What Happened To Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles?

What Happened To Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles?

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  • Fire departments did not want to get electrocuted when putting out fires. So they don't put out such installations… They let your house burn… Of course people could paint new construction with fire proof (like insuladd radiant barier paint, or phospolumiesent paint) materials and other new materials, besides just solar roof tiles. I am still waiting to see pv being under $1/watt, made in America! Too bad Schutt solar from Germany didn't move to New Mexico, because Bill Richardson was a pay to play scammer, and they got turned off by what he was doing.

  • He is trying to make a difference, try taking market share away from the Big Power providers is a difficult enough proposition, let alone gaining consumer confidence and weening us off cheap grid mains . What happened to silicon valley printingTitanium Crystal solar film? Australian researchers have solar power generating Paint ! So much tech is either bought and shelved or starved of funding and stagnating , and good people trying to make a difference are ignored,mocked or put in the freezer . Big Tobacco still maintain 100% of non smokers die ! Greed is the enemy within. Getting better slowly, Id like to see Elon recover Nickola Teslers Notes Diaries and continue his work and inovation. then he could proudly trade on one of the greatest minds ,in name and spirit.

  • This is a huge need throughout the world and should be stackable and curvature and durable that gets most easy electricity throughout the world. Plug and play different designs.

  • Hmm I got dollar panels cost $36000 with the government rebate of 10k it came out to be $26k. Seeing $30 to $40 bills compared to $200-$250 bills. Tesla shingles are nice no doubt but st a price tag of $100k I don't think so. The individuals in this video bill is $40. What are the payments for the Tesla solar looking like. I'm pretty sure it's more than $400 to pay off $100k.

  • With all factors being constant, that guy’s roof will pay for itself in 25 years. Doesn’t seem like a good enough return convince the masses to invest in it.

  • Leftist never able to design cost effective. They are not educated enough to understand the limitations of physics. Boondoggle.

  • There are Tesla Solar Roof system`s installed all over the united states. SR Installs started in 2017. About to roll out version 3.

  • You are dealing with millenials, AKA The Entitlement Generation, and you can't find people that are willing to work. Shocker.

  • Best marketer of snake oil. Hes smart dont get me wrong but this is what a few Aerospace engineers told me. The roof i heard was 100k. ??

  • Walmart sued tesla cos their solar panels caught fire. It is a matter of time till Tesla owners will use their teslas for a barbeque instead of charcoal

  • If they work good for him , if not at least he TRIED , and if all goes well learns for next time. after al only the living TRUE GOD is perfact

  • Sounds like Elon has got some more walls to knock down ,genius idea, but it is probably being held up by lobbyists because someone is going to lose out ! Imagine the money the electric grid would lose if all new builds had solar roofs! Someone has to lose for all of humanity to gain , but they dont want to lose and will do everything to slow the processes, so they can continue to profit for as long as possible!

  • Musk and Tesla are a couple of the biggest scams to hit the US ever. After NY State gave this so=called idiot millions and he cannot meet his obligations either monetarily or in the number of workers employed. He's a scammer of the first order.

  • Elon is one of the best cons ever the reason solar panel companies did come up with this is because the know it wont work just like solar run ways

  • Huynh said "the solar roof will never pay for itself", after paying 100k for the entire installation.

    So why bother with it at all?

  • They were too farking expensive, requiring you to take out a massive loan/financing to get them. Far beyond the means or credit of most middle-class folks. And the rich folks don't care how much electricity costs, and often even less about renewable power. Solar will take off when the average person can walk into a big box hardware store, spend at MOST a couple thousand to get a setup on their house, that will generate a high enough portion of their electric use to lower their bill enough to recoup their costs in a few years, and not before.

  • If everyone switches to solar (and everyone is driving an electric car), what will the Democrats complain about next? How will they blame Republicans for dirty air & water?

  • Why make them look like roof shinges? I don't care as long as I get power from them. Build them in sheets like metal roofs easier to build with all the bonus if a large panel.

  • Just another Tesla busting show. Hurray forTesla! They will get there, Their first version of solar energy roof tiles works great for the roof design for both traditional homes, as well as for more contemporary looking structures. They are here to stay.

  • Easy solution…minimal solar power for necessities but start building below ground to keep ur house naturally cool so u won't need to use ac at all…they're already doing it in various places like australia

  • 4K+ idiots ? that are giving a Video w’ INFORMATION on a subject, a thumbs ?
    ?‍♂️ because ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ ahh’ ?‍♂️ what ⁉️

  • Elon, Teslas solar panel tiles are test product I guess he should’ve went with that in the first place to let the consumer who are buying ordering these tiles when they get insulated before hand that we’re on a test project right along with us should’ve been approach should’ve known that she should put it out there like that it’s still awesome John hang in there, you’ll get your solar tiles!

  • Musk is a scam artist and a professional salesman. All he want's to do is keep eating well and maybe go into space to chase comets. He is what happens when you give large subsidies and tax breaks to a guy who makes overpriced electric cars. BTW Solar City is owned by his relative, and Tesla wasn't his idea.

  • $100k for a roof? And you have a pool? He looks like a liberal Bernie Sanders needs to pay a visit to.

    My house cost $100k and I have a neighborhood pool.

  • The roof will take 23.8 years to pay it self off at today's electric prices do the maths yourself , so for it never to pay it self off is total BS and typical CNBC BS

  • So what did they do with the money from the money deposits? That sure wouldn’t work well in snow regions. Tesla’s reputation on solar isn’t exactly stellar. They got the government contract for hooking up the puerto rico island Vieques with solar electricity…after being cut off from the mainland from the hurricane. Well, it never worked since day one…it was a complete failure and Tesla abandoned it , wouldn’t try and fix or maintain the problem….solar field left to waste. And the residents are now dependent on oil generators. The hospital was abandoned full of mold. Can we get our money back??

  • It cost 100k install the solar tiles. So if his energy bill was 400 a month. now its only 40 dollars. 360×12=4320. 4320×30=129600. After 30 years hes barely making back the money it cost for the system.

  • His hydro bill before the roof was around 400$ a month? Now he pays about 40$ a month.. That's a 100% reduction in costs alone.. Now lets do some math..
    400$ – 40$ = 360$ is how much money he saves a month..
    360$ * 12 = 4320$ a year saved..
    4320$ * 30 = 129,600$ saved in energy cost over the life span of the roof… A roof that cost him 100,000$…
    129,600$ – 100,000$ = 29,600$ saved over the course of 30 years… Yeah, the roof more than paid for itself bud.. You just won't notice it over a long period.. 😉

  • Maybe you should have designed them. You are obviously smarter. Maybe, they didn't meet the specs required and need rethinking and redesign, like a lot of technology produced on this planet. Full of criticism, but with no solution. Pretty typical of people today.

  • Solar has won? Ok. So wind damage from say Hurricanes or dust and rain damage from storms? Who's insured? The homeowner or Tesla since the install could be treated like a leased car?

  • 0:56 the solar roof going to last for 30years !! A new modern house roof will be expected to last over 50 years and more likely 75years, indeed a goof slate roof will last 100+years. So I guess they need more development to increase their durability and longevity. Great idea though simply way too pricey.

  • China will wait for Elon to spend money doing all the testing. Then China will steal the technology and start mass producing it.

  • 100k for a solar roof that is supposed to save in energy costs. Musk seems to have big ideas but it might take years or decades for some of this stuff to advance to a level where an average consumer can buy these. Also 2 weeks with 15 workers for a roof that simple?

  • Poor preparation means poor results. It will not matter how long it takes to design, the customer buys results not time taken. That's why China is doing quite well in the solar industry, they produce volumes at minimal cost for billions in the market. This is the trick to winning big business and with that comes the money to invest.

  • PLEASE THINK ABOUT WEATHER CONDITIONS IN THE US AND ELSEWHERE. If it started to rain in ice pieces, the roof would get damaged. If tornado happened, roof would get damaged. If many roofs would get damaged, then electricity would disappear or reduce in the town or local grids. Panels are toxic to make and toxic to recycle. How to repair? Or maybe use special tough coating or a layer of tough material to prevent or reduce the damage?

  • Lets see, I just spent $6,000 for a new thirty year roof and this Tesla roof costs $100,000 for thirty years for a similar square foot coverage? So my roof will cost $200 per year and the Tesla roof will cost $3,300 per year. If he has a cost of only $40.00 per month for electricity it will still be only about $25 per month less than my average is now without solar panels. And you hype this as being practical? It is not practical, it is financial madness even if you reduce the cost by eight fold.

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