The Worst Luxury Car (Mercedes Benz)

The Worst Luxury Car (Mercedes Benz)

One, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! [ENGINE REVVING] It’s time for the
Scottykilmerchannel. Today I’m going to show
you why Mercedes-Benz often turn into money pit
machines if you drive them for any serious length of time. Now take this
beautiful-looking Mercedes. It runs good, rides
good, but when I hook up this fancy
scan tool I have, look at all the red
trouble codes that it has. It’s got red trouble
codes all over the place. OK I counted them all. There are 25 trouble
codes– that’s your problems–
this car now has. So yes, this
beautiful-looking and– I must admit– beautiful-riding
vehicle has a ready 25 separate problems that
exist in the car because of all the crazy computer
controls that they put them. Now everything on this
Mercedes is practically run by a computer module. As you can see here, there is
suspension control module that operates the rear suspension. There’s a computer
just for that! And if you’re curious, just
that module costs $595. They also have computer modules
that operate the lighting system, that operate
the stereo system, that operate the transmission,
and they’re all equally as expensive. And take a look at the one shock
absorber for the front right. If you go over here,
it cost $1,190. That’s the price of
one shock absorber. And if you look at the
labor for putting that shock absorber in one side,
runs 2.3 hours labor. And when I called a local
Mercedes dealer here in Houston, they charge
$160 an hour labor. So there’s a lot of money
changing these parts out. And OK, if all this
complexity lasted a long time, didn’t break,
that’d be one thing. But, hey, as we’ve already found
on my little computer here, this baby’s got 25
problems already! But from just bad
designs– as you can see, the front
rotor here, there’s a giant ridge on the edge. And here’s why it occurred. For some strange
reason, Mercedes-Benz keep making brake pads that
don’t cover the entire rotor. Now if this was a
Toyota or a Ford, or whatever, then it
compares the right size so they fit over the whole
rotor and wear it evenly. But not Mercedes. They deliberately
make the pads so they don’t cover the whole rotor. So the rotors wear on the
inside and leave a tiny ridge the whole way around. So when it’s time to
change the brake pads, you have to change the
brake rotors with it, or the new pads will hit this
ridge and squeak like mad. And of course, like
Toyota, Ford, Chevy, you want a brake pad that
covers the whole rotor. The more surface area
the brake pad touches, the more heat
dissipates you’ll have and the better your
brakes will work. This bad design– it always
creates a ridge on the outside, and on the inside here too–
just requires new rotors every time you do a brake
job if you don’t want noise, so they can make a higher
profit doing the job! I just can’t wait to see what
the Mercedes lovers are going to come back with when I upload
this video on YouTube– how they can possibly defend
this horrible design. Scratching her head at that one! Heck, even the lug nuts
are designed to retire. Look at this! They’re recessed
way inside here. So if something ever
goes wrong, it’s almost impossible to work on
them without ruining the wheel. The lug nuts are so far recessed
in, if anything ever goes wrong and they get
stripped, you’re going to spend a small fortune fixing
something as dumb as a lug nut. Heck, and don’t even get me
talking about these stupid low profile tires. They’re great for a racetrack. They corner great, and
all that, but driving them in the city, look what happens. Not only does the
rim get eaten up, but the tires get chewed up
all the time because they don’t have much side wall. They’ll hit curbs. Bumps on the road will make
them smash holes in them. Planned obsolescence has gone
berserk with these Germans! Perhaps one of my favorite
craziness is this– watch. You open the door, the window
automatically opens itself a little crack here. And then when you close
it, it automatically closes itself the
rest of the way. The system breaks,
as break they all do, then you spend a small
fortune to fix it so the window can go down and
then go up the whole way when you close it, not go down
and stay there and get wet when it’s raining outside. Now they claim that’s to save
this rubber weatherstripping here from getting torn
when you open and close the door with the window up. But really, my 20-year-old Celica doesn’t have that and the rubber is still
perfectly fine and not torn. And there’s no leaks
inside when I’m driving. Yes, the Germans are masters of
over-engineering, if anyone is. And of course, the
market understands the problematical
natures of these cars. Just look at the
difference in value. We sold for $80,195. But today, eight years later,
you can get one for $16,972. So in eight years, this car has
lost $63,223 worth of value. And I don’t know
about you, but that’s a heck of a beating to take
driving a car for eight years. But if you enjoy riding around
in fast, smooth money pits, go right ahead and buy one. Or be like my customer. Buy the $16,000 one. The only thing you can
lose is $16,000 then. And just pray that it doesn’t
have any serious engine or transmission
problems while you do drive it before you sell
it on to the next person. And do realize, if
push comes to shove, they do make really
good-looking lawn ornaments. And remember, if your
car has any problems, just visit the
Scottykilmerchannel before it’s too late.

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  • I think BMW is even worse. Mercedes have some unreliable models but generaly they are tough made cars. 2000 – 2006 is the ones to avoid.

  • The brake rotors need to be resurfaced every time you change brake pads. The resurfacing should remove all the ridges. A warped rotor is not something a naked eye can see. You can measure it on the lathe. A proper professional brake job should include rotor resurfacing or a new rotor set if the rotors are below the spec limits. And for people watching these videos, y'all are supposed to know how to do a brake job and change your struts. Which means, you arent supposed to bit*h about this anyway.

  • a close friend of mine owned a 2006 c240 and put over 200K miles on it. He had a tie rod and some suspension work done. biggest problem he had was the heater wasnt blowing hot air. Dealership charged him 2500 and said it will cost him more if they keep looking for the problem. Some garage mechanic fixed it for a couple hundred dollars after a while. The radio stopped working and he put in a Bluetooth speaker and used that instead. That is all the problems he had. The engine and transmission worked fine until he traded it in. If you are a good DIY guy, you can own a Mercedes. Sure it has more problems than other cars. But half the other brands in the market have the same problems.

  • You could make a similar video about most vehicle brands. All auto makers plan obsolescence it’s just hard to justify $80k for a car in most people’s minds.

  • I disagree with you Scotty!! I have owned Mercedes since the early 90's,
    never had any problems with them! Depends on which car, like the S
    class, yes it can have problems, airbag suspension, etc! I have always
    bought the c class and e, best cars ever!! My last Mercedes was a
    2009 e350, 241k miles, not one problem, not one check engine light! If
    you put premium gas and full synthetic oil they will out last any
    American junk and Japanese! My father had a Mercedes with over 600k
    miles, no rust, original engine and transmission (no rebuilds), no major
    problems! Some people dont take care of their Mercedes right, so know
    who you are buying from when getting a used Mercedes! The best or
    nothing!! 🙂

  • Just get a 1987 MB classic like mine: NO COMPUTERS ON BOARD AT ALL!

    Oh, and ALL the cars nowadays have these stupid computer modules. And they all cost hundreds of dollars. Ditto the remote control keys: $300 to replace a plain old Nissan key fob, e.g.

    I'll stick with my analogue baby. New key only cost $40.

  • Mercedes was wonderful before the turn of the century. After year 2000 they're nothing but junk. I still own an '85 4 door sedan. Its built like a tank. Will not break. Great vid…

  • A Regular Car has regular car maintenance.

    A Mercedes Car has Mercedes car maintenance. 
    Which one can YOU afford? 
    that is the question.

  • I’m a Mercedes driver I wish I drove a Chevy I can’t afford the car and my parents don’t believe there anything wrong with my car

  • What? Rotors? Don't we cut them anymore? Quick and easy job! You should only need to buy rotors a few times in a vehicles life as long as you don't let them grind!

  • The secret with these and all cars is to be able to do most of the repairs yourself, and don't buy any parts from the dealer, ever.

  • Unfortunately I own a 2000 ML 320 , I bought it new , and do not recommend to anybody to buy such a liability. I will never own one again or any member of my family in generations to come . NEVER AGAIN

  • It will break down if it’s not originally made in Germany if made some where else than it breaks down but Mercedes that are in good shape will last you forever.

  • Mercedes are the most reliable cars ever made, certain years more than others but the materials used are strong and well built, it's all about the luxury and comfort!:) you cant get none of that with any other car. Mercedes has the most options and features than any other!

  • I bought one for spare parts it came with a bill for £465 for the sensor under the gear shift
    Phew took that out and put it in a bag in the garage , gained a lot of knowledge taking the spares off with a lot of help from You Tubers [ the arm hides the top shock nut on the inside you have to lower the arm ] Mercedes are like Chines puzzels you need to know how to get into them ,
    Buy a W 168 and if the rear torx bolt rounds off and you cant lower the suspension arm to replace the shock or replace the bushing its junk mine did this but i welded the torx to the big washer it has and used a big pair of pipe grips to turn the washer = got it out ,its a special bolt ,type /length ect so took one off the spare car .

    Bottom shock bolt had to be cut off as it would not undo got another bolt but it would go back through they put a bracket on the inside that moves when you take the bolt out you have to pry it back into line to get the bolt back in !

  • I had a 1995 Mercedes s500 no problems run smooth iam a mechanic too newer models have more electrical problems i guess ?

  • Meh… thanks Scotty. I guess I’ll keep my Honda, but the grass is always greener. Leather and wood just sounds so nice, but won’t do much if I’m just sitting in my driveway.

  • 2008 CLS550 5.5 V8 168k miles. I have owned for 3 years. the only issues i’ve had with my car is the air suspension stunts going bad. the Air suspension struts are 250 a piece…. and you can put it on yourself just like any other car or any other mechanic can do it. They are not that complicated. I’ve only taken my car to the dealer twice to get some camber adjusted and alignment done. it costed 160.00. A lot of people who have these cars just don’t take care of them. More complicated cars require more maintenance. Don’t let one issue be the reason of multiple issues.

  • I owned a Mercedes Benz. It was hands down the biggest piece of sh*t I’ve ever owned. Engine and transmission were super but otherwise this car was a total sh*t box. Interior pieces would randomly fall off or crack, dome lights never worked correctly. Warning lights would not stay off, replaced window motors and switches, abs system would randomly lock the brakes up while driving etc….I could go on and on about this car. This is the first AND last German automobile I’ll ever own!

  • The higher models E class and S class are great luxury cars if you buy a nice 10 years old with low mileage and well maintained (grand father's car who spent winter in Florida) Be ready to shell money for the preventive maintenance but still if you pay the right price they are a good deal for the money.

  • Well, european cars are always more expensive than american cars. Plus I don't think it's designed for american roads.

  • I own a mercedes c230 for the past 3 years and my check engine been on ever since, i think it comes with the car or something

  • Scotty Kilmer … when you drive a $ 16,000 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG, which other 16 year old car can compete as far as speed, comfort and performance? NOTHING!!!

  • i have to disagree with this one. my 06 c230 sport 6 speed manual has been nothing but reloable woth 160,000 miles on it now. keep the oil changed and filters and everythong up to date and theyre solid

  • Last week i was quoted over the phone dealership price $92.50 for power steering flush and fill. Brought it in and the quote came up $295. (I think they low ball to get you in). I told him lets meet in the middle. He said no. Then i remembered that i had put a recording app on my phone (to deal with the cable company) and i played the quoted conversation to hear if i had heard her wrong. He still wouldnt honor the price. He just offered an apology and said he would talk to her. I asked for a supervisor. He proceeded to tell the supervisor and i didnt even have to talk. The super said "if she was quoted $92.50 then charge her $92.50. Period." I also got a complementary ride home, and back again. They did diagnostic run for problems impending, and washed and vacuumed my car. But i am still pissed because i feel this is a popular thing that they do. Im glad i had that illegal app on my phone. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this price switch at the dealership.

  • I just bought a fully loaded 2014 W222 S550 with 30k miles on it last week and man I’m scared after watching your video ! did i made a big mistake? Btw it’s my first Mercedes ever iam a Mopar guy

  • I'll have to give him a thumbs down for his annoying voice. I'm about to purchase a 2007 CLS 350 V6 with only 62,000km on clock. Always serviced on time, garaged, premium fuel, one old lady owner from new. A risk I'm willing to take but I'm still going to sell it before it hits the 120,000km mark. Just don't want to face the inevitable….

  • This is one of the most interesting Scotty videos that I have seen – and the most amusing.

    It’s four years on, since it was made, and Mercedes don’t seem to have shut Scotty down.

    Well done.

  • Buy a toyota allion or premio for regular use, just chill for 10 years with no problem👌 & buy a Mercedes only for show off 😉.

  • Love my Mercedes never gave me no problems whatsoever solid good German cars stopped buying shitty American made cars years ago you can say the same for cheap American cars had to many dum problems with American made cars you still have to pay thousands to replace a 10cent piece…lol

  • Owned cadillacs, Lincoln and Benz. Mercedes has blown me away with the quality higher mileage than my mkz , drives like new. I do alot of work myself so that also helps

  • I used to drive a used Mercedes with lots of problems. Expensive on the insurance and it costed so much cash to fix even at the hood mechanic. It also demanded premium gas.

    Never again.

  • God you talk a load of rubbish. Merc don’t make brake parts there ATE or Brembo as you know, as they supply all German brands. And you don’t have to change Disc/rotors on first pad change. But 99% of your viewers are America’s that have a short attention span, your the Fox News of car blogs.

  • a Mercedes and a Toyota is the only commonly cars you see in Africa and they don't have all the luxuries to work and fix cars. They actually last a long time and they can be beaten in harshly these cars are the only ones you see out in the desert because they are built like tanks to take damage and keep moving of course I'm talking about the older Benz not the 2000 and newer

  • Preventative maintenace is key with german cars. Lots of people wait for things to break then they fix it. Or they just are not familiar with basic car ownership, With a toyota or honda this is ok to defer SOME maintenance.But a german car will suffer if maintenance is ignored and breakdowns will hppen. If you follow the maintenance program youll have no issues for the most part. Something that people just dont do. Also Mercedes made some cars that should have never been made with horrible unreliable electronic accessories and bad component design. Most will suffer from computer module issues and the like. This CLS550 for example is a 2007 model and it suffered from lots of issues. Considering its relatively early in its production years id avoid it till a few years later so the kinks get worked out. As with any product do your own research. Because mercedes is not the company they used to be they are all plastic just like bmw. People who buy these cars used dont insist on service records and are looking to get into such a car at a low price, they buy the cheapest possible example then when it breaks down they like to post their complaints. besides oil changes if the cars are not dragging its heels making scrapping noises they will NOT maintain their cars. They turn the key and go. If you are not knowledgeable about basic car ownership or do not have deep pockets these cars are not for you.

  • Mercedes Benz is the first car ever made. So piss off scotty and stick with your 94 celica the doesn’t seem to even run since it’s always siting in the same dam spot since last year!

  • Scotty,
    The Mustang and Challenger have those auto windows too. And my 99 porsche had them. Never gave me a lick of trouble.I understand your points tho, I wish they designed stuff to last decades, rather than last until the warranty runs out.

  • I leterally bought a 95 accord 5 speed with the odometer broken at 244k
    Never looked at anything just paid the money and has neen the best car ive ever owned

  • I ask you one question and please answer? Why in London all Chauffeurs use Mercedes Benz such as e class for years, if it’s so unreliable ?

  • I own a 1975 Mercedes 450sl. Amazing how well it runs at 43 years old. However, I have a Mercedes mechanic that tells me to NEVER buy newer models, they always have failures and are difficult to work on. Your spot on with this one and Mercedes need to go back to its fundamentals of incredibly reliable CARS not just drivetrains.

  • Own a 94 s320 .. love it.. about to but a 07 cls55 .. every car has it's issues. But the best luxury car is Mercedes hands down.

  • I’ve owned many Mercedes . & they’re all trash . Even the newer Mercedes . They don’t last . If you want a REAL car BUY a CADILLAC Or LEXUS

  • I've owned my 99 Mercedes Benz e320 for ten years. I have no problem with it whatsoever. They are beautiful cars and its true it requires lots of love. If not it'll end up like the one on this video. But its a luxury car for a reason if your not gonna love your car then dont own a Mercedes.

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