and let me play that yes leader as well
yes we left those guys awesome yeah definitely little the love of the game
which is the greatest thing about our community and that’s what you guys show
in 10-fold man that’s awesome thank you guys so much for everything
you guys do thank you yeah it’s it’s I mean as a dev see only gratification you
get out of a project like this actually is when when you see stuff working and
when people enjoy what you’re doing so this is great I love it the funniest one
or two percent agree and just going to say we all enjoyed a
and with that I’m gonna wrap up the episode if you guys don’t have anything
else to end thank you very much for listening in on defer to the podcast
episode 114 today we’ve been talking about Mike from the Valencians featuring
special guests and birthing hey Fi and we also had our usual host spider lark
all pub lark lark at myself in Caesarea thanks Kent Ferguson and have an amazing
day later you

5 thoughts on “The First Circuit Podcast #114 Mechwarrior Living Legends w/Real Dev’s

  • Hi guys thx for 1st circuit.
    Man i feel old compairing to the devs 😀 my first mechwarrior game was mech 1 😀
    Played living legends so many years ago prior to playing MWO. As you know from my rants, LL has better maps and modes than MWO, and missions really feel like Faction Play. I guess it comes from combined arms. PGI should hire these guys to start working on MWO2 😀
    Huge respect to everyone envolved, from doing it for the love of the game, the difficulties envolved and continued effort to keep things going and updating the game.
    I really need to create an account and get back to LL.
    Thx for 1st circuit guys.

  • 56:00 I'm not a streamer or a video editor, but I like to use my channel to be a historian of online/gameplay for BattleTech games. I watched so many amazing online matches/scores of MechWarrior 3 and 4 and the videos and screencaps by others were lost. I started my channel to help archive BattleTech for the future.

    BTW, I love LL and the community. They feel like the old community from the MSN Gaming Zone.

  • Thank you so much to the folks of First Circuit for having us on! This means a lot to the MWLL dev team, and is seriously appreciated!

  • Thanks Bird_Thing and Andrew! Lots of cool info for the LL uninformed. Love the concept but it's always intimidating to learn a competitive game with a veteran player base. Will have to check out the subreddit and Discord to get more details.

  • Loved hearing the some if the Devs to the best thing to happen to MechWarrior !!!! Kodiak ?!!?!?!?!?! Sunder!?!?! Oh my!!

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