Tubular Rear Bumper Build

Tubular Rear Bumper Build

so the plans are for today to try to kind of map out this rear section what I kind of want it to look like just like the rest of the car I am going to do it in tubing probably inch and a half chome moly back here and maybe do one inch tube to tie it into the chassis and maybe make some bend points so if it was hit in that section it would absorb the impact right so check this out I have been work on the shop some
and just in time I finally got the bender situated
over here you probably noticed a new wall so let me
kind of give you the lowdown this thing right
quick so if you remember before there was all
kinds of junk over here well there still is a bunch of junk you just can’t see as
much of it now mainly because I put up this wall the
idea was that I make some racks to hold all my chromoly going down the side of
this wall right here have them kind of stacked probably even make them out of
some old wood just to kind of fit the theme of this probably trim everything
off on the top and down the sides with some cedar and then the cool thing is
that I’ve got like workspace storage space in the backside you might have seen
kind of a hint of this in the last tool video I did I highlighted the storage
storage bins oh yeah so probably do you like pegboard here maybe even do some
some like under cabinet and style lights right here but just a place to kind of
lay stuff out and work I mean I got I got a bunch of junk just stacked
back here right now kind of sorting through what I’ve got
but started working on the goose so the goose is just basically a shell of a
dash and I just made these connecting tabs on the sides
both sides but there’s some stuff I had to work on one of the things that I had
to do was the glovebox because I took the frame out from behind the dash – the
glovebox wouldn’t latch so I basically had to make a latch for it a latch piece
for it and shifter bezel so I had to like make this shifter bezel I just use
the factory 5-speed boot and made a trim piece that goes around it and that fits
right around the shifter itself and I’m gonna kind of rearrange the translate
button so order new button anyway progress Goose video coming very soon
I’m gonna put all the interior back in the thing I’m ready I kind of had some
issues with the alternator got that fixed had some changes on the interior
there’s a couple little things I need to fix but all it’s done now it’s ready to go back together we’re gonna take the current transbrake
button which is on top of the shifter make that a line lock make that the
transbrake will be down here on the bezel it self, so anyway long story short, new wall
I kind of dig it, may do a big mural on this thing
like to do big mural I think it’d be a great place to do… I mean depending on
what kind of vehicle it is do a little photo shoot I can picture the Bibbster in front of that thing with a big mural on it… would make for some cool pictures
kinda have a couple spots yeah I’ve mentioned it before but a big one down
there as well when I start covering up all this foam in here I also made a lot of
progress on the office hung some of the stuff that I’ve had hanging around
forever still have much more of that stuff from
my old school days, some magazine stuff my old school days of racing and
probably get those up at some point some point and got my play button up so little bit of progress… steps back to this thing so I’ve got an idea
of what I want to do but until I start kind of bending stuff and kind of
holding it up I don’t really know if it’s gonna work so let’s do that lets bend some stuff so I was kind of afraid or I don’t want
it to be too square think if I can get it to match maybe the
curve of this a little bit closer then it’ll look a little better obviously you
can see this two squared off now and what I want to do is… so the idea is recessed tag bracket like this… then I’ll
probably take another tube that kind of comes across through here and then bends down
on both sides and make like a diffuser style setup right here I always call
this thing a modern hot rod and that’s kind of I want to bring some up modern
into I mean obviously it’s already got a lot of modern features to it
fuel injection so that stuff’s gonna be pretty trick the hydraulics I mean the
brakes well that’s that’s very modern but also one bring some modern design
into it so I want to mix thirties hotrod you know it’s gonna have like the 30s
back style with you know modern day stuff so that’s where the diffuser is
gonna come in you know kind of come down products in the diffuser plates in here
may make a pan under this thing and then these peices will come out and tie in and I will sheet metal all this in she mental that up may
even do some kind of vent that comes up from underneath the radiator I havent really kind of work that out yet may actually have like a vent piece that
comes out the back I think what I want to do is they put one two more bins in
this thing there’s really little ones so the recessed tag will be here may do like
a bin just on the outside of each tag just you know like a five or ten degree
Bend just to kind of give this thing a little out flat and a little bit in just
kind of mix it up a little bit if you were around when I built the chassis for
this thing a long time ago because this is going on like a two-year project now
but you know the whole chassis was like this it’s pretty expensive to kind of
play with chromoly not exactly knowing what you’re gonna do but it’s the price you
pay building some like this I guess a little bit better it’s got a little
bit of shape to it now in a perfect world if I had like a roll bender which I
don’t have that would be the way to do it… so now what I want to do is I want to make these
down tubes and that must be straight pieces so I measure that and get those
cut so what I figured out I needed was seven inches and I’ll be enough for the
plate but you got to account for the notching of the tubes so I cut these
over a little bit these are eight and a quarter which leaves me with about what
five eighths on each side that I can notch in and what I did was I don’t you
can see it or not but there’s a line I just make a line straight down the
center of this tube and that makes it easy a notch so you slide it the not
sure you line the line up a top dead center notch it and you know when you
flip it around that this notch on this side will match the same clocking I
guess of the notch on this side you know you don’t want to notch it and twist it
a little bit knocked it again because then yeah
won’t work for you anyway I got two of those and get these bad boys notched
I attack them on see we’re at looking pretty good so far so that’s what I’m thinking now I dont really know
the height yet that I want this panel to come down to the one thing you do have
to remember is that this thing is on the ground so you know once this tubes in
here they’ll be about a 8 inch opening for the diffuser itself
look things come out and then it’ll just wrap my idea is this thing is just gonna come just down through there like that almost to the
ground so when this thing is laid out the rear section parts of the rear
section will be almost touching the ground as well only thing I’m gonna have to do is I’ll
probably raise it up before I set the height is to make sure that has the look
that I want one of the other things I want to do and
I’ve kind of mentioned it before but I think the panel as it comes off the back
of this I think I want it to be open so when it’s laid out you know this whole
piece kind of comes up through the panel and then once it’s raised up it’ll kind
of recess down in there but you can kind of still look inside and kind of see
some of the see some of the suspension here we go this is the point were your like I hope it works out for me thats pretty much what I was after the only thing I know I will do is make
some tubes that roll in like this probably connect the two somehow and then like I said that body panel will come up come down to there and I’ll sheet the outside of this and then
this section here will have sheeting on the inside so the tag will be slightly recessed yep I think that good for now like I said all this will be open so
it’ll be diffuser type setup I might put some blades in there I don’t know kind
of wait and see I want to get too far ahead of myself well there it is the back section
started you kind of get an idea of what I’m after that obviously a lot of
trimming got to happen these pieces I get to touch the tires obviously won’t
be that wide got a kind of finish off the center section and then I have to
attach it to the chassis and gonna make it removable so I want that whole back
section to be removable pop some pins out or whatever a sheeting you know un-plug the taillights or whatever I have lit back here and then the whole thing
can slide off a couple reasons you know if I need to take the rear end or
something out some of the tubes are going to go under some we’re gonna go
over it so really that room is gonna be encapsulated in that thing so that’s the
one thing I’ll be able to drop the rear end at the bottom and the other thing is
to if somebody hits it or you know whatever
hopefully it’ll take the brunt of the brunt I’ll take the damage pop it off
fix it and place bars where I’m really leaning towards putting a belly pan on
the whole thing I know I’m gonna do on the driver’s compartment this in here is
just aluminum good thing I got good tacks anyway this is just aluminum so there’s
no real safety from underneath for the driver and passenger so gonna put a
belly pan on a steel one and I’ll do the whole thing because the training doesn’t
drop out the bottom either so there’s no need to have it open so I’ll do one
entire belly pan for that and then maybe you do a separate one for the rear
section and that way I can kind of you know keep some hydraulics and all that
stuff kind of safe under here try to keep it clean there you go
another Bibbster video you can kind of see what I got going on the backside of
that thing once I get all those tubes kind of mocked up then I can make some
the rear sheetmetal for that thing kind of capsulate that back section make that
that thirty style back there kind of figure out what I’m
gonna do and other than like the roof which shouldn’t be terribly hard and the
firewall those two things are all I’ve got left and really I can blow this
thing apart and kind of start finish welding a lot of stuff that’s just
tacked together turbo systems just tacked together a lot of the bracketry that holds the suspension it’s welded in but i’ma reinforce it box it
and there’s some stuff that I want to do there so I’ll break it down to just a
bare chassis go through it through the turbo setup gotta take the engine apart
kind of set of cylinder heads so like that for it the intake gonna do that
carbon fiber intake for that so that’ll be coming I don’t know if soon but it’ll
be coming and then you know obviously I try to figure out this shop goose video
very very soon then throw a thing together I should do it in one video get
all the interior in it and then hopefully soon we get a thing to the
dyno kind of get it’s alright runs pretty good actually runs real good as
far as full throttle just like mid throttle and idle man it is fat I mean
it runs fine it’s just super fast so I got to get you guy think the dyno and
kind of get the manners figure on that thing so anyway as always thanks for
joining me see you guys some more next week go to
work son

28 thoughts on “Tubular Rear Bumper Build

  • Even though Foxbodies never had them, triple vertical slashes for tail lamps would be cool. Like, something super-simple and ultra-modern, yet still hotroddy, and Mustangish at the same time.

  • Instead of tubing if you rather use sheet metal that's solid or steel sheets you could make the outer edges smooth then they can scalp around or you could sculpt them with an English wheel so their smooth and rounded in the lower outer corners. With tubing you would have curved edges in the lower bumper corners at least with the smooth sheet metal you could even dimple die it

  • why not a carbon or carbon/kevlar bellypan for weight savings and style points :D, havnt seen you play with carbon fiber in a long time…

  • I rarely post. But since I see you like or reply so much I figure you'll read this. I enjoy watching your skill – kinda reminds me of watching Jesse James when I was a teenager on discovery. I'll be honest, I found your channel based on the youtube algorithms and I'm glad you were a suggestion. Can you do a short video describing your start and maybe some mentors, role models that helped you get to where you are today?
    Top notch fab skills, inspiring to the every day hobbyist, excited to see the final product on the bibster.

  • Have you considered having small doors that open and let the suspension pass through the panel?

    I dont have your vision but love seeing the results.

  • Looks cool good simple base for bumper. Could run some legs on the lower bumper towards the front to connect to the main chasis then curve 2 tubes to the curve of the wheels so the bumper tucks nicely to the curvature of the body and the wheels. For the top could make some slight bends in the tubes towards the main chasis for your core support so if per say something happened the entire car would absorb the grunt of the blow so itd be minimum damage plus itll give you access points for bumper removal. Just an idea to look into maybe. Great curvature on the bumper makes for alot of ideal fab panels to attach. As always its a joy to watch your fab work.

  • NICE WORK! As usual 🙂 Good planning, excellent functionality and looks great too! I have the same bender with a home made hydraulic conversion.

  • Car looks great, but wonder how you manage to run what I would imagine is a very much in demand business and keep your working space so clean and tidy?

  • If I were to try and get a piece of tubing to stay between the tires like that I’d have to have stands because it’d never stay lol

  • Saw you eyeballing the "levelness" of the tube before bending. 
    Small tip: weld a little piece of flat to the tube. 
    Take it as a reference plane for a digital angle finder. 
    Set to zero before first bend and there is no more guessing. Especially when leaving 2-D stuff.  

    Keep it up! 
    Greetings from Berlin/Germany 😉

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