The Worst JDM Cars To Buy

The Worst JDM Cars To Buy

– We’ve all made terrible
decisions before. Okay. You know it. I know it. I was in college once too. (windows error sound) Okay, you’d be shocked at what
you’d do after a few good old pulls of the $8.00 UV Blue. Huh. Anyway, the same is said for
your automotive life, okay? We’ve all made some
pretty regretful decisions with our cars before, but hey, guess what? If you kept some of those
terrible decisions on your car now they’re actually now back in style. Right? How could you be angry
about under glow anymore? But, what if, we could Marty McFly and never make the mistake to begin with? Wow! I’m Alex, @ALEX.FI on Instagram and today we’re going to be talking about some of the worst JDM cars to buy when you’re actually
looking to modify your car. And if this is your first
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get yourself a normal set. Anyway, let’s get into it. When we say worst, we just
mean that they have a tendency to be problematic okay? Parts are hard to source, or they just aren’t too
much fun to drive and own versus how much you’re
paying to make it happen. Sometimes, truth be told, there are some cars in the
world that aren’t actually fun to drive at all. So, that being said, one of the first cars out
of the gate would likely be the Subaru SVX. Now, these cars were way ahead
of their time in the 90’s and if you’ve seen them, you probably didn’t know
what they were back then. You probably do now, but not back then. They had some insanely fancy tech, They had a futuristic looks, They had, and it was Subaru’s attempt
to market against the RX-7. Now unfortunately right off
the bat the car actually didn’t do too well. Rumors of the car losing money
with each sale didn’t help it and the fact that it was
just a little bit bonkers in terms of the sign and the high price, it never really actually took off. Fast forward a few decades
and people wanted to snag them because guess what? They were neat looking. They were pretty cool and
had the fancy windows, you know, they had like the glass windows, it looked really neat and stuff and it… that’s pretty much all
it had going for it. But, here’s the issue though
SVX’s have transmissions made of glass and they
have a tendency to blow up anywhere from 40k to 150k, with
like no, foreseeable issues. Give me one second. This (beep) air is killing! So anyway, like I was saying
it pretty much has everything possible with the transmission blowing up. Sometimes you have wheel bearings
that just have a tendency to go out. You have a lot of the underside
necessity repair issues that just don’t last as
long as they’re supposed to and it’s just not a very
good JDM car to modify. Now, they are neat and if you
enjoy keeping a futuristic classic like this alive, you
can definitely pick one up and they are, you know,
you’re gonna turn heads. The problem is that a lot of times, a lot of the things on this car, they’re not maintenance
items, more than they’re like, wait a minute, why the
hell did that even blow up that makes no sense, I just
repaired it 10,000 miles ago. That’s pretty much what
you’re dealing with. Another car on the list would probably be, I hate to say it, um, the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Now, not all of the Mitsubishi Eclipses, but the 1990 to the the 1994, okay. The generations of the
Eclipse have almost always had a tough time, but a
few hidden gems in the second generation, or if you just modify the hell
out of the first generation. However, the first generation was always a dangerous car to pick up with for a few different reasons. There were some gasket
issues, okay, some A/C issues, some ball joint issues,
alternators, differentials, turbos, steering, uh, hatch issues, rust and more. Now, there was just,
there’s a couple things. They were performing and they
did an absolute fantastic job at the time and can be a
blast to actually drive, but the problem is that
they had constant issues and it makes me sad. Picking up one of these will
usually always make your weekends end up being spent in the garage and if you enjoy that, hell yeah brother. However, the garage time won’t be spent making your car look cool, it will be spent wondering
why the (beep) your car overheats after 42 seconds of being on. Another tough car to
keep alive and also own, would probably be, I’m sorry friends, the Mazda RX8. The RX8 is a properly fun car
and you can do quite a bit with them, but like we’ve talked about
before, RX8’s and RX7’s, are like people that
prefer film photography versus digital photography. The difficulty is what makes it worth it, but it is a difficult thing to do, okay? The RX8 is exactly that. The RX8 is a tough little car to own and a little tougher to love, okay? Because the heart of those
cars, the rotary Wankel engine, can be tough to keep alive because they consistently
just try to off themselves. Lack of oil pressure, a lot of the times, results in their logoff procedure, okay? It’s not the worst car to own, but it’s definitely not fun
if you’re jumping into it as one of your first cars, as you’ll end up dumping a
ton of money into the car for a shop to repair it constantly. RX8’s and RX7’s are for
people that have a tendency to know their way around a rotary or have had good experience as a mechanic, or have had experiences with
repairing motors in the past. And last, but not least,
a car that is terrible, but more terrible to just keep alive, if you’re looking to keep an OEM, would be the Datsun 240/280Z, okay? For the sake of it
we’ll stick to the 240Z, but this will likely apply to all three trim levels of the Z car. Okay, I’ve owned one, so I can say this, they’re sharp looking, fun to drive and they’re one of the classiest
ass JDM cars out there. It’s just a banging car, okay? However, when they are stock, they are pretty much a
massive pain in the ass and here’s why. The Datsun engineers I think
assembled the wiring harness with a blindfold on because
of the way that they did it they’re constantly asking
for an electrical fire. An electrical fire. An OEM electrical fire, okay? The fuses could be blown and
you wouldn’t even notice. The R180 diffs can be problematic because they just have
a tendency to blow up because they put all of their
money into the R200 diff that can handle like a thousand. The inline-six is like a six
year old that hasn’t slept in four days and you’re trying
to get it to eat it’s vegetables in a public restaurant. It just doesn’t want to behave. Not that it couldn’t. Just it doesn’t want to. Pair that with the fact
that Datsun supply shops left and right are slowly
closing down due to the declining support in the aftermarket scene and you may find yourself
sourcing a lot of the parts that you need to keep a Datsun alive from the junk yard versus online, which can be a little bit of a pain. Buying them hasn’t always been fun either as they have appreciated in value and you’re looking for
stock parts or stock cars. They’re really not super-duper
worth the price that you’re now paying for them
unless you plan on modifying a clean platform. The Datsun 240, 260 and 280Z
are some of the classiest and most iconic JDM cars out there right now, but when you go to pick
one up stock for stock, they are a doozy of a car. And a lot of times you can
find yourself repairing them minutes before a car show, minutes before a cruise, minutes before taking it across the city, or minutes before taking them
across the state to Appleton to go to a car show. When you’re going down
41 and all of a sudden your transmission just
decides to take a poop. So, then you take it home and then you find out that
you replace the transmission. So, then you go and you
take her for a drive and then you realize that, you know, one of your fuses has been blown and just decided to melt your
entire half of your wiring harness without actually letting you know, but somehow, miraculously, your turn signal still
works for some reason, even though now they look
like a bloated Chewbacca. Then you’re just trying to figure out, how did you make it this far? You know, how did you make
it this far in the build? You have no idea, but you’re so far in, you don’t even know
what’s going on anymore, so you never drive it anymore. People give you crap for not driving it, but hey, you post pictures
up every once in awhile. It’s pretty fun, you put
a video or two on TikTok, next thing you know you’ve sold it. Everybody’s wondering why you sold it. Secretly, deep down
you wish you’d kept it, but honestly you know, that
if you had that car still, if it didn’t start on fire, you probably would have
started it on fire. Anyway, what do you guys think
are some of the worst cars, JDM cars to own? It’s not like I’m talking from
any past experience at all whatsoever. Let us know in the comments section below and if you’re looking for
aftermarket wheels, tires or suspension, be sure to check
out where we literally have like, everything. I wish I would go into a list
of all the stuff that we have, but it’s a lot, okay? I’m Alex, from Fitment Industries and of course, Kansei giveaway is live. Go to the description link
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100 thoughts on “The Worst JDM Cars To Buy

  • What is your least favorite JDM car? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out wheels, tires, and suspension over at!

  • Be me, have RX8 with 95k, not a single problem after 3 years of daily driving, was my first car, it’s the worst car if you’re an idiot yes.

  • I have a Mitsubishi GTO MR Gen 3. And I'll tell you they're amazing to work on, yes they do have a tight engine space but once you learn and start working into the engine bay more, they're actually fun and gives you a challenge. I love a good challenge! I get all my parts in Australia but some come from UK, US and Japan. It can be expensive but many of the people who make the parts support very well and I'll tell you…. They are worth it if you wanna modify a Gto in the long run. Since I have a MR class too, they're much lighter and the fastest in the class. They turn heads alot and many people at car meets got quite jealous. I'm glad I have my dream car and I'm proud to have it no matter what others say. And reliability is very good if you maintain it properly. I believe people who say they aren't never actually worked on one. No offence.

  • DSM stands for Daily Service Motor 🤣🤣 every time I fix something and something else breaks. I would still buy another talon 1 and 2nd gen

  • Im slightly offended by the fact that i have an eclipse (2g tho) and i would love to have an rx8 (i would prefer rx7 but they are impossible to get nowadays)

  • I want to disagree with you on the rx8 because it’s my first project car but that being said I can’t disagree with you either

  • RX8 owner as my first car. You just need to maintain and use it properly. You need to do rebuild every 60k miles. If you do so, then there is totally nothing to worry about. It's super simple construction engine, there is nothing really to broke. This is definitely not a car that you will have to spend lots of time with it in garage dealing with issues. Maybe some more with modding it to your preferences as this car is a drug, trust me 😀 Is is expensive car to own? Maybe on gas station, but other than that it's not at all. Is rebuild every 60k miles really that much if through all that miles is just failure-free? I wouldn't say so! Also parts aren't any of those expensive, plus if you need something there's lots of whole cars for parts for sell. And it's suuuuper fun to drive with 50:50 weight distribution, rwd and that engine roaring at 10k rpm with decent 3" decat exhaust system, belive me 😀
    But finally… in all honesty, is it good car to own or no? If you wanna buy the car, start the engine and just go through the miles and dont care about engine you have and things tied to it, then big NO. On the other hand, if you are aware user of RX8, you can do maintain the car, check the oil level every refueling and drive it right (like going on higher rpms than normal car, not revving when not warmed up) etc, then… HELL YES 😉
    So let's say I kiiiiiiiiinda understand why it's on the list here, but truly it doesn't deserve it (it's more matter of a car user) 😀

  • Any car over 20 years old is going to have issues. Sure be aware of what they are and factor them in, but in the end enthusiasts are all a little crazy…

  • Been driving my rx8 since I bought it in August 2014, it is the most reliable car I've owned, I'll never own a Ford again.

  • I just went JDM from Euro for the first time. Already knew what I would get if I had the opportunity and it eventually it came. Just picked up a 2011 Si with the K20z3 with only 80k, family driven, all work done at Honda. Plan on going big turbo conservatively running 400hp or so.

    P.S. Who the hell would buy an RX-8? lol

  • 1. Owning a 1g gsx is awesome so long as you're not broke. Did spend a couple weekends just fixing shit but it was well worth it, thing was a blast. 2. I've owned many cars now, and many faster and more valuable than mine but hands down my 04 rx8 has been the best vehicle I've ever purchased, and I dont plan on ever getting rid of It. It's an absolute blast to drive, you can beat the hell out of it with no consequences, and as long as you keep up on matinance they're pretty reliable. Daily drove mine for 3 years aside from winters. Aftermarket parts are abundant and they're for the most part incredibly easy to work on. Also full coverage insurance us about as cheap as covering a 98 civic as technically it's a 1.3l four door. Only thing is I definitely wouldn't recommend owning one if you're not that mechanically inclined or comfortable actually doing work on cars. Also side note burning up a fuse wont melt wiring. Soon as the fuse is gone it's an open circuit. No current flowing.

  • You forgot Sti newer subaru head gaskets and VR6 jettas oil circulation and 1.6tt jettas head gaskets . mr2 electrical and 240z and 300z electrical issues most 240z have electrical issues 30 year old cars tho

  • Anything that’s an import is trash with a few rare exceptions (sti’s, evo’s, 2013+ M5’s, 2013+ M3’s, gtr 35’s, supra’s, and a few porsche’s) otherwise they are trash. Just get a 06+Z06, or a 2017+ Zl1, or 18+ A20 5.0 and smash everything else while sounding cool doing it.

  • I have taken apart many Nissan harnesses and they look like a highschool kid wiring up his stereo built it. I love me a Nissan s-chassis, but the best upgrade for it is a new engine and body harness. If you don't check the harness by the front radiator on an s13 your car will without a doubt short out.

  • Yo I own a 76 s30 280z and it’s a beautiful car. Sure parts are hard to find and the car breaks down once and a while but there’s nothing like driving a classic JDM.

  • Is300 5 speed stock manual…had one sold it. Parts are expensive as fck for a non turbo supra because Lexus. Deep down inside wish I didnt sell it. Lol

  • I wouldn't suggest owning an rx8, yet. The rx8 is a great and fun car, and can actually be pretty reliable if you take care of it properly. (By the way, this is from an owner who loves the rx8 to death) It's purpose is to be a rotary you can daily drive, but also have a lot of fun in. The only problem is it can be expensive, it's only 15 years old at most (assuming you purchase the most common model year of 2004) and it's 10 years off of that magic number 25. That means you have to pass emissions which means no flames or you have to have 2 midpipes, one which you swap in for emissions tests. You also are paying way to much in insurance for a car for a car that (as far as spirited driving on the road is concerned) isn't that fast. My family was paying 2 grand a year to ensure that car, (granted, I'm a teenager and we had full coverage) that was less than my friend with a v8 Camaro, who was only paying about 1700 or 1800 yearly. This is because the insurance company identifies the car as a 2 door 2.6 liter, rather than a 4 door 1.3 liter. It kills me. Furthermore, if you have a shop work on your car for you, you'll break the bank if you're on a tight budget. If you love rotaries and want to drive one everyday, this car is for you and you'll love it because it is more fun to drive than almost anything else with 4 seats. However, if you don't know a whole lot about cars or have deep pockets, stay away, just do yourself a favor and stay farrrr away. If you don't know what you're doing, the rx8 will shit on you. Also, unless you need 4 seats or a daily, and if this is your first rotary just get an N/A fc you'll have a cheaper and easier time.

  • Alex actually did a very fair summery of the rx8. It is a super capable car and ownership isn't bad if you know what you are doing. yes rotaries have their quirks, but if you understand you have a rotary, you will be fine

    also, if you are flooding your engine, stop being a broke bitch and put new plugs and coil packs on or replace that 8 year old battery…if you ignition is healthy, you keep your motor healthy, you won't flood it…stop being a pikachu meme because you don't do widely known maintenance

  • Bought an rx8 for my first car, had it for 3 years and the only major repair I did was a radiator. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • I wish i could either afford cars here in norway or live in good ol mureca, cause for a evo 6 gone 150000km it costs at least 25k dollars or this fc rx7 that was decent, just needed a new transmission and a diff(🥴) cost 15k dollars, is that normal in the ol us of a?

  • Rx8 is good car u just have to take care of them yes the 13b rew is better but that doesn't mean the rx8 is a bad car I talked to a guy who owns one he said if u take care of it its more reliable then a small block Chevy

  • Before i was into cars and started my 800hp mk3 supra built i bout a rx8 cause it was a bargain and didnt know what it was but it never had a problem other than the coil packs and i think it was my best buy ever 💁‍♂️ I definitely recommend them

  • 240sx's are great cars but have dumb quirks. And people dont understand that they are not a cheap car to maintain especially if you have a sr20det in it. I would never recommend this as a first car because its a 25 – 30 year old car and its not going to get you back and forth to work everyday. I picked one up because i have a daily already but here i am like 20- 30 grand deep and still going.

  • Worst JDM car I ever owned was a Nissan Pulsar NX. I knew nothing, I thought "its like a Nissan MR2!" only its front engine… front wheel drive… and slow as ass. They took the sentra and said hey lets make this practical car unpractical! It also had a ton of electrical and alternator problems.

    Looked cool tho.

  • I disagree with the film photography metaphor with rotaries (as if the only reason to own them is because it's difficult)… The way they deliver power, the sound, the compactness and thus balance & light weight… A tuned FD still smokes modern cars for that reason while other 90s JDM cars (sans NSX) are only good for the straight line.

  • Love the content, and I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but the audio mixing on your last few videos has been pretty spotty. Dialogue is soft, while effects and music are pretty loud. Just as a heads up!

  • My buddy's neighbor had a sick FB RX7 that she took great care of. One day, she went inside after work and came out to see the fire department extinguishing her car because RX7. It just decided to off itself in an inexplicable fire after being turned off.

  • As a 3000GT owner (own a SL and VR4) I thought this was gonna make it on the list lmao. Pretty typical to be in these type of lists. Side note: both my cars are reliable.

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