When are you too old for the jet-set circuit?

When are you too old for the jet-set circuit?

Can you become too old to jet-set with the
rich? What is the expiration age for a woman? What happens to the girls after their expiration
age? Can you still jet-set when you’re 35+ or is it jut too late? My name is Anna and I run the School of Affluence It’s an online finishing school for women who want to become more elegant, navigate
successfully in high-society and level up their life completely! If you’re interested in being part of us,
go to SCHOOLOFAFFLUENCE.COM and enroll in my online training program. I want to explain exactly what I mean with
“jet-set with the rich after a certain age”. Ladies, I’ve realized that I’ve not been entirely
clear in my messaging throughout this video about what it’s actually about. So I need to quickly explain to you so that
you don’t confuse this. This video refers to a specific group of high-society
– it does not refer to general high-society. So, I’m talking about this particular jet-set
circuit which is based on traveling, partying with the rich, and creating a lifestyle around
it with the same group of rich people. I am not talking about wether you can become
too old for high-society in general. I am talking about wether you can become too
old for this particular jet-set circuit and if there is an expiration date for a woman? Just to clarify ladies! I’ll let you watch now! In my community I have women of all ages,
and everyone can jet-set no matter what age. In School of Affluence I have even students
who are 50+ who are leveling up and doing their transformation, and navigating in high-society
without any problems. This video is not actually about that. But it’s more about the jet-set circuit that
many women participate in. Some women don’t, they might be more low-key, spend time with more low-key type of rich people, that is on a more secluded level. The JetsetBabes you see on Instagram as an
example, a lot of them I would say are part of the jet-setting circuit. A lot of these girls are in their 20’s. You also have the 30-year old girls, but the
most common age to do the jet-setting circuit is when you are 20! Because that’s also the age when you want
to do the most exploring, be adventurous, be wild and crazy, have fun and kind of see
the world. Sadly, the way God created men and women. Men have pretty much an unlimited time window
for settling down, for reproducing and for partying and exploring and whatever. They can pretty much start and finish it whenever
they want! However, women, because we will become reproductively challenged
after a certain age. We have only approximately a 15-year window
when we have to have our share of fun, explore the world, build a career, create a family,
settle down, and secure our future. When I say a 15-year window, I don’t mean
necessarily exactly 15 years. But if we would do a rough estimate, usually
between the age of 20 until the age of 35 that’s the time what we call the prime of
a woman, so that she can be single and she can find her mate and settle down. After the age of 35, especially in today’s
world, you can still settle down and you can still have kids, it’s just that it becomes harder and harder. And you might not have the odds on your side. When they are in between 20-35, they are in
their prime years to do the entire circuit. They have the most access in that age. Because after the age of 35, depending on
how you look after yourself, you will have perhaps less and less access. So after 35-40 it becomes a little bit more
difficult. Some girls don’t understand that everything
has an expiration date. Especially for us women. Some girls don’t think about that they have
to have a plan B and think about the future. It’s great that they are being present and
enjoying what’s happening right now. The problem with this whole jet-set game,
let’s call it like that! I like to call this a game! Because it becomes a game, an addictive game. A lot of the times, girls can get stuck in
this game. Why? Because it’s very entertaining, it can go
on for ever… Men tend to be unreliable in general, once
someone has been unreliable you just move on to the next. And sometimes, you just don’t want the fun
to stop! For that reason, it’s easy to wake up one
day and realize oh my god, I just overslept and missed my expiration age. Now I know this sounds a bit harsh: but I
would say one very common mistake girls do, who maybe end up taking the sugar daddy route,
or date married men or party playboys. They end up wasting their years with guys
like that, that will never offer them a future. So they might waste years and years by being
with these men. They might be very wealthy, billionaires and
offer these ladies fantastic lifestyles and loads of abundance. But the problem is that it becomes so comfortable,
it becomes so hard to get out of. Sometimes, these women forget that actually
nothing is ever going to happen seriously with this person on a long-term level if I
want to get married and have a family. These women end up snoozing their expiration
age and like I say: wake up one day and it’s a little bit too late. My personal advice if you want to do this
jet-set circuit, do it because it’s fun. But there comes a time when it’s time to move
on. Then it’s time to have a plan B and this is
the thing: You really need to think about your exit plan. About your plan B. What is your next step? What are you going to do after? Do you want to remain in high-society, retire
in high-society? Do you want to find a rich man and settle
and live a low-key life? What do you want to do? Some girls go back to their normal lives and
end up finding normal guys, “Average Joe’s” that they settle down with. Because for some girls the jet-setting circuit
is just something they do during their adventures fun-time years. Not everybody wants to have a future in high
society because after spending a lot of years in it, you get to see a sight to it that makes
you actually question how you want to spend your future. Some girls keep on going, some girls say you
know what: I loved it, I enjoyed it! Thank you very much but I want to have a normal
life after all. Most JetsetBabes however, will be on the mission
because majority of the girls want to have the ring. But majority of the girls also want to have
a family perhaps one day. So everybody wants to find the happy family
life with a perfect rich man. And that is of course a big challenge, especially
in the world today we’re kind of less and less people get married as men are not as
serious as they were back in the day. That means that a lot of girls end up missing
this kind of opportunity to nail down the guy that they wanted to be with. And this becomes a big stress. So I always say this: realize that it if you
are in your 20s – fine – Enjoy! Have fun! But once you start coming towards the end
of your 20s really start thinking about the rainy days because the rainy days can go on
for years. You don’t know exactly when you will meet
mr. Right. So you need to give yourself some wiggle room. If it’s not going to happen in the next few
years. It might happen like just when you turn 35
or when you are end of your 30’s. Or even early 40’s, who knows?! But you need to have a plan B, and plan B is
following: First of all savings! You always need savings regardless, that is
like rule number one! You don’t want to be a broke girl who is not
only desperate to find a man but is also desperate to find a provider. No no no…. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot! Number 2: Freeze your eggs! Think about freezing your eggs. If you are in your early thirties and you
don’t want to stress. There’s no security for freezing your eggs
because what happens is that even if you freeze your eggs they might not be usable so there’s
no guarantee. However, you’re just protecting yourself so
that could be an option for you. Number three: Build something of yourself. You see, the more you age then less assets. Beauty tends to be the big asset that women
play around with. It tends to be the best tool to use in our
twenties up to 35 or so on. As we age, especially after the age of 30. We need to start thinking about other assets,
kind of what you bring to the table. Looks do fade! And we’re not going to keep our beauty forever! If finding your mate take the whole bit longer
for you than you have to obviously keep maintaining your looks, but you also have to explore the
other very important areas of you that makes you a desirable package. And that’s what I mean with assets. So think about your career, because if you’re
successful women in a field, perhaps you have a successful business going for you or career,
or you have an amazing reputation of some sort, maybe you’re very much involved in charity
work, maybe some form of celebrity status. Whatever creates a name for you that is an
asset. Finance is also an asset, your reputation
is an asset, what people think of you. Another asset that is not often spoken about
but that I have personally experienced it to be an asset for myself: is investing in
a shrink! Okay, I know this is slightly bizarre but you
know I’ve seen so many women, fantastic woman. They are beautiful, they could have everything
going for them but they’re not able to find a fulfilling relationship and sealing the
deal because of certain psychological issues that they still have unresolved with themselves. If these women would have just invested a
year or two in therapy, things might have changed dramatically for them. They might have been able to do some self
healing that might have open up plenty of new doors for them, and those doors might
have lead to some incredible relationships that they don’t have today unfortunately. So I want you to also take that into account
during your 20-35 do invest in some form of therapeutic help because we all need it! We all have issues that need healing. There is nobody who doesn’t have issues. But a question that I get a lot is: is it
socially accepted to be 35 + and single and still be doing the jet-setting circuit? In some circles that’s absolutely
fine there are no expiration date for this. If you manage to keep yourself look young,
then you can manage to stay in that circuit for as long as you want without getting any
labels! But if people know that you are 40 plus and
you’re passed what’s socially accepted for a woman to be participating in world-wide
travel and party time. Then you have to start thinking how to go
about that without being labelled with the “girl who is too old for the scene”. Nobody wants to really get that label and
especially not when you’re single and hang out in those circles. They do talk and the woman end up looking
desperate. Let me tell you, the feminist in me hates
it! It furiates me that a woman doesn’t have
the same terms as a man when it comes to how long she can party, have fun, be wild and crazy, enjoy her lifestyle, and so on. Sadly, socially there are different rules
for women than there are for men. It is what it is and we’re trying to make
the best out of it. You can still do the circuit but this is when
I say you need to bring other assets into the game. So if you’re a successful career woman and
you’re still traveling, living your best life: single, dating, that’s fine. It’s socially accepted. But, if you’re still a single woman who doesn’t
really have anything going for her life. And you’re in your 40’s, then you’re not going
to be a desirable candidate on the rich man’s single market. For that reason it’s important that you do
create this name for yourself. That you become somebody. That you’re not just a pretty girl who is
just waiting for a guy to come along so that she can settle. No! Build your life, do what you want to do, you
don’t want to be the one who just waiting around and that’s the only thing that matters. You can do two things at the same time. Build up yourself while you’re trying to find
your future husband. Do both, don’t just do one thing. Now I hope this gave you some insights. Please share your feedback with me in the comments. I hope I didn’t make anyone feel bad about
their age, that was not the purpose of this video! There is never an age that is really too late
to live your best life. But however for biological reasons there might
be some difficulties to achieve certain things that’s basically what I’ve meant. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe if you
still haven’t! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if
you still haven’t done that! And yeah, give me a like if you want to show
me some support! That’s all for me girls, I will see you in
the next video.

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  • im 25 , is not too late to get out from this kind of life ….? i think after 35. I have a friend she is 41 but she look 25 also so… depends on how we take care of our skin ,cream,treatments,body massage..😍😍😍🎉🎉🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🌸🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Hello Anna – More words of wisdom from you and I agree with you entirely. Set your goals and have a plan B. However, there are some women and men who are not interested in starting a family and just want to concentrate on their careers as well as enjoying the high-life. For them I would say this is a serious choice but totally understanding. There are also people who have already had a family with previous partners and do not wish for more children. For these two categories I can only say keep partying and working, but think carefully.
    Bon w/e,

  • Honestly, I had my children at 35 and 42. Very hard to conceive children after 35. Ivf is very expensive. Called advanced maternal age.

  • My mother said, “Every dating relationship should be leading to marriage else your wasting your precious time. That’s if you want to get married.

  • Ok I'm up against the age challenge no doubt, but I have a super fun personality and I make up for my older age with my ever- youthful personality. Since I've been taking film making & broadcasting in college I have a semi popular YouTube channel. I do all of the production work myself. My question is, would a popular YouTube channel be something of which I can present for myself amongst the elite? Or, is it too small time? Should I focus on something else even though I've invested time into Music videography & I feel confident that I am good at it? I'm starting at ground "0" after a 4 year relationship w/ a demanding narcissistic "broke when not on tour" Musician. He lowered my self esteem which I've been building back up..

  • I love your approach to us. You are very bright and such a woman with all that experience ! 🥰 Keep doing favorite Scandinavian lady 🤗👋

  • You are such an inspiration! You tell the truth and you are not afraid to bring the reality of God into your video when speaking the absolute truth. I love your videos.

  • The pressure on women to settle and have kids by a certain age nowadays is unnecessary.. Humans aren't going extinct any time soon, and people are living longer than ever.. Do you really want to look back on your life with regrets because you cared too much about what "society" thought of you? I'm 28 with my own home, car, money, etc. I enjoy my free time too much for a relationship and having kids would just make me miserable. If more people did what they wanted instead of just conforming, it wouldn't be so "looked down upon".

  • Anna, I guess you're talking about an even more specific scene/milieu than I at first thought. Because I am guessing that there are lots of social settings, parties, events, etc. where older women and their contemporaries are the centre of attention. They may be the hosts of events, wives of hosts, celebrities in the arts, CEOs, high-level politicians, royalty or aristocracy, etc. etc. I mean high society women of all ages are out at parties and functions at all the time; but I guess you're talking about settings where there is a definite undertone of husband hunting, and not just pure socializing. 🙂

  • I am 73 years young and love listening to you.  It is so wonderful to have and appreciate quality in clothing, food, surroundings and objects such as books and wine, etc.  I am still working on having more charm, confidence and elegance .  My idea of the party scene is enjoying lunch or dinner  with 4-6 people on the highest floor in a skyscraper or  in an  art deco restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean or any fine restaurant in any country. Come to think of it – I felt the same way when I was 30.  You are beautiful in every way and your contribution to society is not small.  Thank you!!

  • So, here is my question. I am 32 years old. I am married, have polycystic ovarian syndrome and can't lose weight no matter how hard I try. I am not married to a rich man. But he is awfully cute. So, does this mean I cannot become an affluent woman with new business ventures? Am I already acting ahead past 35 though I am 32?

  • There is always a price to be paid. To spend the years from 20 until 35 or so with a focus on trying to level up to an affluent marriage may be a valid choice. And the discipline required is admirable. But those are also the prime years to build many types of careers. Science, mathematics, law, medicine…these are not Plan B options. These are choices that in many cases also have an expiration date, and are not fall-back options.

  • I am 40 years old single woman, look like 28 🙂 ( honestly), have a 22 years old child and want to start a luxury style life and end up with a marriage with an affluent man and live happily ever after. Thanks, Anna, you helped to identify my goals.

  • I’m 20 and I really don’t like jet-set circuit ! It’s so cheap ! I deserve better , more valuable things. And I prefer to invest on myself from this age instead of wasting my time on such a things. Thanks for this video 🙏🏼❤️

  • An observation here: Anna, who teaches who to marry an affluent man, has her own job and makes money from this job! She is independent!!!

  • Jeff Besos girlfriend is 47yrs old. I think it doesn’t matter on age but how young you actually feel and how awesome you make that man feel too.

  • I’m 33 and i cant have kids. I have endometriosis. I also don’t plan to marry, ever. But what helps me is that i will forever look ten years younger than my actual age, so I’m an anomaly. lol

  • I just love the way you explain things! Thank you!!!! The low key life is my Life and I am so happy with it.

  • I had children very young.
    I was a single mother working hard to support them. I didn't date for eighteen years and I dedicated my time and energy into my kids.
    As soon as my youngest turned eighteen, I got myself back into shape and started working on myself.
    I now travel the world with my boyfriend who is very generous and loves to spoil me.
    I genuinely love him and consider myself fortunate to be given the opportunity to travel and experience new things.
    One thing I've learned is to never say never. If you want something bad enough, make it happen.
    Age truly is just a number. It doesn't define who you are. Attitude, being young at heart and displaying good character goes a long way, and that's what people will notice.
    Men don't want a woman who acts entitled. Remember that ladies.

  • Anna, I will be 35 when I finish nursing school. I plan to do travel nursing so that I can incorporate my career into the jet set lifestyle. I am older (but look younger). However, at this time I am much more mature and know how to stay away from the wrong types of men, because thankfully, I learned this in my 20's.

  • Maybe it's time to experiment and teach women over 35 a new lifestyle… just need the right women and teacher to come together. If men can do it, so can women! There are some incredibly beautiful and sexy women who have natural confidence from a life well lived that can be very appealing.

  • The right moment to see this video! I had a LOT of fun between 20-28 now I'm 28 ok walking to my expiration date with a beautiful and relaxed smile, in my hands I am building plan B, C, D, etc…

  • You are totally right. I wish I could watch your video when I was 20 years old.
    Plus, after 35 years old, maintaining our health is the No,1 thing whether we want to find a future husband or build our own asset. It's better taking more time to take care of ourselves ( eating good food, right skincare, exercise, having enough sleep…etc) and save energy for the important things in our life than partying all the time.

  • Your advice is a priceless addition to my day. It is helpful when you describe the items you are wearing and what makeup you are wearing in the video. Also, I would like to see a video on how and when to write a thank you note and what is the proper stationary. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Do both. Build your own life since young age and at the same time socialize. You can't make your life complete with just partying with rich people.

  • one thing i never came across in these videos is how to balance elite lifestyle with family life, so perhaps an idea for your next video please

  • Jet-setter girl= Seems like groupies for the wealthy men (even married) .. that gets affluent gifts, travel & money for being young, beautiful and a party girl. I’m sure there’s what we think and nobody is saying involved in it too? Am I wrong?

    It didn’t help her find a husband did it? Is she married? Her expiration is close. Seems like this is not the way to find a husband. I really don’t think these rich guys take these young girls seriously- they are disposable to their lifestyle at expiration date.

  • Just to clarify something to frequent flyers. Do you know how much radiation your exposing yourself to. Since our sun is giving us so many CME's, that they are not reporting anymore. Here is a clue to keeping yourself younger looking. Only fly twice a year. OPS sorry for sharing a truth bomb. Blessing if your awakening.

  • Marissa Pierce UK’s number one top therapist has an online course and it is really good I’ve taken it. The nice thing about it is you can listen to it every day once you take the course it’s there forever so you can always listen and learn and work on yourself. I had wished I’d learn this sooner I am in my 60s and no that’s not an old picture that was taken last year..,,

  • when I was younger and living the lifestyle, I invested in myself and now am retired and living a much quieter and fulfilling life also reaching back to mentor younger women along the way. Your absolutely correct, don't depend on others to make yourself happy.

  • Dear Anna, if you read this, I would like to ask you, if it is too late for older women to try to enter high-society? I mean, like some of us try to start again at 40. Do you think there is age-restriction?

  • I am not interested in your career, but I've been binge watching your videos since it's informative and very practical. Your suggestions and advices is applicable to any situations. You talk in reality-based. It is very motivational. Just keep it up.

  • Very beautifully articulated video!I agree completely you can travel and have adventures and experiences as an older woman as long as you’re successful productive and still attractive and you’ve built a stable financial foundation for your future. Your honesty is refreshing.

  • Beautifully articulated advice.
    Possibly a video as to how to accept a compliment in different situations and for diverse reasons would be appreciated.
    A simply thank you often feels open ended , unfinished or even not really conveying sincerity.
    Enjoy and appreciate your videos!

  • You're too old for any kind of party lifestyle once the hangovers last the whole day 😉 But seriously the jet-set circuit requires you to be beautiful and vibrant and once you hit your late 20s that's hard to keep up while living an unhealthy lifestyle of constant jetlag and partying way too much. Not saying you need to stop having fun but it would be wise to start caring about your health more.

  • 'Jet Set'- where you will find people known as 'Euro Trash'. People who have family money, maybe titles. But they do nothing but waste their lives on partying, often no higher education, no purpose. If that's what you want, well. But there's not much in the way of respect and honor in that sort of like. Best to give a good, hard think about the crowd you hang with and what they are doing with their lives.

  • Let's talk about women over 45, who already had relationships and kids..
    What if they want to find a rich reliable new partner and have a happy jet set lifestyle with a enjoyable retirement together

  • Love your advice although my prime time is way passed. Wish there was social media like this 20 years ago!

  • Please consider the moral implications of freezing eggs. Wonderful to want children, but the ethics of this process are not so good.

  • Women don’t have expiration date! Lot of older rich men likes the women in age of 40+
    Because older rich men likes women that is mentally mature and likes women that he can talk with. Many older rich men says that they don’t like young girls in 20’s because they feels that young girls are just like children!

  • Well, actually, if you are willing to work for your own money you will not have an expiration date, but if you are expecting for a man to take care of you you will have to take your age into account

  • I find that life style is super boring. Eating, drinking and partying with fake people with huge egos. Especially If you are beautiful, then everyone hates you.

  • Oh sweetie I've recently found your Channel and I find it entertaining and educational and I find you so soft and gentle and feminine. I would love to catch you about 20 years from now because I am 68 and there really is no expiration date the picture you see of me is only 3 years old it is all in how you feel about yourself and as you get older you have to play on what you have and I do I am the confidante I am the one you can rely on when your back needs rubbed when you need a trustful shoulder to cry on when you need Mommy to rub your tummy. A Woman's power never ends

  • I appreciate the value your videos give. Because I grew up in the streets of Los Angeles very poor and my parents were addicted to alcohol. So I haven't had in my subconscious mind what wealth looks like. Your videos help me to change what I see. It's helped me to have more respect for myself even though I suffered from trauma. I love your truth. I love your haters too haha

  • Anna, are there groups of affluent family people? Idk if you've done a video on the different kinds of affluent groups but I'm curious♥️

  • it's sad but it is true, women do have expiration date. I was always since I hit 12 years old being the most attractive girl in high school, I would walk and men would honk the horns at me, I was always the cutest girls when in social reunions, and I always had men around interested on me. Unfortunalety the best and most important decade I wasted it with a man that ruined me as a woman, me made me feel less, unatractive, stupid… and worst of all, that I would be able to go ahead in life without him. He never married me Thanks GOd… I wouldn't had married him anyway… but it was only until I caught him going on a date with another woman that I had the excuse to leave him. I was happier of being free… but it was late… Now, I go on the streets and I see often men driving from behind and when they see my face, the go straight… they see my body which is in shape but once they see my face, they see I am not in my 20s…. sad but true. It gives me a very bad impresion of men because they look for the "look" of the woman, the young skinny woman that in many cases must be rich as them. Men don't look for the soul of that woman, no matter their age and we become disposable, expired items…

  • Dear Anna, you have such a compassionate way to explain the realities that most people do not dare to talk about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously!

  • but ya know I'm pretty sick of these "rules" society makes up. I don't want kids so who the hell cares. It's just brainwashed into us that we are supposed to.

  • I let crap men waste almost all my 20s. And I have suffered severe depression and it's not like everyone can be on the same time line..if I'm too old for a man, he's not the one for me. This world has made me feel so terrible about turning 28.. like wow I'm almost 30 and I'm noone.

  • This is very true. When I reached 25 I was like? What is going on with my life? But I trust with my goal so, it’s very important to balance everything. Have fun on your 20s while focusing your goal. And save money!! So you don’t depend with your man and continue learning.

  • Hmm, well my mother leveled up so to speak. My father was a multi millionaire but not a billionaire although his circle was all billionaires, after his death my mother in her then 80's went for one of the billionaires in the circle. They have been together 15 years, the only reason she doesn't marry him is as he says, you would have married me if you had no money, to which she replied yes. I am divorced and in past years have had three billionaires ask for my hand in marriage, I refused for many reason, number one I value my alone time now after being in a long term marriage with children, 2, it is in the end a vapid lifestyle, some enjoy it, it's fun for awhile but I am into much deeper experiences. 3, most of these men unless they are old are cheaters, wait even when they are old they are, a good family friend, a billionaire in his 80's , married to a 40 something year old beauty, propositioned my 20 year old daughter…………right and years prior he had propositioned me. No thanks, I grew up with him as a near uncle.

  • I believe that age just a number .. I know girls on 20s or 30s they feel old .. sometimes you work hard and dream big but you cannot make your life exactly what you want on your 40s or so on .. Life always challenging you with some unexpected event.. I believe to respect closed doors in your life and stay positive and keep in faith .. be a good person .. be positive .. shine from inside .. take care of your body .. be always in style you can fine your dream man in even in your 40s..by the way I like you Anna .. you look a smart feminine woman .. I thought I knew so many things about men and styles but after watching your videos I realized I must educate myself more and more

  • Im almost 24 and i feel like my life hits me for real. I started working and my job is pretty stressful, it offers me a carrier, but i mean i feel i can do better, i wanna live my life 😢 and i feel like i dont right now

  • Dear Anna, what is with the over 50 year old men, who are not in a relationship because their wife died, or they are divorced and so on? Is there a chance of getting to know someone like that? Your Grace from Germany

  • A man from french high society thought me something. You should never tell your age and should never ask somebody's age. It's rude to ask about numbers. This is a very elegant way to avoid telling that you are over 35. Always take care of your looks.

  • Anna, I just saw tv shot…with a 2 hyenas and you.
    You have to be prepare for this kind of contakt…prepare your self wits some great speakers, politic lobby specialiat or jurnalist…and feat them with your inteligence and kindness

  • Anna. I'm 53 and I predict you will one day feel quite differently on this subject. I had the jet set life for three decades on and off, but I would never marry a man who partied and wasn't attracted to a good-looking woman nearer his own age. Women who succeed on this circuit may get married, but will likely also get divorced and may end up very bitter when their ex runs off with someone much like they used to be. It's a fickle way of life that can be soul destroying. Girls please be careful and cultivate yourselves, as well as have a good backup plan. And. If children are important to you, don't rely on frozen eggs.. or even the right man coming along. Have that baby, – don't live in regret.

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