What Apps do I need for an electric car? Best apps for electric cars ๐Ÿ”Œ๐Ÿ”‹

What Apps do I need for an electric car? Best apps for electric cars ๐Ÿ”Œ๐Ÿ”‹

today’s video is about the apps that you
need to run an electric car so when I say run electric car I’m talking more
apps you need to charge your car on motorway networks your local networks
local council networks etc because you’ll need certain apps to access the
charge stations you can’t just go to charge station plug your car in and start
charging your car by using a coin meter or tapping your card on them why you
can’t just tap a contactless card on a on a charge point in charge card
straight away no idea they want to make charging and the charging network is
complicated as possible so they have each company has created their own app
that you have to download and you have to use on the charge network so this is
a list of some of the apps you need also I’m going to do a list of some of the apps
that you can download for your zoe personalize Zoe apps so this video
applies to everyone who has an electric car was thinking of buying electric car
this is what apps you need at the end would be a video of the few little apps
that you need if you’ve got a Renault Zoe So at number one is ecotricity
probably the most heard of most seen app or company that your hear in the electric car
industry is ecotricity they’re very very great company who put massive
infrastructure all around the country with partnership with Nissan
which is why it always says nissan on the machine but Nissan have helped develop with them and
there’s this charge points pretty much most of stations throughout the country
from ecotricity and they have really good charge points to a very high
kilowatt output they charge £3 connection charge and 17p per kilowatt
hour for charging so if you plug your car in its a £3 connection charge if you
charge for 45 minutes or if charge for 10 minutes it’s max at 45
minutes the idea this is it doesn’t clog the charger up people aren’t sat there
all day charging the car you know for pointless the idea’s to give you a
quick boost of power and go the Zoe 22 kilowatt Battery will fully
charge in about that time and the if that’s if you have got the quick charge
there’s another video about motors and quick charging down here
you can find and I’ll tell you which motor you’ve got in the Zoe but if
you’ve got a leaf or you’ve got some of the tesla’s will charge at higher rates
but not all of them the the Zoe will if its got the quick charge that can
charge the 43 kilowatt charge point in about half now if you’ve got a small 22
kilowatt battery if you the larger battery it will obviously change the time but it’s
enough to give most people as they say an 80% charge which you know
which is get you to the destination get you moving again you have to download
the ec tricity app there’s a Android and Apple iPhone version available Ecotricity are quite clever if you’ve got no mobile signal when you get to the charge
point the charge point has a local Wi-Fi network so you just go on to you
settings go to Wi-Fi and the Ecotricity station will have like electric Highway on
whichever service station you’re at you tap that it will then ask you for
password and the password is ecotricity nice and simple but a lot of people
never figure out what it is why on earth they leave a password on I don’t know maybe
by the time you know in a few years they’ll take the password off last time
I looked there was a password on the local Wi-Fi network but it’s great if
you’ve got no signal which in certain IKEA’s where there Underground or in
multi-story car park you can’t get any signal in the middle so the local Wi-Fi
network is great makes the at work 2 things I forgot to mention about ecotricity if you’re an ecotricity energy customer so they actually have gas
electricity green energy obviously they waive the connection charge £3 Connection charge is wavied if your an ecotricity customer and if you charge IKEA
and you make a purchase in IKEA on the same day they’ll deduct £6 off
your shopping at IKEA but not in the food store you check out IKEA details more
details on that because it’s a promotion they’ve been running for quite some time
so basically charge car an IKEA store and buy something from Ikea There knock £6 off the shopping app number 2 is pod point that’s POD point they’re
mainly free and most of them are free most of ones I can find are free they
tend to be lower kilowatt charges 22 kilowatt charges that kind of
range tend to be in retail park supermarkets and Marks and Spencers
lidil stuff like that the idea is you can charge your car why go for a shop so
good idea nice incentive for the supermarket to get electric car drivers
to come because they get free charge and good incentive so sort of like yeah you
know making EV’s take off so if pod point point mainly free there is a
few that charge a bit but mainly most the ones you’ll find are free and it’s
kind of just nice little top up sort of electricity so that’s quite they’re
quite good ones to look out for The Next one is cyc which is charge your car cyc
again most of these are free dotted around all over the place their ranges
sort of top up so charge but again obviously nothing rapid because most of
network is free there is some charge ones the apps quite quite useful that
quite good app so download that on that cyc charge your car just to mention by
the way all the links in the description will be to the websites and the websites
for these companies have all the links for their associated apps for Android
and obviously for Apple and number 4 is polar instant polar instant is intant
charging you don’t have to sign up or anything like you just download the app
and polar instant will just charge you a £1.20 administration connection
fee and some places just charge that that’s it that there’s just the
administration fees no kilowatt charge but on some polar instants there is a
kilowatt charge as well so when you check on the app it will tell you which
is which and then you know when it charges you at the end of your charge
session which is good also of polar is polar plus polar plus is their thing
they really push now you can have a polar plus app and a polar plus card now
annoyingly polar plus haven’t updated all their systems that take cards so
they take the app and card so if you want full access to the polar Network
you’re going to have to get a polar plus card which means you’re gonna have to
sign up to their monthly membership now their monthly membership is got it
written down my notes £7.85 a month but that gives you unlimted charging from the way I read it on Polars website £7.85 gives you
unlimited charging and you need to sign up for the card separately I believe if
you sign up for the app you’ll just get the app you sound up you need to sign up
for the for the card on the website where you get the card and then also you
can use the app at the same time so that’s polar plus and pull the plus
is that the premium one polar instant is a free one but some polar plus on
polar of charging stations only you only take like a tap NFD card so if it’s not
been upgraded to accept the app you won’t be able to use it which is really
annoying and really stupid and like the whole app thing why isn’t there not just
one central app which there will be soon the UK government announced that they’re
going to put it into legislation that all charged companies have to have one
centralized app for everyone to use so in other words there will be one app so
you can use all the charge stations what’s more than likely going to happen
is Ecotricity, plugshare, pod point etc all these companies will basically
allow you to use other network with their app now that’s more than what they’re
what’s going to happen they’re not going no one’s gonna centralized one app they’re just got still gonna have their own app you’re just gonna
basically use the other charge networks from the app that you in so you only
have to download one app to make life a lot easier so the next apps aren’t charging sort of apps that you used to access a
charging point all the ones mentioned you need to use the charge points these
are charging maps so they are locations of all the charges so you’d have to keep
signing in to all the individual annoying little apps to find out if
there’s a charge station near you because you don’t care what company it’s
with you just need a charge point so first one is plug share plug share is
list of loads of free and charge maps and all sorts you can filter it out by
type of charger and cost network rapid charge kilowatts
you’ve got whole map there so Plugshare is a really really good system the
more wrong plug share and stuff like that later on this video for just
Renault people so if you joined the Renault Zoe owners club which I’m
member of it’s a really really good club to be part of there’s a secret map for them but I’ll get into that in a second another great one is ZAP
map ZAP map ZAP map probably the most heard of sort of charge location map but
there’s a ZAP map app and you can also find out the computer as well but it’s a
good one to download another great map is chargeie.net it’s not massive and
it’s not great but some people like it I quite like the idea of it you get to put
your own charger on it sets a charge rate what you want to charge for someone
to plug into your thing and they handle all the administration of it so it’s a
good idea I like it you will encourage more sort of home users who don’t want
to give away free electricity to use the service because they get paid to put
their system on it but it’s not massive and it’s not you know it’s it’s not very
complete but it’s another useful resource of maps and another useful
resource if you’ve got a charge when you don’t want to lend out your electricity
free to every EV users so you go on there you register but annoyingly
there’s no app for it is it’s basically yeah you have to use it on you and you
can download you can obviously get the map up on your phone it works on your phone but
it’s not is intuitive as a normal app and it’s not it’s not brilliant and it
needs to be redesigned as an app and it would be a great service but it’s it’s
it’s ok it’s good it’s another resource to have credit where credit’s due
this is probably one of the best things I’m going to tell you about one of the
best apps that’s not widely used not widely known and the reason I know it’s
not widely using wisely known because I thought this idea and I thought I’m going
to make an app that does this I’m going to Commission someone to make an app
before I started getting involved I started to I thought I’d make a few
videos about apps it exists ask people on the forum what apps they use and what
apps they thought were good and someone suggested this app I looked it up and it was the
app that I thought I’d make because I thought it to be a brilliant idea for an
app someone’s already done it I didn’t know about it so now I’m telling you
about it and I think you should all download it especially if you drive in
EV and charge at sort of charging points all over the
country get it it’s called charge bump clues in the
name you bump someone off a charger if you
need it it doesn’t actually have control over the challenging points it’s
basically more of a social thing so you download it you put your reg in you put
your details in and it gives you a push alert if so you’re basically on a
charger and someone else comes and they’ve got 0% 2% 5% they are desperate
for a charger they need to get home they they bump you off the charger they just
pop put your reg in on the app and they say look I need this charger can you can
you you know can you bump off it so I can go on it and it’s great I think it’s
a brilliant idea it’s it’s really what all the current charging network apps
should have in it some sort of form to push to a user look I really need this
charger if you don’t need this charge to get home please can you unplug your car
so I can plug in obviously this is more of a problem with type 2 charges because
they lock so Renault Zoe’s obviously lock with their type 2
so if someone’s using their an ecotricity charger which is a tetherd cable they’ve got their car locked in and that cars now at 100% it’s fully charged
no one can unplug that up without the Renault ZOE owner’s key so this app will
allow you to inform your cars at 100% cars at 90% please can
you unplug it so I can charge my car I’m here now it’d be really good Idea people
obviously in IKEA if there in Ikea and they’ve checked they finished their
45-minute charge session and they’ve not gone outside because they just assumed
that no one’s gonna need the charger after them and obviously some of them
might be there waiting for that charger for you to come out of Ikea you might be
there for another hour so this is a great little app just why I mentioned IKEA by
the way I’ve just found out today am going sheffield IKEA and it must be
one of the only ecotricity charges in the country that still needs a card so
before I’ve said with ecotricty you need the app you also can have a free
RFID card you can get that from Ecotricity’s website I suggest you get it because
I didn’t think I thought they’ve all been upgraded now but no they haven’t
still quite a few out there we still use the card and the card is free and it’s
also free to use the charges which use the card so get the card on Ecotricity
website that’s a great idea another notable app is the CanZE app CanZE is an app made by people who have a Renault Zoe it’s a
diagnostic sort of tool that you can use on your
Android phone and Apple phones you need to buy a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi dongle that
works with with the CanZE system so basically put it in car pair it up with your
phone or Android device or whatever and then that’ll talk to the diagnostic port
baiscly its an OBD II reader OBD II to just means onboard diagnostic system it’s a system
what we use in the car trade all the time for diagnosing airbag faults and
stuff like that book the canZE app is brilliant if you want to check your SOH
which stands for state of health of the battery it allows a few things you can
tell if your car needs a BMS update if you battery’s almost knackered
various little things in it and diagnostic little bits of information
it’s a useful app I currently don’t have an obd2 port that works with my iPhone
because there’s not many that work with the Apple iPhone if you’ve got an
Android phone go to the CanZE website only buy the one that they
suggest buying because other ones do not work but if you are thinking of getting
one and you are using it ask on the forum for people who’ve already got one
people help you out on there or go you know basically do you research on the
CanZE website don’t just buy an OBDII reader and think it’s gonna work it
probably won’t it could do but it probably won’t so read on there but it’s
useful apps good little app I’ve got a lot of people rave about and
using it but I’ve not currently got one when they do get one I’ll do a video on
one of them as well but the are meant to be very good another notable app is the
ze services app the Z e services app is renaults own app for the Renault Zoe and
ze cars the ze service app is an app that you go onto and it will give you a
couple of options it allows you check the charge of your battery so which is
useful if you can’t botherd going outside in the rain to see how much battery
you’ve got for your journey the next day you can go into the app it’ll tell you
exactly in percentage how many miles you’ve got left on your battery the other thing its useful for is delaying charge rates so if you wanted to delay a
charge rate so you’ve got economy 7 economy 10
tariffs you can set the charging to only come on after 12 o’clock and then
finish but whenever you charge rate finishes vehicle obviously everyone’s
economy 7 is different then the 3rd thing you can use it for is setting the aircon on
and off and so you can set preheats and pre charges if you know you’re gonna go
to work at certain time and yours gonna finish work a certain time you can have the car
pre cool itself or preheat itself in the winter so it’s always ready for you
to get into straightaway you can also just go onto the app and turning on an
aircon on whenever you want and we know you can do on the key on the little heat
button but you can also do it on the app so it’s a useful app if you’ve got
around little Zoe email they’ll have it if you’re new to a rental Zoe you’re
gonna have to get an activation code this can be gotten from customer service
burying customer service giving you a VIN number and they can get you one of
them the other thing you know occasionally notes and use Eddie are
linked it’ll come up with renewed subscription if you take your our link
card out occasionally and plug it into your laptop those occasionally free
updates on there but also if you don’t date it ill the scroll over anyway so
don’t worry about it as promised a free charging network for
Renault Zoe owners club now this is a completely hidden map it’s not easy to
find and if you want to know whether app is I’ve done that annoying little thing
where I’ve waited to the end of the video you’ve all wait to find out
whether you charge networkers and instead of giving you a link in the
description where it is because some of you might have already looked for that
it’s not there if you want the free Challenge Network for the rentals or
owners club you’re gonna have to join the club
it’s not fair to give it away and not let you join the club you need to join
the club it’s a free Club don’t cost you anything to join it’s a completely and
only free Club it’s a brilliant Club to be a path the people in there answer
questions when you have questions or any anything that you’re not sure about it’s
a real welcoming community join it the other thing is they come up with updates
like they found out about the BMI so BMS update for anyone else there’s a video
about that on Craig tongs channel who’s the runner of the club over there on
ours at OSI I’ll also be doing a video on my tongue about it as soon as I’ve
done a before and after video of what my control panel looks like a miser
and what the difference the BMS update makes but at the moment there is a video
on Craig’s channel all about that and also if you go to the r0c forum there’s
plenty of information about their book if you join the Reynolds or owners club
on Facebook there’s a free charge Network they’re full of maps and if you
don’t like Facebook and you don’t have facebook they have a forum web based
forum old-fashioned web-based forum and that’s also got a link to where the
charge map is so come and join ours at OC it’s a great network to be part of
thanks everyone this week for watching my video if
you’ve enjoyed my video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe
at the bottom of the channel and I’ll see you again next week for my next
little tip video BMS update it could be anything but if
you have any suggestions for what you might want in a video don’t forget
comment below I’m always answering questions and comments below and I’m
always trying to hit here to help anyone new in the middle or Eevee world thank
you very much I’ll see you next week

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