What is AC and DC | current | difference# How does AC produced ?| grade 10| GCSE 2019

What is AC and DC | current | difference# How does  AC  produced ?| grade 10| GCSE  2019

hello everyone welcome to my channel
Soni Singh physics I’m going to talk about a very important topic that is AC
and DC .AC stands for alternating current and DC stands for direct current.
AC current is the flow of electric charge which changes its direction
periodically means it reverse its direction periodically whereas DC is the
flow of a electric charge which flows in one direction only. we always hear that AC
reverses its direction, AC moves in positive and negative direction but why,
why does AC reverses its direction? To understand that we have to
go in detail about how AC is produced. A C is produced by a special type of
generator known as alternator. this is a
cross-section of alternator. in the alternator loop of wire will surround by
a magnet ,by a very large magnet.this loop of wire carries small DC current so
this will have an electric field inside it then because of this magnet there is
a continuous magnetic field around the loop of wire, when the loop of wire will
move there will be a continuous intersection between electric field and
magnetic field ,because of that the current will induced in loop of wire .the
speed in the loop of wire can be takes place because of any reason
it can be, it can happen because of water turbine ,it can happen because of steam
turbine or wind turbine .these are different stages of movement of loop of
wire . this loop when move inside the magnet there will be current induction.
this one we can understand ,loop at zero degree ,now this loop will turn 90
degree and it will be like this. then there will be turning of 180 degree
again the loop will turn next 90 and it will cover 270 degree ,after that it will
cover again 90 degree and reaches to 360 degree so in this way first 90, second
90 ,3rd 90 and forth 90 in this way that loop covers 360 degree in one rotation .These
are angles are known as phases of loop and then we will draw this loop on
the graph it will be like this first 90 second 93rd 90 and forth 90 so in this wa
it will complete one rotation when we will see the direction, 0 to 180 degree
will be in positive direction and 180 to 360 degree will be in negative direction.
now we can conclude that AC is produced because of rotation of loop in the
magnetic field whereas these DC is produced because of chemical reaction in
the battery. this is the diagram how to represent an AC current and this is the
diagram how to represent a DC current that’s why it also explains why storage
of AC is not possible whereas we can store DC current after a chemical
reaction .storing of AC is not possible because for the current to flow there
should be a regular and continuous movement in the alternator, that’s why
you might have noticed that when there is a shutdown in the grid there will be
total blackout in the city another difference
AC and DC. Induced voltage in AC also reverses its direction whereas voltage
in DC will be constant. we can see this through a formula why this happens as we
all know V is equal to I R so voltage vary with current since in AC the current
changes direction that’s why voltage also changes its direction, where in DC
if you apply the same formula since the current will be constant the voltage
will also be constant, another difference in AC and DC, AC is supply
for high voltage requirement whereas DC we can
be used for small amount of voltages I hope you have got some idea about AC
and DC ,if this video was helpful for you then please like comment and subscribe
my channel .thanks for watching.

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