What’s Next for Electric Cars

What’s Next for Electric Cars

[Music] PAMELA FLETCHER: I think the time for electric
vehicles is now. [Music] JEROME GUILLEN: First of all, if you like
to drive and you like to have fun with a car, you will get more fun with electric car than
with an internal combustion engine. FLETCHER: The car with all electric driving
capability can provide no compromises—not only no compromises, but a great driving experience
GUILLEN: There is instantaneous torque, so you just can beat any car at a red light. Another reason is by and large, it is a lot
cleaner for the planet to drive electric vehicle than to drive internal combustion engine,
even if the electricity is purely generating using coal because the power plants are so
much more efficient due to their large scales than internal combustion engine that everybody’s
carrying with their own fuel and their own car. FRANZ VON HOLZHAUSEN: You get electric energy
from more than one source. You get gasoline from only one source and
the jury’s out as to when it runs out or when it becomes depleted, but I think the idea
of clean energy is something that we all need to embrace. GUILLEN: People, as in California, install
solar panels on their roof and they’re driving using the sun and it’s hard to beat that. And if it’s properly dimensioned and provides
enough energy for you to drive all day long and I think driving using the sun is pretty
cool. FLETCHER: I think there’s greater and greater
appreciation of needing to be self-sufficient as a country and not relying on y’know imported
sources of energy and we’re a growing world. And so the idea of being emissions free, reducing
our use of petroleum, I think are nothing but good. [Music] GUILLEN: Some of the challenges for the electric
vehicle is to break free from the conception of what a vehicle is. So coming around with a electric vehicles
includes y’know, educating people about something that they have not been using in the past
so we get a lot of questions about how the car drives, how it feels. We get numerous, numerous questions about
range. People are concerned that they might get stranded. FLETCHER: There are a wide range of charging
options to make charging possible. DC fast charging, I think will become more
and more important as we get more pure battery electric vehicles on the road. DC fast charging will offer almost like a
filling station for electricity instead of a filling station for gas. There could be a filling station of electricity
every 100 miles or so at which point, a driver could pull-in, get a fast charge, spend that
20 minutes to charge their battery and keep going and ultimately taking a battery electric
vehicle and making it more practical for longer distance. However, we know that most customers in the
US commute 40 miles or less per day, so a range of today’s battery electric vehicles
well surpasses most commuters needs. The idea of DC fast charging is to now allow
for more extended use of that battery electric vehicle. [Sound of car driving past] FLETCHER: We’ve had more than 100 years of
cars being propelled by internal combustion engines, so y’know most people know something
about that. Most people don’t know something about an
electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, so just over time the education—and if we can accelerate
that education, I think people would understand the broad choices that are available and make
the right one for them. GUILLEN: I think in the end, the best education
will come by the examples that our early customers are setting who already have the cars and
today they are already crossing the country and going on long road-trips or using the
cars for daily commutes, short or long and prove every day that this is a great car to
have and there is no issue with having electric vehicles. So there is a huge education challenge. We’re trying to educate the people in terms
of how easy and how great it is to drive an electric vehicle. [Music] HOLZHAUSEN: It started with a couple guys,
y’know, innovating this idea of battery technology and that quickly escalated into kind of a
proof of concept in vehicles that ultimately turned into as what people know as the Tesla
Roadster, which really was the first legitimate long range, sports car electric vehicle and
really prove that the concept worked. GUILLEN: Ultra-high performance, much more
than anybody thought an electric vehicle could achieve. Tesla decided that the next steps needed to
be y’know, a more practical usable car and that we needed to develop that car ourselves—design,
engineering, manufacturing, hence the Model S.

100 thoughts on “What’s Next for Electric Cars

  • Not really sure I would call it an "interview". It's just stating what's next for electric cars… which is to make them more practical for longer trips.

  • Why don't you use the free energy generator then you could drive the vehicle all day with out having to worry about charging the battery up etc.

  • At the moment? Without R&D, as well as manufacturing with CURRENT technology, how will electric cars evolve into viability for the future? Lost of people are currently driving electric cars in the States (don't know about the UK, but no matter). They are the people who are helping to advance the technology… with their flexibility, money, and willingness to experiment.

  • How long does the transmission in your fuel-burning car last? the power train? all the seals and gaskets? all the hundreds of bits and pieces that *do not exist* on an electric vehicle?

  • Electric cars last for more than 10 years.
    but gas cars dont last for more than 10 years, unless you maintain it which costs another $7,500+
    while a electric car like the tesla model s is alot better.

  • electric cars suck. Why would you spend $70,000 on a tesla when it only has good looks, but nothing a "supercar" or any expensive sports car should have. I would expect some kind of acceleration sound from a tesla but all you get for a sound is nothing at all. Although it is fast, I am 100% against electric cars

  • The 200% more toxic chemicals -or twice- then would have to be the manufacture of batteries and their chemicals principally. All other materials would be pretty equivalent. Still that is a controlled source of production. If batteries can be manufactured and recycled cleanly that would be an advantage over the internal combustion engine. EV's eliminate all the emissions in the vehicle.

  • The simplicity of an EV drivetrain is one major advantage. Getting a no-service 1 million miles out of an EV drivetrain is likely going to be possible when using a drivetrain of a simple single gear brushless EV motor.

  • @Thinkingbetter. Yes, you're right. I was just responding to ones like TheOne42 who think that manual gear box is fun and probably don't know that it's possible to have a manual gearbox in an EV.

  • Perhaps Tesla Motors some day will upload a piece of software to people where the car will allow the column shifter to act as a manual gear shifter and use the multimedia playback to create the corresponding sounds. With the instant torque of an EV drivetrain you should be able to make it feel and sound much like an old manual car. After a few trips people will then get cured and turn off the noise and manual hassle to instead enjoy some good quality music with no noise in the background 🙂

  • Actually the lack of noise is one thing that makes Model S super cool. This means you don't have to embarrass yourself if you press the pedal like in a muscle car where people hearing the loud noise often will look at you thinking that you are some teenage boy. Engine noise is mostly a teenage boy thing (+ some older boys).

  • You have no idea what it takes. For an electric car that is apart of something that's difficult for people to realize and that its in the direction of revolutionizing the automotive industry.

  • The better the range is for electric cars the faster they'll be adopted. My red line in the sand is 400 miles of range for my first electric vehicle under $30,000. When we reach that point I'll be completely sold on the technology for my personal use.

  • Don't worry it's going to be much cheaper in 2-4 years. Plus you save about $14,000 in gas during the cars lifetime. Any new and good item that comes to market is going to be more expensive at first, thats just how it works.

  • For me the limiting factor is not the range, it is the price of a Tesla Model S. I do not need such a big car. Get me one which is as big as a Civic and has the same range and I am in!

  • The problem for electric car problem require charging at the longer time than usual in our daily basis. Which means we pay less cost for the electric back to the car but we wasted our time to do that. Hoping the amount of time of charging the car can be reduce more than half of its time in the future…

  • October 13, 2013: Polution will come anyway…… Environmentalist only prolong the life of planet earth – What we need is a solution to ending polution permanently if possible……. any ideas? And one thing more – the sun in our solar system changes the environment here on planet earth. What are we going to do?

  • Many people are usually also retards 😀 Not meaning that any of u guys are but I guess we can all agree on that anyway 😀

  • What we need are super capacitors. Those exist already but are way too big currently. With a capacitor charging time from 0 to full is only a few seconds. Also, capacitors don't wear out like batteries do. Charging a regular battery fast is horrible for the life of the battery.

  • The time for electric cars has long passed. We are actually very late in this area. But I am very happy that someone has taken a stand to make investment in this area and trying to advance the electric transport.

  • Wow! Why does the Ford woman make me want to kill myself? Lol!
    Screw Ford! They had their chance and sold us out!!! Go TESLA!!!!

  • BUT the batteries are worse for the environment so much damage that if you are concerned about the environment your better off getting a Hummer.

  • The challenge for electric vehicles is designing a battery that can hold a charge in – 40 Celsius and how do you heat your vehicle. 

    Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will take over in the North.  Check out Solar Hydrogen Trends -> Hydrogen at a fraction of the current cost on demand viable for all land, air and sea transportation.  Big oil cannot compete with LENR related technologies..

    Checkout BlackLight Power, Brillouin Energy, Industrial Heat & their E Cat 1400 degrees Celsius for 32 days

    Also check out the dual carbon battery charges 20 time faster, out lasts vehicle and will be 100% recyclable in the near future.

    The wonders of Graphene will change the world, 200 X stronger then steel, harder then diamonds, transparent, flexible and more conductive then copper.  Also makes fuel cells more efficient.

  • I've just invented a ' FARTO-CAR' does 2,000mpg BUT SMELLS REAL BAD.. HOW CAN I CLEAN MY FARTS UP as I use  my hole street volunteers to fart into a bucket then I/we go on a merry trip to the CUNTRYSIDE

  • Yeah, get a feeemale to run GM, turned out with defected tin cans on wheels that end up killing hundreds. On the other hands, those stupid enough to buy those them kind of reap their reward.

  • Tesla now has a home battery unit about to be launched. Charge via solar during the day, or, from the grid and use when needed. Boring and disruptive electric outages a thing of the past.

  • The first vehicle Ferdinand Porsche ever built was electric, the P1. That was 117 years ago. In 1898.  Now Porsche are building the 918. A 200mph car that can get 40-50mpg or more, and because it has 2 electric motors, can hit 62mph in 2.2 seconds. Batteries have always been the problem, but that would appear to be rather quickly changing.

  • We don't need talks and speeches about the electric cars to make us buy them. Make them cheaper and people all around will buy them ! (also public charging spots)

  • why could not a system be employed in these vehicles that  generates electricity as the car moves; one that uses  an electric motor with a rotor and stator rigged to each wheel that can generate electric energy and then capture that energy in capacitors that then recharge the car battery as ithe car rolls along?

  • Progress with EV's particularly with battery technology and infrastructure provision is now so rapid that videos are having trouble keeping up. This can only be a good thing for the customer, who atv the moment can make an intelligent, educated choice.

  • ies are getting in the act with Toyota's new hydrogen fieled vehicle. I suppose they are having canaraies att eh though of electric cars taking over from petrol/diesel. The oil companies, of, course can manufacture hydrogen from oil and gas, thereby keeping them in the game

  • natural gas burs almost clean and you dont have battery pollution ,and cars would cost less more power they would travel farther ,and better for the planet

  • It's so screw up to see gm staff talking about things that will come in the future . The things that they are talking about are developed by tesla.

  • It's idiotic to charge with a cable.
    The wireless charging is available since a long time.

  • Great video! I totally agree that we have to educate most people about electric cars. That's actually what I am trying to do in my channel. Keep it up!


  • there are plenty of comments about "Oh we need Electric cars" BUT nothing about the fact the death rate WILL climb as you can't hear them coming like a normal car & look how many ppl still get hit for not hearing the car coming towards them & walking out in front of it THINK ABOUT IT …. there will be more killed & I know heaps of ppl that agree with me on this matter, sure it's a good thing for the Global situation. BUT we need them to make some kinda noise so ppl hear them coming. I have heard many ppl say "wow almost got hit the other day" didn't hear that almost silent car coming down the road & damn near walked out in front of it. shit it was a close call etc.

  • I hope that they do develop electric cars that can go 200 or more miles on a charge. My husband drives 75 miles each way to work it would be a great car for us if it could go 200+ miles.

  • Electric cars will be successful when they can be charged in a few minutes, have a range in excess of 200 miles, and the batteries do not cost as much as a whole car. The fact that the average commute is 40 miles is irrelevant, because commuters have lives outside of work where they need a car that can go long distances on the weekend and during holidays, or just to get back to their home town to visit heir family.

  • I tend to agree with much of this, but this video did not address the End Of Life challenge with old batteries in landfills, batteries need to be taken special care of. Also the challenges with Lithium mining (fracking) and getting it from places like Bolivia and China. I have 15pts of consideration that need to be addressed for complete buy-in on feasibility.

  • I call bullshit cause they still do not give us a solar roof option for the car cause you got people out there modifying their electric vehicles so why is it not an option for us all there?

  • I couldn't understand exactly, which one is has a big chance against to other? Hydrogen or Battery….

  • And whats with this preoccupation with range? You drive your car while it has fuel, then you refuel it. There is no magic involved. And plus with an EV you can refuel it at home, while you sleep. Try doing that with an ICE.

  • BUT you really gotta have a GARAGE or a DRIVEWAY near you r house so you don't have to stand in the rain charging ( and CUSSING) … there ARE limitations …. only an option for HOUSE HOLDERS…

  • Self Charge EV Cars , no more stop and charge EV , resolt is in Aberdeen !!! Absolute free drive in EV , systems MK I – MK V to cars , sports cars , vans , lorry , bus and drone !

  • My Ford Focus electric is nearly free to drive and the torque is amazing it out accelerates my 400 HP Hemi P.U. And has the performance of a super sports car with it's rally suspension. I love it and new they run about $22000 new with the incentive that is taken out at purchase. I am saving about $150/mo of gas, lowers the payment to that of a cheap car!

  • If one amortizes the $150/mo fuel savings against the replacement cost of the battery, what does he get? The last figure I read for the battery replacement on the Prius was $7500.

  • Listen to this female beeswax, her representation is the one that Kill the Electric Cars. Shameless !!!

  • Interesting topic and all but the two things I'd always miss the most with driving a petrol car would be the noise of a good engine and changing gears, I love that, it's an experience. Same thing with motorbikes and how they're going electric, the sound of a wicked petrol engine is awesome.

  • I always have to remind myself that the LEFT coast thinks , that only they know what is best for the rest of the USA . Just see how great that electric car is when it is 40deg below zero . And I drive a Volt

  • I believe if the price of electric car is equal or near the price of gas car you will not face the problem of education.

  • Unlike the Computer age ; Electric Vehicles are "nothing new". Although EV's have improved, the key problems that ceased mass production of early EV's, (like Detroit Electric) in the first half of the 20th Century ; ""those key problems remain"".!
    Today , the better Electric Cars can do half an hour on the motorway / highway , for every hour of Charging. They may last about 5 hours of driving at a moderate touring speed & then must be recharged for 10 hours.
    A typical petrol or diesel powered Car , can be driven for 10 hours , before refueling & that just takes "10 minutes".
    And EV's cost about double that of fossil fueled cars,,, but offer less than half , of real World driving convenience.
    Depreciation after buying Electric Vehicles is so extreme ;""it takes away"" any possible fuel saving or advantages…
    Little wonder , the Sales don't live up to the hype ; Electric Vehicles represent less than 1% of Vehicles on US roads.!

  • The project like this step by step is described on the Avasva website and many more plans you can find on that website.

  • if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  • tesla has put big money into lithium batteries, and there are 2 or 3 battery or capacitor technologies that might make lithium instantly obsolete. musk may have trouble sleeping.

  • range is getting close to beeing good enough. i whould say between 100 en 200 kwh is optimal, anything more is a premium.
    the biggerst problem now, is the price/kwh. batteries need to become cheaper if you want mass market to adopt.

  • And don't forget all you greenies, that electricity doesn't come from a power plant, it magically comes out of the ground with no environmental impact.

  • UK is slashing green incentives for BEV,s by £1000 hybrids got a worse deal and green incentives for power generation like solar is being scrapped altogether in MARCH 2019 the Jewish lead UK government wont even come on TV and tell the public why they are slashing through anything green that means they have to pay money out or the energy companies paying out .

    So you thinking WTF is going on ?? The UK is still tied to the EU so as long as they are tied EU rules apply and they fine the UK and or sanction them for using COAL TO GENERATE ELECTRICITY on trip to grid central the you tube web site [ fully charged ]
    Found that on the day they went there 80% of electric was generated BY COAL the othe 20% was solar /hydro /wind due to the fact UK power generation is run on a shoe string for decades we dont have the infrastructure for the EVs
    They are desperately trying force everybody have SMART METERS so when the power cuts come the domestic supplies can be cut off remotely and the power diverted to government & industry ,

    This made possible by the sim card in the smart meter that has a separate codes for domestic /government and industry its only a matter of what code they put in as to what power it cuts you could have a 100 domestic houses in a row with one government office in the middle come the power cut the government office is the only one with any lights on thats why its called smart , all the meter readers just get the sack when they are put in thats a saving plus the powers that be can monitor your energy needs and when your contract id up they can then charge you more on your next contract .

    companies like E-on are all ready tailoring energy plans like getting cheaper electric if you get a plan thats tied into AMAZON PRIME you cant have the plan unless you buy into Amazon Prime you can get dirt cheap electric if you say yes i will have a smart meter but when your 1 year contract is up you cant have the same plan its a one hit plan to get you to sign up to that smart meter .

    Two faced politicians are saying Britain is a world leader in green energy /electric cars solar ect what they dont say is THAT THEY IS THAT THEY ARE SLASHING THEIR WAY ANY GREEN GRANTS /FEED IN TARIFFS /AND INCENTIVE,S

    The UK has a Jewish lead government 80% plus of the government is Jewish ! / UK

  • False statement, the only car to drive on solar panels was the GM sunracer , the solar panels cannot make the energy to power a normal automobile

  • Binary battery system with kinetic flywheel generator relay charging system is proven .yet our greedy government won't allow it's so simple free energy .ping pong relay between two battery systems ..proven tech they will kill you for having.sad fact .I can and have proven to work.

  • Free energy tech is so simple and proven yet taboo because of greedy government.i have seen with my own eyes it is fact..

  • According to me basic principal for consumer goods is coversion of energy on demand not to store converted energy which is more risky.

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