Unboxing: Shurhold Pro Rotary Polisher

[SHURHOLD SOUND EFFECT] Shurhold. Clean and simple. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there. Barry from Shurhold. And I’m here again
with you today to cover another one
of our great products. This is our Pro Rotary Polisher. Now, this is a professional
grade rotary polishing tool, and I want to open
it up and show you what you get in the kit here. So like with all
of our polishers, they all come with
this beautiful tool bag that’s going to hold
your polisher for you along with some of your
other accessories and pads. OK. So let’s take a look at exactly
what you get in this bag. First and foremost, you got
your instruction manual. You want to hold on to this. This has your warranty
information, instructions on everything we’re doing here,
and a couple of tips and tricks on how to use the tool. From there, you’ve got
your backing plate, we have our D handle,
we have our side handle, and then we’ve got the
bolts and the Allen key for putting on the side
handle, and the motor brushes. And we’ll get into
those in a little bit. And then last but not least,
we have the polisher itself. Now, just a word of caution. This is a professional
rotary polisher. This is a high-end,
high-powered tool. So if you’ve never
used a rotary before, I don’t recommend
that you go off and try it on your car or
your boat right off the bat. This is something you
want to practice with. It takes a little bit of skill. Because of the high
power, we don’t want you burning or swirling. If you’re a novice,
I recommend one of our dual action polishers or
the Dual Action Polisher Pro. With that said, let’s go
over to the tool itself and what’s included. So like I said, we’ve got the
D handle, which fits on here and it’s adjustable in
which position you want. And you just put it on with
the bolts in the Allen key. I like to use the side handle
personally when I use it. And that just screws
right into either side. So whether you want
it righty or lefty, you can screw that right in. Easy to do. And then we need to put
the backing plate on. When you go to put
this backing plate on, go ahead and start it. And you’re going to find that
if you try and tighten it down, it’s going to turn the motor. Well, on the top of it right
here, there’s this red button. If you hold that button
in when you turn it, you’ll feel it lock. And now we can tighten
it nice and tight. And what that does is it
locks the motor in place. Make sure you don’t
press this button when the machine’s running. This is only for taking
the backing pad on and off. Now for the actual
features of the machine, we have the side handle with the
backing plate, everything set to go the way you would use it. Your power switch is
back here ergonomically, right underneath the grip. When you squeeze it,
it’s going to start. Now, no matter what speed
you have the tool at, we have what’s called
a soft-start feature. And what that
means is it’s going to ramp up to speed you set. Now, speaking of
speed, the speed dial’s right here, ergonomic
right for your thumb. So whether you’re using this
right-handed or left-handed, you can easily change the speed
while you’re using the tool. It goes from 600 to 3,200 RPMs. Now, a lot of
people cramp up when they’re holding
the power switch, so we also have a
locking mechanism. You can pull the trigger
back, push in the lock, and it’s going to hold
it in the ON position. When you want to release
the lock, pull the trigger and let it go, and it goes
back to the OFF position. In addition to the
two handles, you’ll notice we also have
the ergonomic head, where your fingers
could fit this way. So there are three
ways to hold the tool. Now, a couple of maintenance
tips when it comes to it. An efficient running tool
needs to be a cool tool, and we have these
great big vents to pull air into the system
to help keep the motor cool. Now, when you use wool,
fiber, and foam pads with a lot of buffing compound,
that gets into the air. And sometimes, it
gets caked on in here. Now, the screen here is to keep
it from getting into the motor and protect the tool. One of the other
things you need to know is that the tools have
motor brushes that help the motor run. Now, these motor brushes
are a wearable part and they are included
in this kit here. You can see them
right here in the bag. And you’ll get many, many
hours of use out of the tool before they need replacing. But they will
eventually wear down, so keep these in a safe spot. And these ports here is how
and where you replace them. There’s instructions
in the manual. And if you take a
look on our site, we also have a
video specifically on how to replace
your motor brushes. So again, a professional grade
high-powered rotary tool. This is everything that
you get with the package. All you need outside of this
is to pick what pad you want– whether you want wool, or foam,
or one of the many pad options we have– and pick a chemical
or a compound appropriate for the
surface you’re cleaning. And then go ahead
and test an area, and then make it
all shine and polish just like it was when you
picked it up at the showroom. So again, another great
innovative product from Shurhold Industries. And we’re here to help you
keep your car, truck, RV, or boat clean and simple.

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